HR Document Templates

HR Document Templates are used to generate PDF documents that include information from an employee HR profile. You can generate PDF employment verification letters for existing employees. You configure PDF document templates with your company information and logo.

You can configure multiple PDF document templates, for example, you have different letters for different countries. The following templates are predefined.
  • Employee Verification Letter in Canada
  • Employee Verification Letter in USA
Before you begin generating documents, configure the templates with your company logo and text. Obtain the following items and information to create or configure the predefined HR document templates.
  • A page of your company letterhead.
  • Copies of your current employment verification letter and offer letter templates, if available.
  • The logo image to use in your header. The header image can be a maximum of 50px high. If your letterhead includes a logo and text, ensure that the logo image includes the text, as you can only configure the image in the header.
  • The logo image to use in your footer, if applicable. The logo image can be a maximum of 15px high. You can configure both an image and text in the footer.

Add an HR PDF document template

You can add HR pdf document templates for employment verification or job offers as needed.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_hr_core.manager or sn_hr_core.admin


  1. Navigate to HR Administration > Document Templates.
  2. Click New.
  3. Enter a name that represents the document.
  4. Complete the form.
    Header image Select a new image and position, as needed.
    Image position Click and select the position the header image appears on the page.
    Body Enter and format the text in the Body. Available variables are listed.

    Use the formatting tools in the Body to apply formatting options, such as bold, italic, underline, font styling.

    The body is a place holder for HTML text and tokenized variables. When the PDF is generated, the variables are resolved before sending it to the PDF Generator [com.snc.pdf_generator] plugin.

    Note: Currently, there is no support for style tags to align text left or right. Space indentation must be used. Jelly and CSS Styling are not supported.
    Footer image Select a new footer image and its position, as needed. Modify the text if necessary.
    Footer text Enter text.
    Image position Click and select the position the footer image appears on the page.
    Change the page size Select the page size from the choice list.
    HR PDF document template variables are used to automatically place information into your document.
    {{Date}} {{Work email}} {{Department}}
    {{Name}} {{Work phone}} {{Employee number}}
    {{Position}} {{Prefix}} {{Employment status}}
    {{Time type}} {{Nationality}} {{Employment type}}
    {{Employment start date}} {{Manager}} {{Gender}}
    {{New Employee}} {{New Employee Address}} {{Position Title}}
    {{New Employee Last Name}} {{Position Type}} {{Start Date}}
    {{Hiring Manager}} {{Yearly Compensation}} {{Overtime Pay Rate}}
    {{Bonus}} {{Number of RSUs}} {{HR Manager}}
    {{HR Manager Title}} {{Signature}} {{Start Date}}

    To modify the list of available variables, edit the generalhrform script include.

  5. To configure the footer, perform the following steps.
    1. If you have a footer image, select Click to add next to Footer image.
    2. Click Choose File, select the footer logo image from your computer, then click OK.
    3. From the Image position list, select the position of the logo.
    4. Enter the footer text, if applicable.
      The footer text appears based on the selected footer image position. If you selected to position the image on the right or centered, the footer text is left-justified. If you selected to position the image on the left, the footer text is right-justified. If there is no footer image, the footer text is center-justified.
    5. Select the page size.
  6. Click Submit.
  7. Review the look of the generated letter by impersonating an employee and submitting the associated catalog item. Impersonate the user assigned to work on the case to generate the letter within the HR case. Continue editing and testing the letter template until you are satisfied with the generated PDF.
    Use the formatting tools to perform any of the following actions.
    Format the text Select the text to format and apply any of the formatting options, such as bold, italic, underline, font styling. You can apply justification, bullets, and numbers as needed.
    Add an image Click the image icon and attach the image or search for it in the image library. You can also add an image to the library.