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REST Web Service activity designer

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REST Web Service activity designer

Representational State Transfer (REST) workflow activities are configured to return data to a workflow from a specific endpoint, using a preconfigured REST message.

You must purchase Orchestration to use this template. For specific information about using the tools in the activity designer, refer to these resources:


To create and use a REST Web service workflow activity, you must first do the following:
  • Create a REST message if an appropriate one is not already configured.
  • Assign the web_service_admin role to any user who must create or edit a custom REST activity.
  • Determine an application, or scope, for this activity.
  • Determine the REST endpoint to use for the activity. Use this value to override the endpoint configured in the REST message.
  • Optionally, create basic authentication credentials. Use this value to override the credentials configured in the SOAP message.