All other Istanbul fixes

The Istanbul release contains fixes to these problems.

Istanbul was released on November 28, 2016.
Build date: 11-18-2016_1553
Build tag: glide-istanbul-09-23-2016__patch0-10-05-2016

For more information about how to upgrade an instance, refer to Upgrade to Istanbul.

For more information about the release cycle, see the ServiceNow Release Cycle. For a downloadable, sortable version of Istanbul fixed problems, see KB0598935.
Note: This version is approved for FedRAMP.

All other Istanbul fixes

Problem category Number Short description
Approvals PRB665698 Duplicate approve and reject options are seen while approving change request
Apps - ITIL PRB671214 Task-Outage entry does not check permissions for non-ITIL user
Archiving PRB675778 Archival rule not working on hr_case table.
Archiving PRB657362 Reference field loses reference if the referenced record is archived
Assessment PRB642039 Question Choice table contains records without a class name [sys_class_name] when upgrading to Fuji with Assessment Components [com.snc.assessment] plugin activated
Assessment PRB652988 Assessment state shows value instead of display value on 'My Assessment and Surveys' page
Assessment PRB692495 An invalid query causes Assessment Category Results not to be generated, if the system property "glide.invalid_query.returns_no_rows" is set to true
Assessment PRB671508 Users with assessment_admin role are unable to save quizzes in Quiz Designer
Assessment PRB667324 Word wrap for Risk Assessment options splits text into two lines
Asset Management PRB677286 Modifying form sections in one Product Model (i.e., cmdb_software_product_model) also affects other the form sections of other models
Asset Management PRB686171 Oracle/IBM License Process Pack missing the English choice list values for Count By field
Asset Management PRB653476 Clicking form sections on the form layout screen for alm_hardware, can cause the sections for alm_asset to be loaded.
Asset Management PRB652102 Software Counter Summary for 'not allocated' is set to zero for unrelated counters when a counter is updated with either the UI action 'Count Licenses' or after the daily job 'SAM License Counters'
Asynchronous Message Bus PRB709179 'Uncaught ReferenceError: amb is not defined' from initAngularForm function in public pages causes client scripts to not be executed
Authentication PRB647573 redirects to an SSO login page when view_content page is set to "false" in sys_public
Authentication PRB666851 MultiSSO_DigestToken OOB does not work when other field that user_name is used for authentication.
Authentication PRB667582 Login events need to be removed
Authentication PRB652845 Description of Multi Provider SSO Plugin install "Integration - Multiple Provider Single Sign-On Installer" is incorrect.
Authentication PRB653480 A clone overwrites the Okta system properties. The Okta properties that start with com.snc.sso.okta need to be preserved.
Authentication PRB655064 Multi-Provider SSO: User does not exist - IDP's AuthnRequest is passed as user_name
Authentication PRB673011 GlideAjax loops after a session times out, which results in a 401 error and the instance is out of memory due to build up of sessions
Authentication PRB655015 Multi-SSO CMS logout redirects back to the instance page instead of the CMS login page.
Authentication PRB661284 Error using Sign AuthnRequest with Multi-Provider SSO
Authentication PRB646199 Instance administrators can create a blank operation in the sys_security_operation table and cause their instance to be inaccessible.
Authentication PRB676035 After upgrading to the Geneva release, SAML stops working when a failed logout_redirect occurs.
Authentication PRB625445 Not possible to set ESS page with Multi-Provider SSO
Authentication PRB639028 Using the SSO provided by the Okta plugin, a ServiceNow user who is Locked Out can still log in
Authentication PRB669505 401 error message on Mobile App when connected to a certain wireless network.
Authentication PRB608740 LDAPUtils script include has syntax errors
Business Logic Processing PRB676761 Threads can get into an infinite loop when put()'ing into an unsynchronized HashMap
Business Logic Processing PRB700676 Issue with GlideElementPhoneNumber and updateMultiple
Change Management PRB711543 Portal Preference records turned some special characters into their HTML encoded equivalents.
Change Management PRB674593 Inconsistent behavior in the 'Planned Start/End Date validation' business rule between Eureka and Geneva releases
Change Management PRB706103 After submitting a risk assessment on a change request form the user must refresh the form manually to see the new record in the Risk Assessment related list.
