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Content Management testing

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Content Management testing

Test your site to ensure that all pages display correctly, links go to the specified address, and images are not broken. It is important to test the site as you build it. Do not wait until just before launch to begin testing.

Also, test templates as you create them so any issues are resolved before creating other content based on the templates. Recruit as many people as possible to help you test.

Here are some general site testing guidelines:

  • Test on the browsers and platforms your site visitors use
  • Test on various monitors (for example, LCD and CRT)
  • View pages using different screen resolutions
  • View pages using different color settings
  • Test all navigation and links
  • Test items that can be downloaded (for example, PDF files)
  • Test the search functionality
  • Test site security
  • If necessary, test for accessibility (for guidelines, see the W3C Website Accessibility Initiative)