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Start the Edge Encryption proxy

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Start the Edge Encryption proxy

After an Edge Encryption proxy is installed and configured, you can start the proxy from the command line.

Before you begin

Before starting the encryption proxy, verify the following:
  • The Edge Encryption plugin is activated on the instance.
  • The file on this machine has been configured.
  • If using an order preserving encryption type or encryption patterns, the proxy database is running.
Note: The first time you set up the file or change properties, you may want not to set the password encryption property. After you have verified that everything is working, you can set the password encryption property, shut down the proxy, and then restart the proxy.

About this task


  1. Run the proxy server.
    On a Linux machine
    1. cd to ServerName_port
    2. Execute ./
    On a Windows machine
    1. cd to ServerName_port/bin
    2. Execute edgeencryption.bat start
  2. Check the log on the proxy server to verify that the proxy is running.