Change Management PRB679982 Adding a new change type per documentation breaks the State drop-down list behavior on the Change form
Change Management PRB681373 std_change_record_producer should be update_synch disabled.
Change Management PRB664110 Duplicate "New" buttons
Change Management PRB703886 Proposed changes are saving directly into CMDB instead remaining as a proposed change
Change Management PRB704639 Copy Change copies related lists even though the com.snc.change_request.copy.related_lists property is empty
Change Management PRB678036 Standard change catalog - Equals sign '=' in template values produces an error message upon submission.
Change Management PRB704606 "Standard Change Proposal" workflow is not set up correctly
Change Management PRB668065 Non-admin users receive an error that a mandatory field is not filled in on Standard Change Proposal form even when the field is populated
Change Management PRB676717 The Copy Change button is not working as expected for the "Watch list" field on the Change Request form
Change Management Risk Assessment PRB673217 Check Conflicts UI action should not be deactivated if new Conflicts form section is added to the Change Form. This happens on upgrade.
Chat PRB698832 The Chat Queue is only visible to users with the admin role
Chat PRB700664 The Connect Support 'Escalate to' action on chat is not working
Chat PRB702095 chat_queue_entry records are not closed properly when an end user closes the conversation
Chat PRB706114 Adding a closed support session sys_id to URL opens this conversation upon hard refresh but does not display it in a conversation list
Chat PRB696784 Using mentioning (@username) functionality and doing a refresh on the page logs the current user out
Chat PRB686256 In UI15, the Follow button and 'Send Direct Message' will always open in Connect main frame
Chat PRB677753 Ignore entries in the sys_number table when the prefix is blank
Chat PRB691776 Support chat - Messages from a user in a lower-level domain will not appear immediately in the chat queue
Chat PRB706366 Every time a support session ends from the end-user's side, a 500 error is thrown in the console
Chat PRB682848 Connect requests to users who are members of multiple conversations are slow
Chat PRB673197 Unable to submit messages and write whole sentence when using IME (Japanese) in Internet Explorer and on iPad when using Bluetooth keyboard
Chat PRB673885 Angular AMB client and Vanilla JS AMB client do not have the same API
Chat PRB674261 Connect Mini chat does not render HTML properly (double quotes issue)
Chat PRB670509 A message with the prefix "_123STREAMENTRY321_" is showing up in a Connect Record conversation
Chat PRB706302 When in a chat and transferring to another agent, if the customer ends the chat before the new agent picks up the chat, the transfer window stays open on the agent's screen
Chat PRB665658 Connect Support customer chat window displays scrollbars in IE11
Chat PRB665893 When an instance encounters periods of resource stress (multiple long running transactions), the addition of presence requests can cause semaphore queue buildup, resulting in 429 error responses
Chat PRB674127 Customers activating Connect Support need to move legacy chat conversations to the Closed Complete state
Chat PRB649920 Chat actions do not show their translations in the chat interface
Chat PRB688509 X-UA-Compatible is being ignored which makes the browser default to compatibility with IE7, causing an error in Connect Chat Support
Chat PRB702347 Chat activity does not record a conversation if the chat agent or caller leaves the conversation.
Chat PRB667004 The session timeout interval does not recalculate in legacy chat
Chat PRB668020 Need method to specify Connect actions [connect_action] order and display
Chat PRB676456 Toggle Connect Sidebar displays when the search icon is clicked
Chat PRB669350 Changing a user's name in sys_user does not update their live_profile.
Chat PRB679406 Connect shows "Security prevents access" warning any time a conversation request fails
Chat PRB710455 With the implementation of Hot Fix 1 for HP3, when the end user abandons the chat without an agent accepting, the chat still shows waiting in the queue until the agent refreshes.
Chat PRB714551 Initial agent response does not work
Chat PRB709465 Avatars in List v3 make popovers that initially appear offset from the clicked avatar
Chat PRB675171 Setting 'collaboration.frameset' to false prevents chat windows from appearing from avatar interactions
Chat PRB676067 Collaborate Actions: Even after 'Transfer' to another queue, 'conversation.table' record still references previous chat_queue_entry_record
Chat PRB678868 Connect conversation (in full view) can cause requests to flood the default semaphore queue and cause other requests to be rejected on the affected node (429 errors)
Chat PRB702295 Chat schedule is not working properly.
