Interactive facility maps

The interactive facility maps, including the Workbench and the Floor Plan, provide a campus-level hierarchy, improving your facilities request tracking and space management. Decision makers in your organization can track, manage, and analyze spaces in support of organizational needs and users can find other users and assets.

The interactive facility maps offer the following benefits:
  • The workbench provides the exact location of a facilities request on a campus map, so the facilities team knows exactly where users encountered the issue.
  • Maps are available to anyone in the organization, so users can search for people or spaces on the map.
  • Configuration items (CIs) can be identified on each request identifying which items in your infrastructure are also impacted.
  • Zone creation allows you to see what spaces will be affected by particular actions, like construction or maintenance of equipment that services those zones.
  • Define spaces with capacity metrics (gross space, usable space, assignable space, occupiable space) for reporting and financials.