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Istanbul Patch 1

Istanbul Patch 1

The Istanbul Patch 1 release contains fixes to these problems.

Istanbul Patch 1 was released on January 13, 2017.
Build date: 01-11-2017_1845
Build tag: glide-istanbul-09-23-2016__patch1-12-07-2016

For more information about how to upgrade an instance, refer to Upgrade to Istanbul.

For more information about the release cycle, see the ServiceNow Release Cycle. For a downloadable, sortable version of Istanbul fixed problems, see KB0598935.
Note: This version is approved for FedRAMP.

Security-related Fixes

Istanbul Patch 1 includes fixes for security-related problems that affected certain applications and the ServiceNow platform. We recommend that customers upgrade to this release for the most secure and up-to-date ServiceNow features. For more details on security problems fixed in Istanbul Patch 1, refer to KB0598954.

Notable Fixes

The following problems and their fixes are ordered by potential impact to customers, starting with the most significant fixes.
Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce

Performance Analytics



In the PA module, deleting one record in specific tables from the list drop-down deletes all of the table's records

ServiceNow has identified a potential issue that may cause data loss in the Performance Analytics data tables. When a user attempts to manually delete a record using the list drop-down, the action triggered uses an incorrect primary key, causing the action to execute the delete against all records in the table.

This issue is only present in instances that are created new and configured for Istanbul Patch 0. If an instance is upgraded to Istanbul from a prior release family, it is not at risk.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

User Interface (UI)



IE11: Applying a Microsoft MS16-084 critical patch breaks URLs containing JavaScript calls

After installing the MS16-084 patch, if you access a Fuji, Geneva, Helsinki instance using Internet Explorer 11 and try to apply a template to a record, the pop-up window for selecting templates is blank. The changes to the security settings are blocking any URLs which contain a javascript() function call.

For more information, see Microsoft Security Bulletin MS16-084.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Cloud Management Application



Amazon Web Services (AWS) describeImages probes can cause nodes to run out of memory when processed

Nodes that have excessive memory usage are experiencing performance degradation.

This issue affects users who are running Discovery schedules for Amazon Web Services (AWS) accounts.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

User Interface (UI)



Editing a report definition and expanding child tables is slow and delayed When creating or editing a report, dot walking into fields in the cmdb_ci table produces long waits and, at times, browser errors.

Perform the following steps using the Chrome browser.

  1. In the Application Navigator, type sys_properties.list in the Filter navigator text box and press enter or return on your keyboard.
  2. Find and open the record for the property named glide.ui.list.allow_extended_fields.
  3. Set the Value to true.
  4. Click Update.
  5. Navigate to Reports > Create New.
  6. Set the Table to CI Relationship (cmdb_rel_ci).
  7. In the Available column, click Parent [+].
  8. Click the + button between the columns (slushbuckets) to expand the column and view dot-walked fields.

A Chrome browser error appears asking you to 'kill' or 'wait' for the transaction to complete. If you wait, the fields become visible for editing.

User Interface (UI)



HTML fields do not render content when dot-walked to other records When dot-walking to an HTML field on a form, the TinyMCE container and HTML text do not appear. Only the field label and the icons to expand(+)/collapse(-) the field appear.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.




Published version of workflow included with plugins reverts to OOB version The published version of workflows is reverted to the OOB version, and user data is being overwritten.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

All Other Fixes

Problem category Affected plugins Short description Description Steps to reproduce

Asynchronous Message Bus


AMBClient disconnect does not have a timeout and waits indefinitely

Asynchronous Message Bus


'TypeError: n.resubscribe is not a function' after performing Source Control operation in Studio After performing certain source control operations in Studio, the following console error is thrown: 'TypeError: n.resubscribe is not a function'. This causes AMB to break in Studio.

From Studio:

  1. Link an app to source control or import an application (i.e. another source control operation).
  2. Create a branch (this is only one example).
The error 'TypeError: n.resubscribe is not a function' can be seen in the browser console, and AMB breaks in Studio.
Note: A manual browser refresh will resolve the issue.

Asynchronous Message Bus


Reliability improvements This PRB fix is a general reliability fix for the Message Bus implementation.

Automated Test Framework


Test should cancel if user deletes test result record, otherwise no other tests can run for 10 min default timeout

If the Automated Test Framework client stops reporting progress - for example, if the user closes the client test runner page during a test or if the client freezes - the test execution framework will wait the full timeout duration for a response. The default timeout duration is of 10 minutes. During this time, the test designer will be unable to start a new test unless the user goes to the Test Run Queue, uses the Show Progress UI Action, and then cancels the prior test's progress.

