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Correct an invalid security incident or task state

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Correct an invalid security incident or task state

An administrator can correct the security incident or task to valid states, either manually or by using a script. Available states vary based on the current state of the incident.

Before you begin

Role required: admin and sn_si.admin

About this task

After you have switched process definitions, the new definition may not support some of the old states. To correct the orphan incident or task states, you can change your process definition, edit your script include, or manually open each incident or task to update the state. Generally, updating the state (which can be done in bulk) is the easiest solution.

To change states in bulk, do the following:


  1. Navigate to Process Selection.
  2. Highlight the State field for the incidents or tasks you want to change.
  3. Double-click the first one, choose the new State, and click the green check mark () to change.
    Corrected definition example
  4. Click Update.