JMS activity designer

Create a custom JMS activity to retrieve or send messages to external systems using the Java Messaging Service.

You must purchase Orchestration to use this template. For specific information about using the tools in the activity designer, refer to these resources:
The ServiceNow JMS activity supports third party JMS providers whose JMS client application is written with a typical Java EE pattern and can support these operations:
  • Use JNDI to find a ConnectionFactory object.
  • Use JNDI to find one or more destination objects.
  • Use the connection factory to create a JMS connection object.
  • Use the JMS connection to create one or more JMS session objects.
  • Use a JMS session and the destinations to create the MessageProducer and MessageConsumer objects.
  • Start the JMS connection to enable delivery or consumption of messages.
Note: To connect to a JMS provider, refer to your third party user documentation.
The JMS activity designer has been tested with these providers:
  • ActiveMQ
  • Tibco EMS
Figure 1. ServiceNow JMS activity process flow
ServiceNow JMS activity process flow