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Use an activity designer pack

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Use an activity designer pack

The Packs tab of the Workflow Editor contains any activity packs downloaded from the ServiceNow Store and any activity packs that you create.

Before you begin

Roles required: admin, activity_admin, activity_creator

About this task

You can organize custom activities into packs and upload them to the ServiceNow Store. Your custom packs do not appear in the tree until at least one activity in the pack is published. Activities added to an existing pack are not displayed until they are published. Activity packs from any application scope can appear in the Packs tab, regardless of the current scope setting for the instance.


  1. In the Workflow Editor palette, select the Packs tab.
  2. Click the download icon.

    The hierarchy in the tab organizes packs by vendor, scope, category, and activity.

    Workflow activity packs tab