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Add F5 Virtual Server activity

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Add F5 Virtual Server activity

The Add F5 Virtual Server activity adds a virtual server.

This activity was built using the REST Web Service activity designer. To access the activity in the workflow editor, select the Custom tab, and then navigate to Custom Activities > Active Directory.

REST settings

  • REST message: F5 POOL Membership Management
  • REST function: post

Input variables

Table 1. Add F5 Virtual Server input variables
Variable Description
name The virtual server's name, such as testVIP.
description Description of this virtual server.
ipProtocol Protocol used for this virtual server, such as tcp.
destination Virtual server IP address and port number, such as
mask Subnet mask for this virtual server, such as
F5IPAddress IP address of the F5 console.
sourceAddressTranslation Source address translation mode.

Output variables

Table 2. Add F5 Virtual Server output variables
Variable Description
result Success or failure.
status_code The HTTP status code.
error The REST error.
output The REST output.


Table 3. Add F5 Virtual Server conditions
Condition Decription
Success Acitivty successfully added a virtual server.
Failure Activity failed to add a virtual server.