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Istanbul Patch 10

Istanbul Patch 10

The Istanbul Patch 10 release contains fixes to these problems.

Istanbul Patch 10 was released on October 25, 2017.
Build date: 10-13-2017_1804
Build tag: glide-istanbul-09-23-2016__patch10-10-11-2017

ServiceNow QPP targets and patches are immediately available. Users do not need to request an entitlement to schedule an upgrade to these versions.

For more information about how to upgrade an instance, refer to Upgrade to Istanbul.

For more information about the release cycle, see the ServiceNow Release Cycle. For a downloadable, sortable version of Istanbul fixed problems, see KB0598935.
Note: This version is approved for FedRAMP.

Security-related Fixes

Istanbul Patch 10 includes fixes for security-related problems that affected certain applications and the ServiceNow platform. We recommend that customers upgrade to this release for the most secure and up-to-date ServiceNow features. For more details on security problems fixed in Istanbul Patch 10, refer to KB0635465.

Notable fixes

The following problems and their fixes are ordered by potential impact to customers, starting with the most significant fixes.
Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce




In List v2, a tooltip with the full text does not appear as expected when users hover over a truncated cell When the value is too long to display completely in the cell, an ellipsis is used to signify that the value is truncated. When users point to the value, a tooltip with the full value should appear. However, no tooltip appears in List v2.
  1. Navigate to sys_properties.list in List v2.
  2. In the Description column, point to a value that ends with ...

A tooltip that contains the full value is expected to appear, but nothing happens.




Trying to group by a field with a column name longer than 30 characters results in the label of the group displaying "empty" If users try to group by a field with a name longer than 30 characters, the labels show as "empty" even though the results under the group are correct.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.




Unable to see tags data when the tags column is added to a report
  1. Navigate to Incident > Open and select an incident.
  2. In the header, click the More options (...) icon and select Add Tag.
  3. Type text in the Add tag field and press Enter.

    Note the incident number.

  4. Navigate to Reports > View/Run and click Create a report.
  5. Create a report with the following values:
    • Report name: Test Tags
    • Data Source: [Click Use a Table instead]
    • Table: Incident
    • Filter: [Number][is][Number of modified incident]
  6. Click Next to choose the type of report chart, and click Next again to choose the columns to display.
  7. Use the slushbucket to add the Tags field to anywhere but the first column in the report and click OK.
  8. Click Run to run the report.

Note that the Tags column is blank despite the text added to create a tag.

Forms and Fields



The 'Edit tag' icon on the incident form is visible but does not work
  1. Switch to the UI15 interface.
  2. Open any incident records.
  3. Click the 'Edit tag' icon on the navigation bar.

Expected behavior: An input box should appear to insert a new tag.

Actual behavior: The 'Edit tag' button is not responsive when clicked.

Forms and Fields



Reference fields with & in their display value show as & when glide.ui.escape_text is false
  1. Make sure glide.ui.escape_text is set to false.
  2. Clear the cache, log out, and log in to verify.
  3. Create a group called A & B.
  4. Open incident.
  5. Change assignment group to A & B.

Expected behavior: The group shows as A & B.

Actual behavior: The group shows as A & B.

All Other Fixes

Problem Affected plugins Short description Description Steps to reproduce

Activity Stream


Building history sets can result in a mutex lock and cause performance issues Multiple users accessing a record at the same time can cause performance issues because history sets are not allowed to build concurrently. Transactions get stuck while the first transaction builds the history set, which sometimes leads to the semaphore exhaustion on all nodes.

Audit Management


GRC: Audit Management In the Audit Management application, the Generate Control Tests button does not work in Istanbul and Jakarta but works in Helsinki Install the following plugins
  • com.snc.governance
  • com.sn_audit
Steps to reproduce
  1. Navigate to Audit > Engagements > All Engagements.
  2. Open any record.
  3. Navigate to the related list "Test plans".
  4. Among the boxes right next to the "i" icon, check four of them.
  5. Click Generate Control Test.

Despite the message "Control tests have been generated", no records are generated in the related list "Audit Task".