If the user deletes the test result record in hopes of canceling the test, they will no longer be able to access the progress worker and will have to wait for the full timeout to start a new test.

In an Istanbul instance:

  1. Navigate to Automated Testing Framework > Test > Basic UI Test.
  2. Run this test and open the client test runner if it is not already opened.
  3. Once the client picks up the test, immediately close the client test runner page.

    The test execution framework will wait in a loop for a response from the now defunct client.

  4. Navigate to Automated Testing Framework > Run > Test Run Queue.
  5. Delete the test result record that has the Running status.
  6. Go back to step 1 and try to run the test again.

Expected behavior: The test worker starts up the test successfully, because the previous test stopped attempting to report progress to a nonexistent Test result record and canceled test execution.

Actual behavior: The test worker reports that a test is still running, and it links the user to the Test Run Queue, where there are no "Running" Test result records.

Change Management



Change Management - Standard Change Catalog In a standard change catalog, an equals sign in template values produces an error message If a mandatory field for the submission of a standard template contains an equals sign (=), the test for the field fails with the error message ""Change Request values" have not been provided: Short description, Description, Implementation plan." The field is read as though it does not contain a value even if there are values present along with the equals sign.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Change Management


Change Management - Core, Change Request "Affected CI's" related list on Incident form triggers a warning on the logs

For a base system with the related list CIs Affected [task_ci] added to the Incident Form, each time the incident is loaded and there is a CI on the list of Affected CIs, the following warning message appears in the logs:

"WARNING *** WARNING *** *** Script [ChangeProposed]: [init] Unknown parameter passed in: [object GlideRecord]"

  1. Open an incident form record.
  2. Add the Affected CIs related list to the form.
  3. Add a CI.
  4. Save the record and copy the URL.
  5. Navigate to System Logs > Utilities > Node Log File Tailer.
  6. Open a new tab, paste the URL that you copied in step 4, and open the URL.
  7. Navigate to the Node log file tailer.

In the logs, the following error message appears:

*** Script [ChangeProposed]: [init] Unknown parameter passed in: [object GlideRecord]

Change Management Risk Assessment



Change Management - Risk Assessment Change Risk Assessment popup on submit is not being saved correctly

This issue can only be reproduced in Windows 7 (32 bit) and Chrome 54.

When a change's risk assessment is filled in and submitted, and the user views the record in the Risk Assessment related list, there is no Completed by or date stored. When a user tries to execute Risk Assessment, it errors out with a message saying the Risk Assessment must be completed.

The Istanbul Patch 1 fix for PRB723003 also includes a fix for PRB726440.


  • Ensure you are using a 32 bit Windows 7 VM:
  • Download Windows 7 and install as 32bit on VMware fusion here.

Steps to reproduce

In a Geneva instance:

  1. Install the 'Change Management - Risk Assessment' plugin with demo data.
  2. Set the form to load related lists on demand.
  3. Create a Change record with category Software and click Submit.
  4. Click Fill Out Risk Assessment.
  5. Fill in the survey and click Submit.
  6. Load the related lists to see the Risk Assessment list.

    See that the record is there; however, no "Completed by" or "Completed date" is populated.

  7. Click Execute Risk Assessment.

Note the message "A risk assessment is required..."



Legacy chat - 'invite user' notification alert only works if the browser is refreshed When using the 'invite user' feature in Geneva, the alert notification does not work for legacy chat.
  1. Activate the Chat plugin.
  2. Open 3 different internet browsers.
    • Browser 1: Impersonate Beth Anglin and navigate to
    • Browser 2: Impersonate David Loo and navigate to
    • Browser 3: Impersonate Abel Tuter and navigate to ess and click Service Desk Chat.
  3. Send a test message.
  4. As Beth Anglin, click Answer to start the chat with Abel Tuter.
  5. As Beth Anglin, click on the cog wheel and select Invite user.
  6. Invite David Loo.

    In David Loo's chat_desktop screen, no alert notifications are visible.

  7. Refresh the David Loo's browser window.

    The notification is now visible.

Perform the same steps in a Fuji instance. Alert notifications work as expected.



Connect, Connect Support $ breaks out of frame in Helsinki In Geneva instances, navigating to $ opens the page in the frame if launched from a module or the app navigator search bar. In Helsinki instances, the page briefly opens in the frame but then breaks out of the frame.
  1. Enable Connect Support.
  2. In type filter text, type $ and press enter.

Expected behavior: The page opens in frame.

Actual behavior: The page opens in frame then breaks out.



