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Process GeoJSON map files

Process GeoJSON map files

Processing GeoJSON map files includes parsing data from a map and importing that information to the campus space management tables. Use this process to set up your spaces or update bulk changes to your campus without having to enter each change manually.

Before you begin

Role required: facilities_admin

About this task

To process the files properly:
  • Include the area file in the map set and follow the proper naming convention (-area-geom-)
  • Set the property to true


  1. Navigate to Space Management > Campus.
  2. Click the name of the campus.
  3. Click the Facilities Map Sets related list to see all the maps sets associated with this campus.
  4. Click the name of the map set you want to parse.
    All files associated with that map set are shown as attachments.
  5. Click Process the Map Files related link.
    All the files that will be read and parsed (processed) are shown.
  6. Click Preview.
    A summary of all the spaces that will be created are shown.
    Table 1. Process map files summary
    Field Description
    Summary The total for each space that will be added or retired: buildings, levels, spaces
    Facility space creation
    Feature type All the types of spaces that will be created
    Class name
    Creating The total amount of each space type that will be created.
    Existing The existing amount of each space type.
    Ignoring The amount of each space type that not is created.
    Icon Creation
    Icon The names of all icons that will be included within this campus.
    Parsing label The parsing label of all icons that will be included within this campus.
    Creating The total number of that icon type that will be created for this campus.
    Existing The total number of that icon type that already exists within this campus.
  7. Review the process map set summary carefully, to be sure if the space adds and ignores make sense.
    If the summary does not make sense, refer to the [fm_facility_feature] table.
  8. Click Process.
    A summary of all spaces created is displayed when the map file has been processed.

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