Cloud Management Application



Two scheduled jobs created by the Cloud Management plugin may delete data unintentionally

By default, both the job 'Global: Clear terminated/stale cloud resources' and the property to activate the job are set to inactive. When the job is executed, it deletes data incorrectly. The job is designed to delete old cloud configuration items (CIs), but it also deletes CIs from the application and service tables.

The job 'Azure: Clear terminated/stale cloud resources' is also disabled by default. When the job is executed, it deletes the CI resources under the Azure scope only.

Condition Builder


Unable to add an 'and' filter condition in related lists and catalog list collectors The 'and' button to the right of a filter condition does not work. An error is thrown: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'filterObject' of null addConditionSpec.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


Configuration Management (CMDB) Customer-updated records in the cmdb_health_scorecard_threshold table are overwritten in upgrades Several records, with the update_synch attribute set to true, fail to set the sys_customer_update field to true on the sys_metadata table. The records show as being updated by users, but the sys_customer_update field does not get set as expected.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


The relationships do not show after CIs are added using the new formatter The new CI Formatter does not work as expected. User-added new relationships are shown intermittently.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


Configuration Management (CMDB) The tree view does not display the correct relationship The tree view of related items in a CI is broken when 'Filter Relations By Max Level' is set to 1.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


Configuration Management (CMDB) Metric names are not translated In the CMDB health dashboard, metric names (Completeness/Compliance/Correctness) are not translated.

Core Platform


In the list view, the journal input field does not show values on tables extended from the sn_sm_finance_request table

In the list view, values for the journal input field are not visible, but the work notes values can be seen.

Core Platform


GlideAggregate returns the incorrect display value for Service Catalog variable fields In reporting, legend labels and data labels display the variable choice values instead of the display value. For example, 'Storage' is shown as 'sixtyfour' instead of '64 GB'.

Core Platform


When grouping by state on the change_request table, the result often returns an integer instead of the state value
  1. Navigate to /
  2. On the state column header, right click Group By > State.

Some states show as integers instead of string values.

Core Platform


The exported report does not contain the same records that are visible in the list view When users filter the records with 'contains', starts with', or 'ends with', and export them to a CSV file, they get a report with incorrect data.

Core Platform


Default semaphore exhausted GlideRecord extended fields leak memory when used in a scope.

Customer Service Management


Duplicate index issue on account_code An issue occurs when creating a customer account and many accounts (by a running import) at the same time. An error message is displayed about a duplicate index on account_code. Two transactions happening at the same time can fetch the same account code, and thus one will have an issue when it is saved.
  1. Activate the Customer Service Management plugin.
  2. Generate a CVS or XLS file with many records.

    The import should run for 5-10 minutes.

  3. While the import runs, create an account through the UI or a background script.

Customer Service Management


Users are unable to attach documents through the live chat
  1. Log into the CSM portal as a customer.
  2. Click the chat icon.
  3. Connect with an Agent.
  4. Click the attachment link and upload any document.

The attachment is not uploaded successfully.

Customer Service Management



An upgrade to a newer version brings back demo data for the Customer Service Management Demo Data plugin

If an instance has the CSM demo Data plugin activated and has removed the demo data manually, an upgrade to a newer version brings back the demo data that was deleted.

  1. Activate the CSM Demo Data plugin.
  2. Remove the demo data and delete the records manually.
  3. Upgrade the instance to a newer version.

The demo data is brought back to the instance.

Data Certification


Data certification performs slowly when a task contains many records that need to be certified. When users select many certification tasks, the browser does not respond and they cannot see any progress indicator.

Domain Support


Domain Separation (com.glide.domain.msp_extensions) installs Project Management v3

The com.glide.domain.msp_extensions plugin includes the install_project_management glidefix script.

This script checks to see if either Project Management v2 or Project Management v3 is already installed. If neither is installed, it will install Project Management v3.

Domain Support


The domain plugin should not be activated as a dependency of any other plugin The domain plugin should not be installed as a dependency of another plugin. The attribute allowed_as_dependency needs to be set to false.

Edge Encryption


Updating to a report list view fails if the filter contains a '<' indication Through the Edge proxy, users are unable to update to a report list view if the filter contains a "<" indication. An error occurs in the node log: The value of attribute 'query' associated with an element type 'record_update' must not contain the '<' character.