Chat PRB668209 Connect Support properties related to 'idle time' should not be hard-coded
Chat PRB690992 Agents should be able to add more technicians to their support conversations
Chat PRB706520 In Connect chat, window shows up right away but takes a long time to completely load
Chat PRB709726 chat_queue_entry wait_time is set to the current date if an end user abandons a chat
Chat PRB667501 Connect chat does not open user profile if a user has ( . ) in their name
Chat PRB689533 In Chat, the idle time countdown does not stop as expected
Chat PRB674003 Last support chat locks the screen and agent cannot close it
Chat PRB669759 Double quotes in Short Description breaks the Follow functionality
Chat PRB661228 UI16: If Language is set to Hebrew, the Connect sidebar cannot be closed.
Cloud Management Application PRB712225 Redundant resource-intensive Resource Optimization workflows can be started unintentionally
Cloud Management Application PRB677922 AWS Discovery sensor causing Type Error.
Cloud Management Application PRB710042 AWS and Azure resources getting tagged with blank application
Cloud Management Application PRB679730 Issue with 'Download Azure Billing Report for Specific Month' for the month of April 2016
Cloud Management Application PRB686476 Issues with provisioning rules
Cloud Management Application PRB686200 Amazon EBS volumes "Volume Type" and "Volume Size" are not populated after it has been successfully provisioned via Service Catalog request item
Cloud Management Application PRB686365 The Clone Throttle Queue gets stuck when a clone completes the MID server.
Cloud Management Application PRB686469 Modify RG UI action is broken
Cloud Management Application PRB692446 Azure: Need to increase length of the Virtualization Provider on the Cloud Mgmt Create Resource workflow to prevent errors if the template is huge.
Cloud Management Application PRB695058 'Discover now' for a particular Discovery schedule (VMware) is using the wrong MID Server in Helsinki
Cloud Management Application PRB686327 If cloning encounters an error, it has no way to recover
Cloud Management Application PRB686320 Clones are failing because the system cannot find the template
Cloud Management Application PRB653756 AWS billing download does not work in newer regions (for example, Frankfurt, Beijing) that require V4 signature.
Cloud Management Application PRB682972 AWS Cloud provisioning report appears to misinterpret the day as the month when "glide.sys.date_format" is not YYYY-MM-dd
Cloud Management Application PRB660329 AWS Discovery produces the warnings, "Method failed: (/) with code: 403 - Forbidden username/password combo"
Cloud Management Application PRB711701 Run script activity "Determine node management variables" is not working as expected.
Cloud Management Application PRB676295 Missing extension points for Azure
Cloud Management Application PRB663054 AWS Discovery failing to discover images in US Regions: Errors are logged in the Discovery log
Cloud Management Application PRB703575 AWS::EC2::AvailabilityZone::Name parameter type in CloudFormation template results in validation error
Cloud Management Application PRB706484 VMware Error notification email is missing a subject line
Cloud Management Application PRB660302 If "Data disc not desired" is set for a VMware size, an attempt to provision a VM with that size fails
CMDB PRB712669 Printer Friendly Version page of a record that contains the new CI Relations formatter is misaligned
CMDB PRB701860 Totals do not add up on CMDB Dashboard in certain cases
CMDB PRB687008 In the presence of multiple duplicate records, incorrect record gets selected as candidate for matching, leading to record reclassification.
CMDB PRB702502 [CMDB Dashboard] Error Log message (getEditLink)
CMDB PRB675503 OOB UI Form section broken in CMDB table
CMDB PRB675704 'Show CI Timeline' UI action does not work
CMDB PRB707255 When using the legacy CI relations tree view, the names of related items for business service records are not processing escape sequences, such as an ampersand (&). This displays as &.
CMDB PRB709232 CI relations do not show in the user form
CMDB PRB666850 Dependency View is not displaying table records in the details view if a column in the list of records contains a field which is a dot-walked type
CMDB PRB684947 SCCM is not discovering computers
CMDB PRB659206 Instance workers are all stuck in processing layers.
