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Basic email setup

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Basic email setup

All production instances can send and receive email using ServiceNow-provided resources. The instance has an email address of

Network layout for standard email configuration

Network layout of basic email

Basic email services and features

  • Mail servers maintained by ServiceNow.
    • Encrypt mail with opportunistic TLS (Transport Layer Security) if supported by your mail servers.

      If your internal mail servers send and receive messages via a TLS-encrypted channel, ServiceNow mail servers support that communication.

    • Provide a dedicated mailbox for your instance.
  • Pre-configured email accounts to connect to ServiceNow mail servers.
    • An SMTP account sends email to your primary Mail Exchange (MX) server from your instance email address of
    • A POP3 account receives email sent to your instance email address of
  • High availability features from ServiceNow datacenters.
  • Spam detection for incoming email.

Administrators who want to use basic email services can do so by enabling the email properties for sending and receiving email.