Facilities Floor Plan

Users use the floor plan find other users, spaces, and assets. Users can also create facilities requests from any space on the floor plan.

Use the floor plan as follows:
  1. A ServiceNow administrator activates and configures the Facilities Floor Plan according to your organization's needs and requirements.
  2. A facilities administrator creates your organization's campus and configures the spaces and assets contained within.
  3. Users submit facilities and move requests and those request locations are tagged on the floor plan.
  4. Users can set filters to see particular spaces, users, and assets.
  5. From the workbench, administrators qualify facilities requests. This is the process of checking that the information in the request is complete, so facilities tasks can be assigned.
  6. Administrators organize requests into tasks that must be done before the request is complete, and dispatch those tasks.
  7. Facilities staff members perform the tasks necessary to fulfill the request.
  8. The assigned facilities staff members close their tasks, allowing the request to be closed.