CMDB PRB709216 Counting for duplicate failure with different CI classes is not correct
CMDB PRB690370 The 'More options' button shows unnecessary white space on the Server form if a CI relations formatter appears on the page
CMDB PRB706240 Issue with Helsinki CI Relation page
CMDB PRB709808 Unable to add or modify widgets on the CMDB Dashboard
CMDB PRB679085 NullPointerException error when loading the CI Relations formatter on customized cmdb_ci tables whose name do not start with cmdb_ci
CMDB PRB672916 CI Relationship Manager fails to create relationships if source CI name starts with #.
CMDB PRB668185 CMDB IdentificationEngine mutex causing performance drag
Configuration Management Application PRB664876 Puppet certificate request causes an error message
Content Management System (CMS) PRB616656 In CMS Search, output link changes after opening in new tab
Content Management System (CMS) PRB621450 CMS ACL: content_admin role does not have write access to content_page records
Content Management System (CMS) PRB646339 The keyword "portal" should not be used as CMS URL Suffix but there is no alert for the user creating the site
Contextual Search PRB687949 Contextual Search Results of Knowledge-related articles does not display after Change Request form loads when using the "Copy Change" button
Contextual Search PRB688075 Customized email template is reverted to the default settings after an upgrade to Geneva
Contract Management PRB638242 Terms and Conditions saves as a blank field in a Contract until it is entered a second time
Contract Management PRB667942 Possible to create different contracts with the same contract number
Core Platform PRB667423 Tags added through the list view of a base table is not reflected to extended table's list view.
Core Platform PRB680749 SecurelyAccess unable to retrieve files when instance name contains blacklisted terms
Core Platform PRB635836 Phone Number E164 field does not validate phone number entry onSubmit
Core Platform PRB675830 Creating a dictionary override on a table extending sys_metadata causes a loop and a stackoverflow when starting the system.
Core Platform PRB690539 SOAPProcessorThread not cancelable when stuck in a long-running loop or infinite loop inside a business rule or other Javascript
Core Platform PRB666679 Setting active to false in sys_dictionary for a field does not remove it from the corresponding WSDL
Core Platform PRB689086 Deletion of a user record can cause a cascade effect that affects form layouts.
Core Platform PRB691086 Nodes run out of memory while text indexing a large .txt file
Core Platform PRB670328 Not able to add plugin dependency "Insert multiple web service" for custom Scoped Application (Manually)
Core Platform PRB697405 Geneva "SYS_META: name org.mozilla.javascript.UniqueTag: no thrown error"
Core Platform PRB647833 Receiving errors in the log for EXTENSION type table rotation on a custom table.
Core Platform PRB667517 unsupported scenario (creating NPE, and possibly audit problems): use of the task relationship plugin with a table extending task, that has a field named 'type' of type 'Reference'
Core Platform PRB706212 XML serialization of GlideRecord strips invalid characters only from element values, not from attribute values
Core Platform PRB682487 AMB Message Client Builder errors in iframe cause Service Portals to not render in iframe
Core Platform PRB643046 Session outage from a stuck semaphore after viewing the same attachment multiple times
Core Platform PRB666316 Edge and platform encryption APIs for attachments are broken
Currency PRB633618 Problem when updating currency field from the parent record on the child table
Currency PRB656041 Calculations run on a Denmark Kroner Currency field produce incorrect values
Currency PRB658809 CI class change throws UniqueKey violation error
Currency PRB608687 Purchase order totaling is incorrect when user country code is using currency other than USD.
Currency PRB648332 When default currency is not USD, price on form does not match price in list ( form price not converted )
Currency PRB614284 The choice list for currency symbols does not display in a meaningful order.
Currency PRB703957 The reference price value on fx_price table is different for RITM ordered in different currencies
Currency PRB627592 Price field on the sc_cat_item table works strangely with the fx_price.Amount field when clicking on the Edit link
Currency PRB631915 Field where 'Type' = 'Price' will be cleared if cents is anything other than '.00' when copy and inserting existing record.
Currency PRB652598 UI actions with conditions based on currency fields do not evaluate properly
Currency PRB675746 Unique key violation is seen when record watcher is enabled on tables with currency field.
Currency PRB634164 Cannot change cents when localization is set to Euro for a field of type Currency
Currency PRB671455 Currency fields not displaying negative values if system localization is nl.NL
Currency PRB640642 Currency symbol missing when currency field is made read only by a UI Policy
Currency PRB602258 Activity Formatter display issue for currency and price fields on multi-currency instances
Customer Service Management PRB708980 In Customer Service Management, the New button is broken for the related list Case -> Parent.
