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Automated Test Framework

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Automated Test Framework

Automated Test Framework is a new application in the Istanbul release.

With the Automated Test Framework, you create and run automated tests on your ServiceNow instance. When you upgrade or modify an instance, run these tests to confirm that the instance still works as designed.

  • You can create simple tests that mimic user actions with no scripting. Examples of test steps that do not require scripting include the following:
    • Open a form
    • Set field values
    • Validate field values and attributes (such as read-only)
    • Submit the form
  • With the server-side scripting test, you can perform more complex operations. Examples include the following:
    • Perform unit tests using javascript, including tests using the Jasmine test framework. (In Istanbul, only test steps in the global scope support Jasmine.)
    • Test business rules, script includes, and other ServiceNow scripts.
    • Create tests that operate on data that you define.

Activation information

Platform feature - activated by user with the admin role.

See Automated Test Framework for more information.