Encryption proxy server connection requirements

The proxy server that runs the Edge Encryption application must be able to communicate with machines in your network.

Make sure that the proxy server has these network privileges:
  • Firewall access: Configure any firewalls between the proxy server and the client devices to allow a connection. If your network uses a DMZ, and if your network security protocols limit port access from within the network to the DMZ, you might have to deploy a proxy server to a machine within the DMZ.
  • Network access: Configure each client to let the proxy server connect with it. If network security prevents you from configuring new machines that can connect to the targets, install the proxy server on an existing machine with connection privileges.
  • Network account: Install the proxy server with the proper account, either local or domain administrator.
Additionally, for the proxy server to access your instance:
  • Ensure network access to the instance. Make sure that the network used by the proxy server is configured to allow traffic over TCP port 443.