Connect Users without the admin role do not see incoming transfer requests
  1. Log in as two agents, both without the admin role.
  2. As agent A, accept an incoming support request.
  3. Transfer the request to agent B.

Expected behavior: When an agent has an incoming transfer, they should be notified.

Actual behavior: Agent B is not notified of the transfer.



Connect, Connect Support, NG shared components Using 'Chat Live with Support' on the iOS mobile app causes user messages to be erased as they type

Using the iOS mobile app:

  1. Navigate to Service Portal > Home.
  2. Hit the Menu button in the top right and tap Chat Live with Support.
  3. Send the first question in the chat.
  4. Then, starting typing and sending messages.

Eventually, messages will begin to get erased as you type. For example, if you start typing "test test test", suddenly you will be typing in an empty text field.




Wait time is not displayed in legacy chat window When an end user initiates the chat, the displayed message is: "You are currently in position 1 in the queue. Your approximate wait time is 7 Seconds." However, this message is not displayed when using legacy chat.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Cloud Management Application


Not able to use req_item.variables in condition builder The Variables option does not appear in the Conditions on request item field when creating a provisioning rule.



IE OutOfMemory issue when there are multiple duplicate records

Contextual Search


Contextual Search Contextual search not working on UI11
  1. Log in as admin.
  2. Switch to UI15.
  3. Go to sys_properties.list and set 'glide.ui.doctype' to false. This will enable UI11.
  4. Log out and log back in as admin.
  5. Open any incident form and type email in the short description.

Expected behavior: The user sees some search results.

Actual behavior: There are no search results. When the JavaScript console is opened, the user will see: "$j is not defined"



When looking up credentials by IP address in CyberArk, the lookup fails if the IP address is a substring of another IP address

In the CyberArk integration, if no credential ID is provided or cannot be found, the system attempts to look up the credential by IP address. If the IP address is a substring of another, the lookup fails.

For example, if the system attempts to find credential for, and the address also exists in CyberArk, the lookup fails. This is a CyberArk limitation.

Edge Encryption



Three known use cases can cause false Edge Encryption proxy outage alerts Three known use cases can cause false Edge Encryption proxy outage alerts. In each case, the string "No Edge Encryption proxy online" appears in the instance logs, which triggers the outage alert.

These three use cases can cause false outages:

  • A proxy starts up for the first time (Intermittent). When a brand new proxy connects to a freshly zbooted instance, it takes some time to start up after its registration, which can sometimes exceed the default 25-second outage time.
  • GlideCacheManager.invalidate() is called by a script.
  • An operation like upgrade script flushes the glide cache.

Edge Encryption


HTTP response code 504 and cross origin errors recorded when connecting through the Edge Encryption proxy When browsing through the Edge Encryption proxy, the browser records HTTP 504 response codes and CORS errors. The issue affects using POSTing records to the instance and clients using .NET as a source library.
  1. Connect to an instance through an Edge Encryption proxy.
  2. View the browser developer tools.

Note that there are occasional HTTP 504 response codes for presence calls: /amb/connect. They also contain occasional CORS errors.

Edge Encryption


List view of large tables (11M+ records) via proxy results in 504 gateway timeout error When viewing large tables via proxy (e.g. a table that has more than 11 million records), the user receives a 504 gateway timeout error. Navigating to this same list view directly through the instance works as expected.

In Chrome:

  1. Set up and register a proxy for an instance that has large tables (e.g. more than 11 million records).
  2. Via the instance, open task.list.

    This works as expected and will show you the total number of records (e.g. total of 11,107,452 records).

  3. On the proxy, open Developer Tools > Console in Chrome.
  4. Via the proxy, open task.list.

Expected result: task.list should render correctly when used via the proxy.

Actual result: The task list is not rendered, and the user sees an iframe with an empty <body>. The following error messages appears in the console:

"https://<name-of-instance>/ Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 504 (Gateway Timeout)"

Event Management


When drilling down from EM dashboard, Service Map displays very slowly Service Maps load very slowly when they are accessed via drill down from the Event Management Dashboard.
  1. Navigate to Events Management > Dashboard > drill down to a service that has a big hierarchy of CIs.
  2. Change the time in time bar (i.e. slide the pointer).

The tree is refreshed within 10-20 seconds instead of being refreshed immediately.

Financial Management


Financial Management Controlled aggregates should not contain sub-bucket and Weight Map generation should be Asynchronous
  • Sub-buckets should not be present in controlled aggregates, as these defeat the purpose of the controlled aggregate.
  • Weight Map generation intermittently fails for large accounts because it is a synchronous call. It should be converted to an asynchronous call.