Edge Encryption


When MID Server is connected through Edge Encryption proxy, MID Server no longer communicates with the instance when an Encryption pattern is active When MID Servers are configured to route through Edge Encryption proxy, the MID Servers stop sending XML payloads back to the instance.

Edge Encryption


From proxy, data is getting saved as &amp; when users enter & from the list view
  1. Create the encryption configuration for the incident.shortdescription.
  2. Navigate to the incident table.
  3. Enter & <> in the short description column from list view.

It gets translated to &amp; &lt;&gt;.

Edge Encryption


Edge proxies fail to recover from network outages, exceeding the exchange queue size and never catching up to it once the network recovers After a network outage, the Edge Encryption proxy server fails to recover. The instance marks that proxy as unresponsive during the outage and online after the outage. However, users still cannot access the instance from that proxy. 502 errors are thrown from the client side for requests going through the proxy. In the proxy server log, the following error is thrown: Max queue size 1024 exceeded by HttpRequest.



Processing emails with large attachments is slow Emails with large attachments take a long time to process. The email reader job can be stuck/running for more than 2 hours.

Event Management



The Event Management dashboard and the Service Mapping map are redirected to the home page

When the Chrome browser is upgraded to version 61.0.3163, the Event Management dashboard and the Service Mapping map are redirected to the home page.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Financial Management


Financial Management Budget Console: Budget Amount column under 'Budget Plans' only shows 'Operational Budgeted Amount' and does not include the 'Capital Budgeted Amount' Under Financial Planning > Budget Planning > Console > Plans, the Budget Amount column under Budget Plans only shows 'Operational Budgeted Amount'. In addition, it does not include the 'Capital Budgeted Amount'.
  1. Activate the Financial Management plugin (com.snc.financial_management).
  2. Navigate to Financial Planning > Budget Planning > Console.
  3. Click Plans and open any plan.

The 'Budget Amount' column only shows 'Operational Budgeted Amount', and it does not include the 'Capital Budgeted Amount'.

Financial Management


Cost allocation data is incorrect in Jakarta The cost allocation engine does not produce all general ledger (GL) expense lines.
  1. Navigate to a Cost Model definition.
  2. Add segments to GL expense lines.
  3. Allocate a few split buckets to the segment.
  4. Trigger the allocation engine, which generates the GL expense lines for the selected segments.

The allocation engine does not generate all allocation lines.

Financial Management


Financial Management The ITFM workbench runs slowly during allocations after an upgrade In the ITFM workbench, clicking a bucket within a high-level segment causes the browser to timeout and not load the popup window.

Governance, Risk and Compliance


Users lost the read access to the cmdb_ci_services table Enabling the GRC: Audit Management plugin prevents users without the "sn_grc_manager" role to read data from the cmdb_ci_services table.

Human Resources Service Management


Notification recipients do not work when using dot-walked fields When users change the recipient to be a dot-walked value in the Users field, emails can no longer be sent. An error is thrown in the logs.

Human Resources Service Management


Human Resources Scoped App: Service Portal Using the 'HRI My Information' widget in a size 3 container does not wrap word properly
  1. Activate Human Resources: Service Portal.
  2. Log in as user Abel Tuter.
  3. Change the email address to something long, like
  4. Navigate to SP designer and create a page.
  5. Use any container that utilizes size 3.
  6. Place the HRI My Information widget into any of the containers.
  7. Test the page.

Expected behavior: Text should wrap properly.

Actual behavior: Text extends the container border.

Human Resources Service Management


Human Resources Scoped App: Core HR tasks event is not functioning properly When an HR task is closed, the HR task event sn_hr_core_task.allClosed is triggered, but the notification "HR All Tasks Closed" is not.

Human Resources Service Management


Human Resources Scoped App: Service Portal HR Service Portal still displays the 'Chat with HR' header menu item even if the Connect Support is disabled
  1. Set glide.connect.enabled and to false.
  2. Navigate to the HR Portal.

    Note that the "Chat with HR Portal" icon is displayed.

