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Record asset usage

Record asset usage

The Field Service Management application tracks the consumable and non-consumable parts that are used or changed during the execution of work order tasks.

About this task

The Asset Usages related list on the Work Order Task form displays the assets that are used during the execution of a task and also any existing assets that are removed from the task location. The field service agent adds records to the Asset Usages related list by clicking the Remove Asset and Use Asset buttons and filling in the details on the Asset Usage form.

The status of an asset can be one of the following:

Table 1. Asset status settings
UsedWhen an agent records the use of an asset, the asset is added to the Asset Usages related list with a status of Used.

If the asset is a non-consumable, it is marked as being In Use and assigned to the caller identified on the work order. If the asset is a consumable, it is marked as Consumed.

Not usedWhen a transfer order line is delivered to an agent, the system creates a new asset usage record with a status of Not Used.

If the agent does not use the asset and the work order task is closed, the asset usage record remains Not Used. The asset is marked as In Stock Available in the agent's personal stockroom.

RemovedWhen an agent records the removal of an asset, the asset is added to the Asset Usages related list with a status of Removed.

Assets are most often removed because they are not working. These assets are marked as Defective.

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