Script includes installed with Security Incident Response

Security Incident Response adds the following script includes.
Table 1. Script includes for Security Incident Response
Script include Description
CalculateSeverity Handles the security incident severity calculations and rules.
ChecklistTemplateApplicator Convenience script to apply a checklist to a security incident.
ProcessDefinition Controls the Security Incident and Security Incident Response Task life cycle. Determines which states are available, in what order, and which state transitions are permissible.
ProcessDefinitionAjax Provides client-side functionality for Process Definition logic.
ProcessDefinition_Example Sample process flow definition implementation.
ProcessDefinition_Kill_Chain Kill chain process flow definition implementation.
ProcessDefinition_NIST_Open NIST process flow definition implementation that supports open switching between states.
ProcessDefinition_NIST_Stateful NIST process flow definition implementation that restricts open switching between states. The default definition.
ProcessDefinition_SANS_Open SANS process flow definition implementation.
SecurityAccessUtils A class containing utilities for assigning and managing special access for users without security roles.
SecurityAffectedUserUtils A class containing utilities for usage in operations relating to task affected users.
SecurityCriticalityCalculator Handles the calculation of business criticality for a security incident.
SecurityIncidentAJAX Handles server-side security utility functions.
SecurityIncidentAuditLogService Creates audit logs.
SecurityIncidentUtils Handles utility functions for security incidents, including some handling of Event fields and creation of problems and change requests.
SecurityReviewGenerator Generates a security incident post incident review.