Customer Service Management PRB674140 CSM: Delete default view files in the CSM scoped plugin for tables not owned by CSM
Customer Service Management PRB674303 Process Flow and State is not translated for Customer Service Plugin's case records.
Customer Service Management PRB658956 Alert message does not handle formatting
Customer Service Management PRB690943 Account code property in Helsinki missing in an upgraded G - H instance which has no demo data
Database (I/f) PRB703022 LDAP requests fail after upgrade to Helsinki
Database Indexes PRB698296 Duplicate index on sys_amb_message on column "number"
Data Certification PRB636694 The 'cert_element.assigned_to' field can contain both user or group sys_ids
Data Certification PRB647445 Certification Task appears incompleted if a cmdb_rel_ci record is deleted before it is certified
Data Certification PRB667460 When failing/passing a data certification and adding a comment, the tooltip displayed cuts off the text
Data Certification PRB648022 Unable to select entire certification row
Data Certification PRB665513 In IE9, on a Certification task record, if the Work Notes field is configured after Certification Task Element, the data entered in the work notes does not get saved.
Data Certification PRB689941 [UI11] Data Certification check box functionality on the cert elements not working on a single row for Fuji and later releases
Data Certification PRB677801 Generating certification tasks through Audit Definitions is slower than doing it on Schedule Definitions.
Date and Time PRB665916 ORA-01830: date format picture ends before converting entire input string
Date and Time PRB610549 getGlideObject().getYearLocalTime() is returning the incorrect year
Date and Time PRB634676 For Europe/London time zone, the Show After/Show Before context menu creates the wrong filter
Date and Time PRB603361 Debug log time is not correct, it is one hour behind.
Date and Time PRB683243 First of this month not identified correctly when using a date field in a filter
Delegated Development PRB701895 The wf_context.list requires the workflow_editor role to read records.
Delegated Development PRB679072 Configure All is only accessible after elevating the user role to security_admin
Delegated Development PRB679066 Configure notifications is missing from the form header context menu
Demand Management PRB652997 Bubble chart and Decision Matrix do not scale properly
Demand Management PRB669642 Creating new idea submissions increments the record number by an additional number on Save/Insert
Demand Management PRB670592 The role tsp1_demand_manager contains role demand_manager, causing a security issue for user of teamspaces
Demand Management PRB659820 GlideList field not saving on record insert in Idea table when using the UI
Demand Management PRB627978 Demand Management plugin does not add the correct state choice labels in correlation to the wiki for recording decision records
Demand Management PRB680808 In Demand Management bubble chart visualization, the bubble size changes made in demand workbench are difficult to see
Demand Management PRB698406 Closing a demand record brings this process flow back to Screening stage
Demand Management PRB680799 Upgrade overwrites customized 'dmn_stage' icons
Dependency Views (BSM Map) PRB700427 Creating a global default view for BSM Maps does not work
Dependency Views (BSM Map) PRB640202 Export Image on BSM Map displays black screen in Mozilla Firefox 37.0 and lower
Dependency Views (BSM Map) PRB695973 In Geneva using UI11, the BSM map that opens with the UI Macro task_show_ci_map is not showing the correct CI.
Dependency Views (BSM Map) PRB700599 In Geneva/Helsinki, BSM map does not create multiple layers of the groups that can be expanded/collapsed
Dependency Views (BSM Map) PRB627287 In the BSM map, the 'Filter name' label is not translated
Dependency Views (BSM Map) PRB700597 In a BSM map view, the full node names should be displayed
Dependency Views (BSM Map) PRB698964 Relationship formatter/timeline and BSM MAP do not load properly in IE 11 for Geneva instance
Dependency Views (BSM Map) PRB700595 Space used to display map in BSM View Map in Helsinki is not appropriate
Dependency Views (BSM Map) PRB645284 Inconsistent behavior of linking to NG BSM and Legacy BSM from formatters.
Dependency Views (BSM Map) PRB674102 BSM Map not showing the correct visualizations of the outages in the map after selecting from Filter task types
Dependency Views (BSM Map) PRB675752 Export Image and Load View not supported for IE11 and Firefox.