  3. Click the icon.

The message "The administrator has restricted access to Connect." is displayed.

Human Resources Service Management


Users are unable to acknowledge a policy if their password contains a "#" In the HR Service Portal, users are unable to acknowledge a policy if their password contains a "#". An alert "Password is Incorrect!" is thrown.

Human Resources Service Management


Performance Analytics - Content Pack - Human Resources Scoped App, Human Resources Scoped App: Workday Integration, Human Resources Scoped App: Core, Human Resources Scoped App: Service Portal Assignment rules are changed incorrectly and thus cases are assigned to wrong groups Assignment rules are changed incorrectly, resulting in new cases being assigned to groups that are supposed to be inactive. Users have to deactivate assignment groups and edit assignment rules manually.




LDAP AuthenticationException errors are not captured in system logs LDAP error code messages are not captured in the syslog table.
  1. Open an instance that has LDAP authentication set up.
  2. Navigate to <yourinstancename>
  3. Enter a username and an incorrect password.
  4. Check the LDAP logs.

Note that the LDAP: error code 49 message is not displayed.

Incident Management



Incident Cleanup of resolved/closed-related fields causes data loss for users who customized the incident state

A business rule was introduced to clean up the resolved/closed-related fields when the incident state changes and the new state is not resolved or closed. This business rule relies on the Resolved Closed and Canceled incident states to specify under which conditions the business rule should run. However, if the customer customized the incident states, the rule will be triggered unexpectedly, cleaning up the resolved/closed-related fields when it should not.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Knowledge Management


Knowledge Management V3 The ESS knowledge portal has only 20 categories displayed Knowledge article content can be truncated because users cannot resize the content block based on the page that is loaded.

Knowledge Management



com.snc.knowledge3, I18N: Knowledge Management Internationalization Plugin v2 Allow all forms of search to return knowledge articles irrespective of language as long as there is a keyword match in that language
  1. Ensure that the following plugins are active:
    • I18N: Internationalization
    • I18N: Brazilian Portuguese Translations
  2. Create an article with the word "SSH" in English.
  3. Create an article with word "SSH" in Brazil.
  4. Search for "SSH" to find articles that relate to SSH.

Note that the search does not return both Brazilian and English articles.

Knowledge Management



Knowledge Management V3 When High Security Settings is not active, the import on the knowledge home does not take in any input
  1. Navigate to Knowledge > Homepage.
  2. Select Import.
  3. Click the link + To select word files.

The pop-up window to choose word files for import is not shown.

MID Server



Discovery attempts to use private key strings for password authentication

This issue occurs for users who have a CyberArk SSH Private Key discovery credential. The MID Server sends it to SSH devices which do not support SSH private key authentication, and it is also sent to SSH devices which support private key authentication, even though the key is incorrect for that device. If the device supports password or keyboard-interactive SSH authentication, the MID Server incorrectly attempts to authenticate while using the private key string as the password.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

MID Server


MID Server CIM threads are cancelled upon Apache HTTP CimIQL shutdown After running many CIM discoveries, CIM threads on the MID Server can get cancelled. Additional CIM discoveries lead to more thread creations and more threads that are cancelled. The MID Server eventually needs to be restarted.



Notify The kick action in Notify/Twilio does not log the participant's duration after removing them from the conference call
  1. Create a conference call with more than 2 users.
  2. Use the 'kick' option to remove a participant.

The participant is removed from the conference but the participant's duration on the conference call is not logged.




Published activities moved through an update set do not show up on the activity designer/workflow editor When the custom workflow activity is published more than once and transferred through the update set, the activity does not show up in the workflow editor because the publish field is set to "false".
  1. Create an update set.
  2. Create an activity, publish it, check out again, and publish.
  3. Close update set, moved it to another instance, and commit.

The activity does not show up in the workflow editor's custom tab.



Operating system (OS) patching sometimes exposes LVM config problems and makes the storage volume unavailable to OS

Performance Analytics Application


Migration does not start and keeps printing warning messages Migration is not running, and keeps printing messages "One of data collector, collection cleaner or scoresheet edit is running, migration job will check after 5 minutes" every 5 minutes.

