Weight categories and metrics

When you create a metric category or metric, you must specify a weight, a numeric value that indicates the importance of the category or metric relative to other categories and metrics. The greater the weight value, the more important the item is.

The system uses weight values in assessment result calculations. Consider these recommendations when choosing weight values:
  • Determine a weighting scale and use it consistently In general, use a scale with a small numeric range. A standard 1-10 scale is usually appropriate, where 1 is least and 10 most important. Understand that increasing the maximum value of a weighting scale impacts all related result calculations.
  • Use the same weighting scale for metric categories and metrics Though there is no limitation, consider using the same or very similar weighting scales for both categories and metrics to make it easier to remember which values to use. A scale of 1-10 is an effective and simple weighting system, but may not be suitable for all organizations.
Note: If you do not want to use weighting, set the same weight value for all categories and metrics. The default weight value is 10.