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Content Management System

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Content Management System

The Content Management System (CMS) is a ServiceNow application that primarily enables users to create a custom interface for the ServiceNow platform and ServiceNow applications.

The CMS application is powerful and flexible. Customers use it for a wide variety of projects, from creating entire websites to integrating with other products. The Content Management application is active by default.

This video provides an overview of the CMS application.

A CMS typically requires a systems administrator or a web developer to set up and add features. Non-technical users can use the CMS application as a tool for website maintenance. You also want to consider the timing of the addition of content management, and the maturity level of ServiceNow data. For more information, see CMS Planning.

Following are several CMS project ideas:
  • Design a company-wide service catalog that offers a collection of services.
  • Present a customized UI for a knowledge base.
  • Create customized login pages, search pages, views of lists, tables, charts, or graphs.
  • Design a complete website.
  • Integrate ServiceNow with other company applications.
  • Build a tailored self-service portal for end users that is in compliance with a corporate style guide.

Example CMS sites

There are two common interface approaches within the ServiceNow community:

  • An image and text-based interface similar to
  • A search-based interface similar to Google

Both approaches have been used successfully. The approach you select depends on the needs of the people using the data and how easy it is to train them. While the two design philosophies are different, both approaches share the common goal of UI simplicity.