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Map a variable to a reference field

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Map a variable to a reference field

Several of the activity templates contain reference fields in the Inputs tab that require a sys_id to function properly.

Before you begin

Roles required: activity_admin, activity_creator

About this task

Examples of these fields are the Web Service message field in the REST template and the MID Server script include field in the JavaScript Probe template.


  1. Select a value using the lookup icon in the field.
    The system populates the field with the appropriate sys_id.
  2. Drag a variable from the variable builder and drop it into a reference field.

    The system populates the field with an empty variable string, such as ${activityInput.Amazon}, and not the sys_id.

    Note: The activity cannot run correctly unless you manually assign the appropriate sys_id as the variable value. The best practice is to always select your reference values from the list populated from the lookup icon.