Performance Analytics



Dashboard breaks on loading with a browser console error Dashboard breaks on loading with a browser console error: "TypeError: SNC.canvas is undefined" when user returns as NULL based on a pa_dashboards_permissions record.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Performance Analytics


High memory usage on the browser side Memory is not cleared when users open tabs in dashboards using the Chrome browser.

Performance Analytics



In Internet Explorer 11, parts of time series and breakdown widgets do not render properly In Internet Explorer 11, time series values lower than 0 disappear. Additionally, resizing a breakdown widget causes blank spaces to appear.

Time series widget

  1. Create a time series widget.
  2. For the indicator displayed in the widget, set the scores to 1,0,1,0,1,0,0.
  3. Add the widget to a dashboard and view the dashboard in Internet Explorer 11.

    The 0 values do not render correctly.

Breakdown widget

  1. Create a breakdown widget with the Stacked Column visualization.
  2. Add the widget to a dashboard and view the dashboard in Internet Explorer 11.
  3. Hide the left-side application navigator panel.

Note the blank spaces added to the chart.

Performance Analytics


Display problem with the bar graphs Charts render a few millimeters above the axis line.



Rollback does not remove sys_documentation records



Adding an index (sys_domain_path, sys_id) should be ignored if an index (sys_domain_path) already exists

Project Management


The planning console breaks if the value for the property glide.invalid_query.returns_no_rows is set to true When a property glide.invalid_query.returns_no_rows is created and the value is set to 'true', the project planning console does not open.




System Import Sets PDF export can cause out of memory within OOB constraints for rows and columns (glide.pdf.max_rows, glide.pdf.max_columns) Exporting a report to PDF can cause an out of memory issue when the PDF has many rows. This is often in combination with large text columns. When this problem occurs, the base system constraints that are handled by the following system properties have not been changed:
  • glide.pdf.max_rows
  • glide.pdf.max_columns

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.




Drilldown to list is broken for Speedometer and Dial report types when a table is used as the report source
  1. Navigate to Report > Create new.
  2. Create a report on the Incident table using the speedometer report type.
  3. Click Save to generate the report.
  4. Click a data point to drill down to the list view.

Instead of displaying a list of related information, no list is displayed.

Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets


If a catalog item contains a select box with recurring prices, the selection change does not reflect the correct price in Service Portal When the price of a catalog item is a multiple-choice variable, the price is always the last option in the choices defined.

Service Catalog



Order is not properly set for variable sets when applied to an order guide in a record producer Attaching a record producer with a variable set to an order guide does not set the expected order for variables. This inconsistency is displayed in question_answer and when viewing the variables through the variable editor.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Service Management Designer


Service Management Core Service Management template does not apply to records produced via the Service Portal

Service Management templates associated to a record producer's model do not seem to be applying to HR cases that are completed via the Service Portal.

Service Mapping


Nslookup on Windows machine may return unpredictable results in case of DNS cluster The expected result is creating a connection for each of the DNS cluster's endpoints (4 in total). But the MID Server does not create these connections properly, due to the format of the response that is returned from the nslookup command (this CI is on Windows Server).

ServiceNow Store Site


Issue with UTF-8 support to upload files After an app is uploaded, the app title shows up as '???' if it contains Japanese characters.

Service Portal


The choices list results are not translated The options section of the 'Ticket Fields' widget does not show the translated version of the text for the select box choices.

Service Portal


The API getKBCategoryArticles no longer works in widgets The API getKBCategoryArticles to list KB categories is not available and users should use getKBCategoryArticleSummaries.

Service Portal


html_template and script fields with 4000 character limit truncate OOB data that exceeds that length in Oracle On normal MySQL instances, the scripts work as expected. However, on Oracle, users experience problems from time to time with OOB scripts to be longer than 4000 characters on a 4000 characters field. The scripts are cut in half and do not work.

Service Portal


Service Portal Configuration Pages When users cannot delete attachments, branding editor gets stuck loading Branding editor is stuck loading until the transaction times out, then the branding editor appears.

Service Portal


Due to the sp_ng_template script limit in Oracle instances, larger templates code gets truncated In the search results page, the results are showing code snippets for the article metadata.

