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Parent and child security incident relationships

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Parent and child security incident relationships

You can associate and track the impact of any given issue using parent and child security incident relationships in Security Incident Response.

Using the Related Records tab, you can add a Parent security incident issue to any Security Incident Response form. This feature automatically makes the incident a child that appears in the Related Lists - Child Security Incidents tab of the parent issue.

Example of adding a Parent security incident
Example of a child view

You can add one or more Child Security Incidents to any security incident record, as well, using the Edit button in the Child Security Incidents tab. In the following example, all three records are connected.

Example of grandparent, parent, and child security incidents
Note: All work notes recorded in the parent are propagated to any active children in Activities under the Incident Details tab.

When a parent is closed or canceled, any active children are also closed or canceled. Any active Response Tasks on the child incident(s) are canceled. If there are no other open Tasks, the child incident is closed. When closed, the Post Incident Interview records the closure and the information found on the Closure Information tab is propagated from the parent to the children.

Child response task closed and post incident review updated