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HR Catalog

HR Catalog

The HR catalog contains the items that employees use to request HR assistance.

You can review and modify predefined catalog items as needed. You can create catalog items to use for other types of HR requests that are important to your company.

Case field configuration by topic detail provides

Terms used with the HR catalog

Several terms used throughout the Human Resources application are synonymous with each other. These items are often referred to one way in the navigator, but when you open the module the name at the top is different. The following list includes terms used for items associated with the HR catalog.

Table 1. Synonymous HR Catalog terms
TermSynonymous with term
Catalog itemRecord producer
HR requestHR case
HR templateProduct model or Model
Knowledge articleKnowledge model

It is also important to understand the two types of HR categories.

  • HR catalog categories, which are used to group catalog items in the HR Service Portal or HR Catalog.
  • HR case categories, which are used for reporting and selected to assign a template to an HR case. Typically used when an HR agent is entering a case for a caller through HR Case Management > Create New Case.

Catalog item planning and creation

The following outlines a process to use when planning for and creating catalog items.

  1. Define the new catalog item: Determine the purpose of the HR request, and whether it needs variables, tasks, or both.
    • Variables are used to ask questions and to map the answers to fields, such as the comment field.
    • Tasks are used to define work that must be completed in a specified order before the request can be completed. Tasks can be assigned to different HR agents.
  2. Create the catalog item: Use the Manage HR Catalog module to create a catalog item. It provides a simplified form where you enter a name and description, and select a catalog category, assignment group, and default priority.

    You can submit or publish the catalog item. If you click Submit, the catalog item is saved but is not active. You can then update it, for example, to add variables, before you publish it. You can publish the catalog item to make it active immediately.

    When you submit or publish in the simplified form, a catalog item, HR case category, and HR case template are all created.

  3. Modify the catalog item: After you create the catalog item, you can access the catalog item or the HR case template from the Manage HR Catalog page. Access the HR case template to add fields, define required skills and assignment group, and add tasks. Access the catalog item to add variables and specify user criteria.

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