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Powershell template post-processing parameters

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Powershell template post-processing parameters

Use these parameters to create a post-processing script.

Table 1. Powershell post-processing parameters
Name Variable Type Usage
Tags tags Hashmap of tag values to return from the PowerShell command. Contains the tags used to extract output using the PowerShell commands. The tag output is delimited by double percentage signs, as in %%tagname%% … %%. Set up the command using the format in this example:
Write-Host %%tagname1%%
output1 line 1
output1 line 2

Write-Host %%tagname2%%
output2 line 1
output2 line 2

The tags returned are JavaScript hashmap objects in which each key is prefixed with tag appended with the tagname.

{"__text__": "", 
"tagtagname1":"output1 line1\noutput1 line2\n", 
"tagtagname2":"output2 line1\noutput2 line2\n"}
Hresult hresult String Contains any hresult returned from the PowerShell command. If no hresult is returned, this parameter is null.
Output output String Contains the raw output from the PowerShell command.
EccSysID eccSysID String Contains the reference ID associated with the ECC Queue input message returned by the activity.
ErrorMessages errorMessages String Contains any error messages retrieved from the PowerShell command. This value is null if there are no error messages.