iFrame methods

The following examples show how system records are pulled into an iFrame that is placed on a content page.

For system lists or forms, use the frame name gsft_main so that links work properly.
  • Order Hardware is an example of linking to a catalog category.
    • URL: com.glideapp.servicecatalog_category_view.do?sysparm_parent=d258b953c611227a0146101fb1be7c31&sysparm_view=
    • Frame name: gsft_main
  • My Approvals List is an example of linking to a list with a view filter and a JavaScript that reference the authenticated user.
    • URL: sysapproval_approver_list.do?sysparm_query=approver=javascript:getMyApprovals()&sysparm_view=ess
    • Frame name: gsft_main
  • Service Catalog Home Page (system) references the system catalog page within the Service Catalog application. If you are satisfied with the way the catalog looks, this method is an easy way to bring the page into a CMS design.
    • URL: catalog_home.do?sysparm_view=catalog_default
    • Frame name: gsft_main
  • Problem Management Overview references a homepage. ../ makes the URL string relative to system homepages. Without it, the URL string resolves to the default CMS homepage reference in the site.
    • URL: ../home.do?sysparm_view=problem_overview
    • Frame name: gsft_main