Financial Management


Project Portfolio Suite with Financials 'Budget cost' field does not roll up the cost after making changes under Project Budget (related list)

The 'Budget cost' field is in the 'Financials' related list. This field is automatically populated from the project budget breakdowns in the cost plan breakdown table. When project funds are allocated for a fiscal year, the cost plan breakdown stores the budget allocation for each fiscal period. These amounts are rolled up and stored in the budget cost.

However, on some instances, the budget field behaves differently. It does not roll up the cost after any changes are made under the project budget.

In a Helsinki instance:

  1. Create any project, providing all necessary fields.
  2. Create a Cost plan for the cost project and save it, which loads the cost breakdown related list immediately.
  3. Create a Project budget.
  4. Make some changes to the Project budget.

Expected behavior: Amounts should be rolled up and stored in the budget cost.

Actual behavior: Changes made to the project budget will change the Budget field value under cost plan. However, it does not update the value for field 'Budget cost' under 'Financials'.

HR Service Management


Human Resources Scoped App: Core, Human Resources Scoped App: Service Portal Some task types are missing icon for task to-do UI page
  1. Install HR scoped plugins.
  2. Create a HR case opened for Abel Tuter.
  3. Create tasks of type HR service and assign them all to Abel.
  4. Mark them when done in the service catalog and put them in work in progress state.
  5. Now log in as Abel Tuter, navigate to My requests, and open the HR case you created.
  6. Click Click here to respond.

Notice that icons are missing for the created tasks, and there is no way to complete the tasks because they are stuck in the 'work in progress' state.

HR Service Management


Workday field maps are lost on upgrade from Geneva to Helsinki Workday sync creates the sys_user record as expected, with a user's first and last name. However, the corresponding hr_profile is missing the first and last name. Inspecting the XML for the hr_profile record shows that the fields exist, but they are not populated.

HR Service Management


HR category records (hr_category) are updated after patching from Helsinki Patch 2 to Helsinki Patch 3 After patching from Helsinki Patch 2 to Helsinki Patch 3, customized HR Category records (hr_category) are updated back to an out of box state.

In a Helsinki Patch 2 instance:

  1. Go to the hr_category list and open the record named Employee Relations.
  2. Change the field Active = true and remove the template from the Template field.
  3. Upgrade the instance to Helsinki Patch 3.
  4. In the Helsinki Patch 3 instance, open the Employee Relations category record.

Note you will see Active = false, and the template has been added back.

HR Service Management


Human Resources Scoped App: Core HR links are not displayed in Service Portal when the start or end dates are set to the current date In Service Portal, HR links under Information and Suggested Reading categories are not displayed when the start date or end date is set to the current date. This occurs in the HR Criteria for links.

In the HR Service Portal as an admin user:

  1. Navigate to HR Criteria > New.
  2. Enter the name and description. Save.
  3. Once the criteria is created, click New under conditions to add a new condition.
  4. Enter a name and the following details:
    • Table = HR profile
    • Condition = Field: "home phone", Oper: "is not empty"
    • Save.
  5. Navigate to HR links > New.
  6. Click on search for HR links and select an existing link or create a new one.
  7. Select the HR criteria that you created above. Save.
  8. For the HR link, set the start date to today and save.
  9. Navigate to HR profiles. Select Abel Tuter, assign a home phone number in Contacts, and save.
  10. Log in as Abel Tuter and navigate to the Service Portal. The link is not displayed.
  11. As HR admin, choose any date in the past for the HR link's start date, and set the end date to today.

Note that Abel Tuter cannot see the link in service portal. HR links and HR criteria work as expected when the start or end date is not the current date.

Import / Export



Journal fields "Additional comments" and "Work notes" cannot be exported in report When you try to export the incident_sla report in Excel, all columns except the journal fields "Additional comments" and "Work notes" are downloaded.
  1. Go to incident_sla.list and select any Incident.
  2. Add a comment to the incident to ensure that one of the Incidents in the report has a comment.
  3. Create a list report for the table incident_sla.
  4. Add the Task.Additional Comments and Task.Work Notes to the columns list.
  5. Run the report and export the list to a csv, excel, or pdf file.

Notice that the journal fields Additional comments and Work notes are not being exported.

Knowledge Management


Bullet number format is not retained after importing article into knowledge portal After an article is imported into the knowledge portal, numbering restarts in the numbered list.
  1. Navigate to Knowledge.
  2. Click Import Articles.
  3. Click and drag a Word file into the dialog box.
  4. Fill in the Knowledge base and Category.
  5. Click Import.

