Scan a new or existing vulnerable item

You can scan a new or existing vulnerable item that contains at least one affected CI or has an IP address populated on the form.

Before you begin

The vulnerable item that you want to scan must contain an affected CI or IP address.

Role required: sn_vul.vulnerability_write


  1. Navigate to Vulnerability > Vulnerabilities > Vulnerable Items.
  2. Create a new vulnerable item or open an existing one.
  3. Click the Scan for Vulnerabilities related link.
    A message appears with a link to the scan and the work notes are updated.
  4. Click the link to see the progress or results of the scan.
    Note: It is a good practice is to rescan vulnerabilities or vulnerable items after they have been remediated and a vulnerability patch has been applied to the affected records. The rescan can be performed using the procedure above, but you can also automate the rescans.

What to do next

To view the progress of your scan, navigate to Vulnerability > Scanning > Scans.