Script includes installed with Service Management Core

Service Management Core adds the following script includes.
Script includes Description
PartRequirementStateHandler Marks a part requirement Sourced or Delivered based on the transfer orders.
SMTemplates Builds a service order and related tasks from an SM Template.
SMAutoAssignment Javascript wrapper around SNC.SMAutoassignment that automatically determines property prefix needed.
SMStockRooms Retrieves and creates personal stockrooms.
BaseSMControls Provides functions used to control access to service management records like the configuration and notification rules. Modify the SMControls Script Include to make changes rather than modifying this Script Include.
SMConfigProcessor Handles changes that are made to the configuration page. Also handles sending notifications set up on the configuraiton page.
SMTemplateHelper Backend-code for the SM Template page. Should not be customized.
AppCreatorCMSCreation Creates CMS pages for apps created by Service Management template.
SMDateRollup Rolls up the dates from service order tasks to service orders.
SMI18nUtils Utilities for internationalizing the Service Management and Configuration Pages.
SMAJAX Handles Service management AJAX calls.
AJAXMileageCalculator Calculates mileage costs for incidentals.
SMCIControls Service Management CI controls for adding and removing CI's from Orders and Tasks.
SharedServiceUtils Shared Service Utilities
SMSourcingDispatch Contains methods supporting the Agent Schedule section in the lower portion of the Source popup.
SMStateFlowCreator Methods for creating state flows for ESM-based applications.
SMAgentStatusAJAX AJAX wrapper around the updateStatus function available in SMScheduleStatus.
SMDateValidation Verifies that dates in service order tasks are valid and consistent with one another in terms of scheduling.
SMTask Service Management Task utility functions.
AppCreatorKnowledgeCreation Methods for "app creator" engine to create knowledgebase pages.
SMAgentStatus Code for updating the "on schedule" and status of an agent.
SMAppCreator Methods for creating Service management applications.
SMScheduleGrapper Schedule APIs. Gets schedule times from a work order task in milliseconds. Actual times are given priority, if those aren't available, return scheduled times.
SMTableCreator Methods for creating tables for Service management applications
SMControls Extension of BaseSMControls. Modify this script to make changes for controlling access to service management records like the configuration and notification rules
AssetUsageFilters Reference qualifer filters for AssetUsage.
SMTaskDependency Collection of methods that control the data integrity of the Service Order Tasks Dependency [sm_m2m_task_dependency] table.
AppCreatorCatalogCreation Creates an SM application catalog.
SMAssetUsage Asset Usage APIs
SMConstants List of constants used in the State field of the Service Management (SM) flows (sm_order and sm_task) and extended tables (e.g. wm_order, wm_task).
SMNotifRuleTables Restricts tables that are displayed on the SM Notification Rule form to the request and task table of the application.
SMTransferOrders Collection of methods that create or update service management-related transfer order lines.
SMPortalCreator Methods for creating a portal and reports for SM-based applications.
WMSourcingAjax AJAX calls used in the "Source" popup available from Work Orders and Work Order Tasks. Contains methods for displaying work order tasks and part requirements in the tree-section (left-hand side), deleting and copying part requirements using the tree, and retrieving task information and agent information for the lower section.
SMFilters Filters for service management.
SMUpgradeManager Handles finding SM application items that need upgrades, storing information, upgrading.
SMTemplateMigration Handles migrating SM templates from previous version of Geneva.