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Create Enrichment Data records activity

Create Enrichment Data records activity

This workflow activity stores workflow output data in a table.

The Create Enrichment Data records workflow activity can be used with any workflow to store workflow output data. It creates records on the sn_si_enrichment table.

Input variables

Input variables determine the initial behavior of the activity.

Table 1. Input variables
Variable Description
task_id [string] The task identifier (task_id) of a configuration item record.
content [string] The raw data coming back from running workflows in a JSON-formatted string.

This JSON string is used to populate this record and the related table (sn_si_enrichment_data) records.

type [string] Values can either be process or netstat.
ci [string] Configuration item.

Output variables

The output variables contain data that can be used in subsequent activities.

Table 2. Output variables
Variable Description
result [string] JSON-formatted data that is parsed and stored in name/value pairs.
Enrichment data record example