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Connect release notes

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Connect release notes

ServiceNow® Connect product enhancements and updates in the Istanbul release.

ServiceNow® Connect is a real-time messaging platform that connects you to your coworkers, bypassing email and static documents.

Istanbul upgrade information

If you are currently using the legacy chat feature to provide help desk support, close any open help desk chats before activating Connect Support. Legacy chat and Connect Support cannot be used concurrently. When you activate Connect Support, the system automatically sets the state of all Chat Queue Entry [chat_queue_entry] records to Closed Complete. This ends any open help desk chats.

New in the Istanbul release

Add more users to a Connect Support chat
Support Agents can add more users to an ongoing support chat.

Changed in this release

  • General Connect enhancements
  • Connect Support enhancements
    • When admins enable the property, all information messages are included in the chat activity including when a support agent or user leaves a chat conversation.

Activation information

Connect is active by default on new instances. For upgraded instances, you can activate the Connect plugin (com.glide.connect) if you have the admin role. You can activate the Connect Support plugin ( if you have the admin role. This plugin includes demo data.

Additional requirements

UI16 or UI15 is required to use Connect.

Browser requirements

  • The latest public release of Firefox or Firefox ESR
  • The latest public release of Chrome
  • Safari version 6.1 and later
  • Internet Explorer version 10 and later
    • Edge mode is supported.
    • Compatibility mode is not supported.
    • Setting Security Mode to High (via the Internet Options > Security tab) is not supported.
    • Internet Explorer 11 is susceptible to memory leaks, which may impact performance, especially in Windows 7.

Notifications in Connect are available in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. Internet Explorer does not support Connect notifications. Some browsers may require additional configuration to allow notifications. For more information, see Connect notification browser support.