Push notification setup with a custom push application

If you are using your own mobile or push application, push notifications there are a number of steps to take in addition to setting up push notifications with the ServiceNow mobile application.

The process is as follows:
  1. The push app developer creates a record in the Push Application [sys_push_application] table for the custom application. This record is what the instance uses to identify the device + push application combination necessary to identify a push notification recipient.
  2. The push app developer creates push notification action scripts to tell the instance how to handle responses to push notifications.
  3. The push app developer can also create a content payload in JSON for different types of push notifications. The content determines how a push notification appears on the push application, and whether or not the user can send a message in response to the push notification.
  4. The system administrator sets up push notifications, and specifies the custom push app and, if desired, the content.
  5. Users set up their push device on their user profile's notification preferences, just as they can set up email addresses or devices for SMS messages. Administrators can also set up these preferences on behalf of users.