HR skills installed with HR Service Management

Human Resources Application: Core adds the following HR skills.
HR skill Description
Employee Career Provides guidance about the career path for employees.
Employee Relations Assists employees with employee relations cases.
Employee Transfer Manages process for transferring employees to ensure that all tasks are completed.
Exit Interviews Interviews offboarding employees to ensure compliance and collect feedback.
Hiring Manages processes, such as personnel requisitions, for the hiring of new employees.
HR Is contained within all HR skills.
HR Benefits Assists employees with benefits cases.
HR Policy Assists employees with questions about company policies.
HR Systems Manages HR systems, such as payroll, learning management system, and employee database.
Leave of Absence Assists employees to schedule leaves of absence, such as maternity leave.
Payroll Assists employees with payroll questions and issues.
Spanish Language Speaks Spanish, and can act as a translator when needed.
Time Tracking Assists employees with timecard questions.
Vacation/Leave Assists employees with vacation or leave questions.
Workday Manages the Workday system and supports integration.