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Create a Customer Service case from a security incident

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Create a Customer Service case from a security incident

Security Incident Response ships with a default field mapping that maps a Security Incident to a Customer Service (CS) case. You can create a CS case from any security incident, edit the Priority, and also add Optional notes.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_si.basic and sn_customerservice_agent
Note: The Customer Service plugin must be activated to perform this task.


  1. Navigate to Security Incident.
  2. Open the security incident that you want to add a CS case to.
  3. Click Create Customer Service Case in the top header.
    Create Customer Service button
    The popup is pre-populated with information from the security incident based on your field mapping.
  4. You can select a new Priority and add any Optional notes.
    Note: The Priority field overwrites the default setting. The Optional notes are appended to the incident.
    Create Customer Service case
  5. Click Submit.
    A CS is created. Click the link to follow up.
    Customer Service case created

    Optionally, you can add a CS case to the Related List on a security incident.

    Configure Related List with customer service case.