    The file imports and the article is displayed.

In the KB content, numbering restarts in the numbered list.

Knowledge Management



Images are lost after importing Word article through Knowledge portal
  1. Navigate to Knowledge > Homepage.
  2. Click the Import Articles button.
  3. Click Click to select and and choose the Word document.
  4. At the prompt, identify the location of the article.
  5. Choose a Knowledge Base and click Import.

Note that although no error message appears, images in the article do not appear.

Knowledge Management


When importing MS Word doc into Knowledge, some formatting is lost (color and center alignment) PRB667232 addressed several formatting issues in Helsinki Patch 1, but there are still some formatting issues when importing a Microsoft Word Document into Knowledge. The problematic formats are color font and center alignment.
  1. Log in to a Helsinki Patch 1 instance as admin.
  2. Navigate to Self-Service > Knowledge > Import Articles.
  3. Upload a Word file that contains colored text and center alignment.
  4. Select the knowledge base IT and click Import.
  5. View the article.

The word document has lost its text color and middle alignment.

Language and Translations


Add language translations for Istanbul This PRB adds language translations for various products to Istanbul.



In List v2 and v3, there are different selections for the "is more than" and "is less than" filter operators

A user can create an "is more than" or "is less than" condition, such as the following: [Opened] [is more than] [x days before] [Updated]

The following units of time are available to select in both List v2 and v3: Hours, Days, Months, Quarters, Years. However, there are some discrepancies between List v2 and v3.
  • The option "Weeks" is available in v2, but not v3.
  • The option "Minutes" is available in v3, but not v2.
  1. Navigate to the Incident list in List v3.
  2. Create the following condition in the filter: [Opened] [is more than] [x days before] [Updated].
  3. In a different window, open the Incident list in List v2.
  4. Create the same condition in the filter.
  5. Compare the units of time you can select in each list version.

Note that "Weeks" and "Minutes" are not available in both versions.




Switching between date comparison filters does not add a condition to the query string Sometimes the condition builder omits conditions where the 'is less than' operator is changed to 'is greater than'.
  1. Ensure that List v3 is enabled on the incident table.
  2. Navigate to
  3. Add the following condition: [Created] [is less than] [3 Hours before] [Activity Due].
  4. Run the query.
  5. Change the 'is less than' to 'is greater than'.
  6. Run the query.

Note that no condition is added to the query.



If database column is dropped by dictionary entry is active, filter/metadata service does not return data for that entire table




In List v3, you cannot select the Keywords field in a condition after you have selected a different field When you open the List v3 filter interface on an unfiltered list, the default condition is to search for Keywords. You can change this condition by selecting a different field to filter on instead. However, in List v3, you cannot change back to the Keywords option again.
  1. With List v3 enabled, navigate to
  2. Open the condition builder and note that the Keywords field is selected by default.
  3. Change the default condition to anything other than the Keywords field, for example, select Assigned to.
  4. Try to change the field back to Keywords again.

Note that the field does not change back to Keywords.




When adding a sort and building a related list query condition are done in a specific order, the list query becomes malformed A malformed query string is generated when a sort is added from the list header before the related list query is added.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.




Removing OR condition in a filter results in empty value for a condition Removing an OR condition in the condition builder can potentially corrupt other filter conditions.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.



List v3 Components In List v3, the column header bar does not lock at the top of the list when you scroll down The column header bar should stay visible at the top of the list when a user scrolls down. In List v3, this does not happen.
  1. Navigate to a v3 list.
  2. Scroll down in the list.

Note that the column header disappears when you scroll past it.

Live Feed



Requests to /api/now/live_feed/conversations are slow if a user is a member of many conversations The issue is more visible for the users who have around 100 records in live_group_profile and live_group_member tables, where it may take 20-30 seconds for live feed to load.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.



User unable to create new incident or change request on mobile interface for both Express and Enterprise This issue occurs if the "Audit History" and "Incidents by same caller" related lists are enabled.
  1. On the Incident form, configure the related lists to include the Incidents by Same Caller or the Audit History related lists.
  2. Navigate to $
  3. From the navigator, tap on the Create New module under the Incident application.

Expected behavior: The user should be taken to the 'create new incident' form.

Actual behavior: The user is taken back to the home screen, and they receive a 500 error.



Rollbacks can take longer to complete than expected The fix for this PRB improves upgrade rollback performance by optimizing the rollback duration.

Platform Performance


After upgrading to Helsinki, downloading attachments is slower than in Fuji In Helsinki instances, users are experiencing downloads that are 2-3 times slower than they were in Fuji.

