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User interface (UI) release notes

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User interface (UI) release notes

UI enhancements and updates in the Istanbul release.

Activation information

UI16 is the default user interface for new instances. For upgraded instances, if you have the admin role, you can activate the UI16 plugin (com.glide.ui.ui16).

New in the Istanbul release

Related list query conditions
Related list conditions allow you to include a relationship with another table in a list filter. Related list conditions are supported only in List v3. You can optionally include conditions on the related table. For example, you can filter active problems with one or more related incidents that are in the Canceled state. Another example is to filter incidents with a breached service level agreement (SLA).

A filter with related list conditions executes properly in a List v2 list. However, the filter cannot be edited unless you remove the related list condition from the breadcrumb.

Related list query conditions include the following new configuration items and changes.
  • A new system property, <table>.related_list_query.blacklist, lets the administrator configure which related lists are available in the related list query table choice list.
  • An attribute, allow_related_list_query=true, can be added to condition fields in forms to display the List v3 condition builder.
  • You can include a related list condition in an encoded query string.
  • In List v3 split mode, when you click the filter in the left pane, the conditions appear in the right pane instead of in a modal window.
System properties to control scaling of images in the activity stream
Two new system properties were added to the System Properties [sys_properties] table. Both properties are of type true | false.
  • glide.ui.activity_stream.scale_animated_gifs: Creates a thumbnail of animated .gif files. The maximum dimensions are 525px width and 350px height. The animation is not preserved in the thumbnail, but previewing the image displays the animation at its original size. Default is false.
  • glide.ui.activity_stream.scale_images: Creates a thumbnail of large images to display in the activity stream. The maximum dimensions are 525px width and 350px height. If the user clicks the image or attachment, the preview is at full size. The default is true.

The glide.ui.activity_stream.scale_images property automatically converts all images to thumbnails to improve performance when the activity stream loads. This begins after the upgrade to Istanbul. If you have many pre-upgrade records with a large number of attached high-resolution images, the activity stream may load slowly the first time each record opens as the system creates these thumbnails. This property can be disabled if the performance for these records is unacceptable immediately after the upgrade. However, after existing records have been processed, performance is improved throughout the platform.

Changed in this release

Removed in this release

  • The spell check option was removed from the system properties for TinyMCE. It is no longer supported.
  • The navigation background color for expanded items (css.$subnav-background-color) was removed from the system properties for configuring UI16. It is no longer supported.
  • The More icon in the collapsed application navigator () has been removed. Users can scroll to favorites when the application navigator is collapsed.