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Export an assessment

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Export an assessment

You can share assessments between ServiceNow instances by exporting an assessment and then importing the assessment on another instance.

Before you begin

Role required: assessment_admin or admin
Note: Update sets are available in the Istanbul release and should be used to move data from one instance to another. For information about update sets, see Update Sets.

About this task

Note: The system exports a single XML file that does not contain result data.
The XML file contains a metric type [asmt_metric_type] and the following records that are associated with the type:
  • Assessable records [asmt_assessable_record]
  • Metric categories [asmt_metric_category]
  • Metrics [asmt_metric]
  • Metric definitions [asmt_metric_definition]
  • Category users [asmt_m2m_category_user]
  • Stakeholders [asmt_m2m_stakeholder]
  • Decision matrixes [asmt_decision_matrix], [asmt_m2m_xcategory_matrix], and [asmt_m2m_ycategory_matrix]


  1. Navigate to Assessments > Metric Definition > Types.
  2. Right-click the record and select Export Assessment.
  3. Save the XML file.