Survey Management


Service Portal Surveys When a survey question is answered in Japanese, the characters are getting converted to some incorrect values
  1. Assign the survey "Helpdesk Satisfaction Survey" to a user.
  2. Get the survey URL from the assessment created and impersonate that user to take the survey.
  3. Take the survey and enter the text in Japanese on the string field. For example:


  4. Submit the survey and open the completed assessment instance record as an admin user.
  5. Click the related link to user's response.

The text is broken for the question "Tell us what you think about IT and what you want or need."

System Applications


Slush bucket does not work as expected Users are intermittently unable to add items from the 'Available' to 'Selected' columns in slushbuckets.

UI Components


TinyMCE HTML Field Editor Two forward slashes are found in the TinyMCE URL The TinyMCE Editor is missing in the knowledge records, which is caused by the double slashes in the TinyMCE URL.

Visual Task Boards


Visual Task Boards, NG shared components Unable to drag and drop additional assignee on VTB cards on mobile devices

When viewing VTBs on a desktop, users can drag and drop avatars over cards. Doing so allows users to select the primary or an additional drop zone.

However, if the VTB is viewed on UI16 on a mobile device (iPad or mobile phone), then the option to drag avatars to the primary or additional drop zone is not available. Users are always set as the primary.

  1. Navigate to Visual Task Boards.
  2. Open a VTB.
  3. To add users as primary and additional assignees, try to drag and drop more than one user onto the task card.

The user is unable to drag and drop additional assignees. On mobile, users are only able to drag and drop for the primary assignee.

Vulnerability Response


Vulnerability Response Vulnerability Response plugin activation does not complete due to an error on the index creation The Vulnerability Response plugin activation fails and gets stuck on the screen. This is caused by the failure of the index creation (on table: sn_vul_vulnerable_item, field: vulnerability).

Vulnerability Response


Vulnerability Response Vulnerability Groups with a filter type of 'Condition' or 'Filter Group' may cause Vulnerability Inserts and Updates to slow down exponentially
  1. Load a system with Vulnerabilities and Vulnerable Items.
  2. Test the performance of an import of a known size.
  3. Create several Vulnerability Groups with a filter type that is not Vulnerability.
  4. Retest the import's performance.

Vulnerability Response


Vulnerability Response Vulnerability item 'desired_state' is undefined in Internet Explorer, but works fine in Chrome
  1. In IE, navigate to the Vulnerability Item.
  2. Click Close/Ignore.
  3. Fill out the state as 'Fixed'.
  4. Select the 'Fixed' substate.

Expected behavior: Two radio buttons should appear under the substate field and users should be able to choose a closing option.

Actual behavior: Radio buttons do not appear on the form and an error is displayed in the console. However, it works fine in Chrome.

Vulnerability Response


Vulnerability Response, Qualys Vulnerability Integration Qualys Appliance Import ignores new records and matches the incorrect CI when multiple IPs are involved



Generate tasks activity is not working as expected The 'generate tasks activity' does not work as expected in normal and standard workflows. The activity does not work unless a user deleted and adds the activity again.



Generate activity does not generate approvals from the Approval Coordinator activity



The original fix script fails to remove "|" pipes from the workflow sequence fields The original script queried for the records with a CONTAINS "|", which results in any CONTAINS "|" query to fail. No rows get returned and the pipes are not removed.



Variables on the Catalog task activity are not sorted in alphabetical order

In the Workflow Editor, The variables in the 'Variables on Task Form' slushbuckets on the Catalog task activity is not sorted by the variable name.

Thus, users cannot find a variable if the number of variables in the list is long.



The Stage field is empty in the list view with domain separation enabled wf_stage has a domain_master attribute pointing to wf_workflow_version. For different domain users, they see an empty stage in the activity_stage field on the workflow version.

Fixes included with Istanbul Patch 10

* Unless any exceptions are noted, you can safely upgrade to this release version from any of the versions listed below. These prior versions contain PRB fixes that are also included with this release. Be sure to upgrade to the latest listed patch that includes all of the PRB fixes you are interested in.