Platform Security


Intermittently, the session domain marker is not set properly Under certain circumstances, the session domain marker is not set properly.

Project Management


Project Management When importing a MS project file, users are unable to import into an existing project When importing a MS project file, users are unable to import an existing project. Upon clicking the magnifying glass to choose an existing project, the list is blank.
  1. Navigate to Project > Administration > Import Project.
  2. Click the magnifying glass on the '(Optional) Choose an existing project to import into' field.

    Notice the search comes back empty.

  3. Click New at the top of the form.
  4. Create a test Project.
  5. Repeat steps 1 and 2.

Notice the search still comes back empty.

Project Management


Assigned To reference icon in Scrum Tasks (rm_scrum_task) form returns no rows when Scrum Story has Project but no Team selected for the Story SDLC Scrum Task form has a bug where it does not return any values in the Assigned To reference popup when the associated story for the scrum task has a value selected for Project but no value for Team selected. Make sure all of the Project, Portfolio, and SDLC Scrum plugins are installed.
  1. Create a new Story with a value for Project selected but no Team selected within the Story. Or, select any existing such record.
  2. Create a new Scrum Task for the story, or if one exists, open it.
  3. Click the Assigned to reference popup for the field.
Note it comes up with no values.

Record Certification


Certification Core After Helsinki upgrade, users receive roles that were previously removed from the ITIL containing role After an upgrade to Helsinki, deleted relationships between roles resurface.

In a Geneva instance:

  1. Install the Architecture Compliance plugin.
  2. Verify ITIL role is added with another inherited role: Certification.
  3. Delete this relationship.
  4. Schedule an upgrade to Helsinki.

After the Helsinki upgrade, this deleted role will be seen with the ITIL role.



stackBy field disappears in dropdown for the report added to homepage/dashboard If a user adds a report with a stackBy field to a homepage/dashboard and changes stackBy to '--None', the stackBy option is selected before it disappears from the dropdown.
  1. Create a Bar report on Incident table with:
    • groupBy: Active
    • additional groupBy: Assigned to
    • stackBy: Assignment group
  2. Use the chart color field as color palette.
  3. Save the report and add it to a homepage/dashboard.
  4. On the report that you added to the homepage/dashboard, change the stackBy value to None in the dropdown.

Notice that 'Assignment group' is no longer available in the stackBy and groupBy field to apply on the report. This issue only occurs on homepages and dashboards.



When using the MAP type, incorrect data and indexes can result in performance issues
This issue affects users who have a database with large amounts of data containing:
  • invalid location fields
  • mapping that does not have the same literals for countries

Resource Management


Resource workbench does not respond when there is a large number of overlapping resource plans When there are many overlapping resource plans, the workbench takes a long time to load and becomes unresponsive.
  1. Create a large number of resource plans (around 70) for a single group with overlapping durations in a single year.
  2. Navigate to the Resource Workbench.
  3. Select Group and choose the group for which resource plans were created.

Notice that it takes more than 15 seconds to load the workbench, and after that the page goes unresponsive.

Security Applications


Security Incident Response PIR renders data in unreadable format The PIR does not render data correctly - the data is there, but it is not formatted correctly.
  1. Install the Security Incident Response plugin.
  2. Go to an open security incident or create one.
  3. Move the state to Review.
  4. Impersonate the 'Request Assessments' user.
  5. Go to My Assessments and Surveys, where you should see one for the incident you just moved to review. Complete it.
  6. Log back in as system administrator and go to the security incident.
  7. Go to Post-Incident Review.

Notice the report's summary contains unreadable, unformatted text.

Security Incident Response


Security Incident Response PDF generation can fail for Security Incident Response PIR

Service Catalog



Record producer variables are returning "undefined" instead of an empty string When a record producer with a variable of type Yes/No or Multiple Choice with 'none' included is used to produce a record, the variable returns "undefined" instead of an empty string.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Service Catalog


Excessive memory utilization from shared cache due to catalog item categories

Service Level Agreement (SLA)



When the system property 'com.snc.sla.run_old_sla_engine' is set to false, the made_sla field is still being updated by the Escalation engine

When the system property 'com.snc.sla.run_old_sla_engine' is set to false, it should stop any processing of the legacy Service Level Agreement records by the Escalation engine.

However, the Made SLA field is still being updated when a task goes inactive (typically when it is set to a state of Closed) if the task has exceeded the threshold defined on any matching Service Level Agreement records. This can lead to confusion with the Task SLA records that are generated by the 2010/2011 SLA engine.
Note: The Made SLA field is no longer used and should be ignored if you are using Task SLA records. Each individual Task SLA record indicates if it has breached or not.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Service Mapping


"Floating" CI's with no relation to any Entry point in a BS When a user modifies the DNS name and the user manually adds a connection to the old DNS name, the result is a floating DNS cluster that is not connected to the business service.

