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Create a notification using a push message

Create a notification using a push message

Email administrators can create a notification that specifically sends a push notification.

Before you begin

Configure the push message and create a push message content before performing these steps.

Role required: admin

About this task

You can associate a push message with a standard notification. A push message specifies the text the system sends as part of the push notification to the mobile device.


  1. Navigate to System Notification > Create Push Notification.
  2. Fill out the notification form as necessary (see Create an email notification for descriptions of the form fields.
  3. Click the What it will contain tab.
  4. Next to Push Messages, click the lock icon and select a push message.
    Note: The push message and notification must be for the same table.
  5. If you want this notification to be sent only as a push notification and not as any other type of notification, select Push Message Only.
  6. Click Submit.

    If the notification fails, the user is not notified. If the message fails to send because it exceeds the maximum payload, the instance logs the failure in the System Log.

What to do next

To register a mobile device for push notifications, users must install the ServiceNow or custom mobile application and register the instance. Users can then subscribe to notifications in notification preferences. See Set up a mobile notification device for a user, Select notifications, and Add personal subscriptions.