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Web services release notes

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Web services release notes

Web services product enhancements and updates in the Istanbul release.

New in the Istanbul release

Outbound Web Services Logging
Log requests and responses for outbound REST or SOAP web services.
API Requester Logging
Enhances API analytics to log which users make requests to APIs for inbound web services.

Changed in this release

  • Outbound REST
    • REST message HTTP methods can be sent with no authentication information when the Authentication type is No authentication. This selection overrides any authentication setting on the parent REST message.
    • The REST message Authentication type choice None was changed to No authentication. The behavior of this choice did not change.
    • The HTTP method Authentication type choice None was changed to Inherit from parent. The behavior of this choice did not change.
    • The Method field on the HTTP Method form was renamed to Name.
    • A REST message can specify more than one HTTP method of each type, such as GET or POST. You can select the type of method using the HTTP method field on the HTTP Method form. HTTP method records without an HTTP method field value, such as those created prior to upgrade continue to use the Name field to determine the method type.
    • When you create a new REST message record, only a default GET HTTP method is created automatically. Previously, default methods were created for GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE.
    • The Endpoint fields on the REST Message and HTTP Method forms are now string fields instead of URL fields.
    • REST messages now support the PATCH method.
  • Performance Analytics REST API
    • Several new parameters are available:
      • sysparm_include_realtime: include the realtime_enabled and realtime_value values in the response
      • sysparm_include_target_color_scheme: include the target_color_scheme value in the response
      • sysparm_include_forecast_scores: include the forecast_scores value in the response
      • sysparm_include_trendline_scores: include the trendline_scores value in the response
    • The API returns the indicator_aggregate element which is the value of the indicator Aggregate field.
  • The default value for the property glide.integration.session_timeout is now 1 minute.
  • New default quota rules were added for REST and JSON and for REST UI transactions.