Service Portal



SCSS Bootstrap Theme Fonts and glyph icons do not display as expected in Helsinki Service Portal: Fonts and glyph icons in .woff2 font file resource in /sp-fonts folder cannot be found on instances upgraded to Helsinki.

To determine whether an instance is affected:

  1. Navigate to System Definition > Plugins and activate the Service Portal plugin.
  2. Open a browser window to a Service Portal (for example, /sp).

If the browser throws a 404 error failing to download /sp-fonts/glyphicons-halflings-regular.woff2, the instance is affected.

Service Portal



NG shared components On Service Portal, files larger than 25mb cannot be uploaded and no error message is displayed

The issue occurs in Service Portal and HR Service Portal. When trying to add an attachment to HR Case or any form on Service Portal, if the file is larger than 25mb, the upload does not work or even start. However, for smaller-sized attachments, the upload works correctly.

When the issue occurs, no message is displayed explaining the limitation. Note that outside the Service Portal, it is possible to upload an attachment of any size (default 1024mb) in HR Case form.

  1. Navigate to System Definition > Plugins.
  2. Find and open the record for Human Resources Application: Service Portal.
  3. Under Related Links, click Activate/Upgrade.
  4. Click Activate.
  5. When the activation process is complete, click View Plugin List.
  6. Navigate to HR - Case Management > HR Service Portal.
  7. Under Browse HR Service Catalog, click General Inquiries.
  8. Click General Inquiries.
  9. In What is your question, type some text.
  10. Add an attachment larger than 25mb.

Note that no file is uploaded and no error message is displayed.

Service Portal


Human Resources Application: Core When a user creates a HR Case from the HR Service Portal, the 'is_catalog' field is not set to 'true' In the HR Service Portal, the 'is_catalog' field is set to 'false' in some cases and 'true' in others.

Service Portal


Human Resources Application: Service Portal, SCSS Bootstrap Theme IE10: Service Portal pages do not show full content if the height is greater than the browser window When filling out a record producer with mandatory fields in Service Portal, labels for fields in red appear below the submit button to indicate that there are missing mandatory fields. The fields (and the box in which they appear) disappear and change in size when there are no more mandatory fields without information. When this occurs in IE10 under the right circumstances, the frame will resize and be unable to resize.
  1. Open IE10 and resize the window or increase the zoom so that the field are not all visible.
  2. Open record producer with at least one mandatory field.
  3. Resize or zoom as explained in the description.
  4. Fill out the mandatory fields.

Expected behavior: The mandatory field labels should disappear but if the frame changes it should leave all the fields and buttons visible at least by scrolling.

Actual behavior: Once the last mandatory fields are filled out the frame resizes and can obfuscate the submit button without being able to scroll.

Service Portal



If a requested item is ordered as part of an order guide from Service Portal, the Order Guide field on the Requested Item form does not show the order guide name If a requested item is ordered as part of an order guide, the Order Guide field on the Requested Item form should show the order guide name. However, when the request is submitted from Service Portal, the Order Guide field is empty.

In a Helsinki instance:

  1. Open the Service Portal home page.
  2. Navigate to Service Catalog > Can We Help You?
  3. Select New Hire (/sp?id=sc_cat_item_guide&sys_id=6690750f4f7b4200086eeed18110c761).

    This is an OOB Order Guide.

  4. Enter all mandatory fields.
  5. Click Submit.

    You will get a small pop-up near the header: "Created REQ0010011 - track using 'Requests' in the header or click here to view".

  6. Open this REQ and associated RITM.

In the RITM form, the Order Guide field is empty.

If this same request is submitted from Service Catalog (outside Service Portal), the Order Guide is populated correctly.

Service Portal


When using Service Portal, timestamps are incorrect on records Affected users are seeing incorrect timestamps when records are updated (e.g. incident records).

System Applications


System Applications does not display list of applications present in prior to an upgrade under 'Develop/Download/Upgrade' System Applications does not display a list of the applications that were present prior to an upgrade. After an upgrade, the 'Develop/Download/Upgrade' section is empty.
  1. Create a scoped application.
  2. Delete the value in the Version number field from the sys_app record for that app.
  3. Open the Applications page ($

System Applications


Studio Unable to launch Studio when French language plugin is enabled When the French language plugin is enabled and active, Studio does not launch and a blank white page is displayed instead. An 'Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier' error can be seen in the browser console when Studio fails to load.

