View management

A view defines the elements that appear when a user opens a form or a list.

When the system displays a form or list it usually displays only a subset of the fields belonging to the underlying table. For example, this is the Incident form in the Self-Service View:

Figure 1. Self service view

This is the Incident form in the Metrics View:

Figure 2. Metrics view
Administrators and users with the personalize role have permission to perform the key tasks related to views:
  • create views for any list and form
  • determine which view is visible by default
  • delete views they have created
  • create and modify view rules determining which views are available depending on the values of the fields of the underlying table
  • create rules that determine which views pertain to specific user roles

Users with the admin or view_changer roles can change views.

Views included with the base system

Several views are included with the base system, including the Default view and Advanced view.

Warning: Do not delete any of the base system views.