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Dependency Views release notes

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Dependency Views release notes

Dependency Views product enhancements and updates in the Istanbul release.

Dependency Views provide maps that graphically display configuration items that support business services and the relationships between the configuration items.

New in the Istanbul release

New Dependency Views map properties
Several new map properties to help control map density:
  • Minimum horizontal distance between nodes in horizontal layout.
  • Minimum vertical distance between nodes in horizontal layout.
  • Minimum horizontal distance between nodes in vertical layout.
  • Minimum vertical distance between nodes in vertical layout.
  • Truncate node labels to a single line and to fit available space (default). Disable to display entire labels on multiple lines and wrapped as needed.
Predefined filters
You can now create filters that narrow the scope of the CIs that are displayed on the map by CI type, CI attributes, and relationships.

Changed in this release

  • When hovering over a link between two nodes on the map, the tooltip lists all relationship types for the nodes and their direction.
  • Child nodes of virtually grouped nodes are now displayed underneath the virtual node. Child nodes of a virtual group are not virtually grouped even if they are similar, but the next level of nodes can be virtually grouped if possible.
  • You can now collapse a virtual group that has been previously expanded. For more information, see Dependency Views map menus and controls.

Activation information

Platform feature - active by default and includes demo data.

Browser requirements

The Dependency Views module supports the latest version or service pack of the following browsers:
  • Firefox with the latest ESR
  • Chrome version 25 or later (latest version recommended)
  • Safari version 6 or later
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) version 9 or later