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Update Employee Work Email activity

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Update Employee Work Email activity

The Update Employee Work Email activity updates an employee's work email address in Workday.

To access this activity in the workflow editor, select the Custom tab, and then navigate to Custom Activities > Workday Orchestration. This activity was built with the SOAP Web service activity designer template.

Note: Before using this activity, configure the SOAP message "Get Worker" with the SOAP endpoint, and update Workday credentials accordingly. To update Workday credentials, navigate to Employee Orchestration > Workday Credential.

Input variables

Table 1. Update Employee Work Email input variables
Variable Description
employee_id Workday employee ID.
effective_date Date on which the employee work email address change is effective on Workday. The format for this value is yyyy-mm-dd.
email_address Work email address

Output variables

Table 2. Update Employee Work Email output variables
Variable Description
status_code Contains the status code returned from the web service.
error Returns the error string from the SOAP web service, unless there are no errors, in which case it returns null.
body Contains a string value representing the output from the SOAP message.


Table 3. Update Employee Work Email conditions
Condition Description
Success Activity successfully updated the employee's work email address in Workday.
Failure Activity failed to update the employee's work email address in Workday.