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Request task states

Request task states

Like service management requests, their associated tasks follow a specific life cycle. The State field on the request task record is always read-only.

The request task states displayed depend on the SM application, as indicated in the table.
Table 1. Service management request task states
State Description
Draft Qualifier is not done describing the work.
Pending Dispatch Request task is ready to be assigned. The parent request state changes to Qualified if all associated tasks are in Pending Dispatch or a later state.
Assigned Request task is pending acceptance from the assigned agent.
Accepted Request task has been accepted by the agent and is ready to be done. This state is valid only for Marketing Service Management.
Work In Progress Work on the request task has started. The parent request state changes to Work In Progress if no associated tasks are in Draft state.
Closed Complete Request task was completed to specification.
Closed Incomplete Request task could not be completed as specified.
Canceled Request task was canceled.

In addition to the State field, the different request task states are also shown visually at the top of each task record with the process flow formatter.

Note: If the State flows are enabled option in the configuration screen is not selected, the process flow formatter is removed.