This error will occur whenever a user preference field translation contains one or more apostrophe/single quote characters.

Tables and Dictionary


System Applications Core Istanbul - To create a new column, users are required to input a column label

In Istanbul, users are forced to input a column label in order to create a new column.

Filling the column name first and then filling the column label afterwards will clear out the column name. Users then have to place go to the column name and click it on the text field in order to auto-populate the label name again. Appending a few characters to the column name does not save the changes either, the column name is always calculated from the column label.

  1. Create a table in the global scope.
  2. Go to the Dictionary list for this table > select New.
    • Make this a String field.
    • Label: Taco

    Notice the column name is u_foobar.

  3. Change the column name to u_ta_co.

Notice that it changes back to u_ta_co when the form loses focus.

Text Search


The text indexer triggers whichever logic is associated to a variable during the indexing process The text indexer encounters delays when processing a "Lookup Select Box" variable that is associated with the sys_user table. The variable has a defined choice list that will fetch all sys_user records. This causes a performance issue for the indexer and prevents it from completing work.
  1. Create an incident from the Service Catalog.
  2. Update the incident, which triggers a text_index update update event on the incident table.

When this event is getting processed, the indexer is loading large data rows.

Transaction and Session Management


Cancelling a transaction due to database connection exhaustion leads to infinite loop and StackOverflowError When there are no database connections available, each thread will enter a slow recursive loop. The thread tries to obtain a connection, fails, cancels the current transaction, tries to log about the cancellation, which requires a database connection, and so on. Eventually, the thread will encounter a StackOverflowError.

User Interface (UI)


In filter conditions, Date 'is less than' and 'is more than' are not working as expected
  1. Create a new variable of type Date or Date time and one of type Reference (e.g. reference to sys_user) on an Apple iPhone 5.
  2. In the Service Catalog, order an iPhone 5 and populate these 2 new fields.
  3. Create a report on sc_req_item.
  4. Add the two variables to the Selected column and create filters.

With variable of type Date, the 'is less than' and 'is more than' are not working.

User Interface (UI)


Filters with condition 'more than' and 'less than' do not work as expected for v3 lists In List v3, filters with conditions 'more than' and 'less than' do not retrieve any records when the records exist in a database matching the filter conditions.
  1. Using List v3, navigate to Incident.
  2. Apply a filter such as: Created is more than 10 days after closed.
  3. Run the filter.

    Notice that no records are displayed, even though using this same filter in List v2 gives a list of results.

  4. Apply a filter such as: Created is less than 100 days after closed.
  5. Run the filter.

Notice that no records are displayed, even though using this same filter in List v2 gives a list of results.

User Interface (UI)


Modal that appears when hovering over "i" icon on List v2 and records is not indicating user can hold "Shift" key to lock modal for scrolling When a user hovers their mouse over the "i" icon on List v2 or a record, a modal/pop-over appears. However, this modal does not tell the user that they can lock the modal to scroll down the page for more information.

User Interface (UI)



NG shared components Some form buttons are not displayed at the bottom of the form
Some buttons are missing at the bottom of forms, but the buttons are present in the top header of the form. Affected forms include:
  • Incident
  • Change
  • Catalog Task
  • HR
  1. Navigate to Incident > Open.
  2. Open any incident record.

Note that the Resolve Incident and Delete buttons are not visible at the bottom of the form, but are visible at the top of the form.

User Interface (UI)



With a variable of type Date, the 'is different' and 'is same' operators do not show field values

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.



The default and mandatory fields 'Label' and 'Column name' are missing from the Workflow New Input form
  1. Navigate to the workflow editor.
  2. Create a new workflow on a global table.
  3. From the new workflow, navigate to the gear menu > Edit Inputs > New.

Notice that the fields 'Label' and 'Column name' are missing.




Unable to create new input variables Cannot create new input variables after upgrading or activating the com.glide.var plugin (activating the plugin removes entries in sys_ui_form_section for var_dictionary).

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Other Istanbul Patch 1 information


Configure the CyberArk credential identifier: Create the unique key that CyberArk can use to identify specific credentials in the external repository

Steps 6 and 7 have been updated. Step 6 now includes a detailed breakdown on how to format the Credential ID field.

Fixes included with Istanbul Patch 1

* Unless any exceptions are noted, you can safely upgrade to this release version from any of the versions listed below. These prior versions contain PRB fixes that are also included with this release. Be sure to upgrade to the latest listed patch that includes all of the PRB fixes you are interested in.

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