Dependency Views (BSM Map) PRB658329 Export to .png of BSM map follows same truncation rules as the browser resulting in truncated names with no way to expand
Dependency Views (BSM Map) PRB678821 Dependency Views Map does not print the latest map/CI selected in IE browser.
Dependency Views (BSM Map) PRB675289 BSM Map opened in a new window causes incorrect 'Back' button routing
Dependency Views (BSM Map) PRB697783 In Helsinki BSM maps, groups cannot be collapsed
Design Experience Organization PRB667474 TinyMCE is pre-pending a '/' to URL links in the KB article
Discovery PRB710276 Storage post processing script can fail causing disks to not be inserted
Discovery PRB709625 During reclassification, Discovery does not call the identification engine correctly.
Discovery PRB680085 discovery_spkg_filter and discovery_spkg_keys are missing from Update Sets
Discovery PRB665434 Discovery is not setting hostname of Unix servers if DNS and NetBIOS are used as trusted source.
Discovery PRB666876 In Discovery, an incorrect list of triggered probes appears when editing classification
Discovery PRB644636 Duplicate data showing up for VMware templates, clusters.
Discovery PRB674184 File Probe Template may still execute even if a matching local file-based probe does not exist
Discovery PRB698325 SAN Discovery is not creating expected relationships
Discovery PRB668823 Empty records in cmdb_rel_type DB table
Discovery PRB662539 Discovery cannot collect data on an MSSQL application in a Windows cluster when using the identification engine
Discovery PRB665123 The error message, 'Caused by error in probe: PowerShell: Storage 2008/2012 at line 1' appears in the Discovery log from random sources when a Discovery schedule runs
Discovery PRB670615 Identifier issues with lookup and empty hostname
Discovery PRB679188 Disk size information is not aggregated from the storage disk sizes (Solaris and Windows).
Discovery PRB614086 Large vCenter Discovery taking 24+ hours to process the VMWarevCenterProbe
Discovery PRB671545 After upgrade, the MID Server experiences a null pointer error on any ecc_queue command that does not have a source specified
Discovery PRB688228 Support for multiple ACE load balancer versions (A2,A3,A4,A5)
Discovery PRB693019 Linux - Storage Sensor - TypeError: Cannot read property "1" from null
Discovery PRB665994 Web application discovery fails on Linux machines with jboss installed.
Discovery PRB683358 Certain probes cannot be selected from slushbucket for Triggers probe on Discovery Classification.
Discovery PRB683929 Linux CPU core count is not always correct
Discovery PRB667447 SAM Software Installation table Last Scanned, and Discovery Source fields are not updated by Discovery or HTHD
Discovery PRB668674 Version mismatch when using REST and any sensor has a reacts to probe as null.
Discovery PRB689755 Linux storage probe gets sudo-related warning when sudoers is configured as documented.
Discovery PRB697392 The VMware-vCenter Probe returns 'TypeError: Cannot convert null to an object' and vCenter Discovery stops when the ESX host is down
Discovery PRB672973 Generic Windows Classification triggers 'Windows - Storage 2012 - WMI' probe which does not have a sensor
Discovery PRB666816 NIC add/removal logic is merging distinct CIs.
Discovery PRB667296 SCCM 2012 v, transformation "SCCM 2012 v2 Disk" on cmdb_ci_disk fails to update Size on insert
Discovery PRB683515 CyberArk App-IDs are hard-coded as part of the MID Server
Discovery PRB667350 Sensor error when processing Linux - Storage: The undefined value has no properties.
Discovery PRB682001 SNMP probe displays java.lang.IllegalArgumentException on some OIDs
Discovery PRB674191 The Model Name and Manufacturer fields are switched
Discovery PRB688054 ORA-00932: inconsistent datatypes: expected - got CLOB Identifying applications on Oracle
Discovery PRB659398 Windows - Installed Software sensor does not skip devices populated by SCCM
Domain Support PRB654650 Domain validator fails to identify domains with 'sys_domain_code' or 'sys_domain_path' values set to NULL
Domain Support PRB580998 The sys_report table should not have the sys_overrides field on it
Domain Support PRB632935 Performance issue with domain code generation
Domain Support PRB675634 The domain reference picker cannot be displayed in the navpage header in UI16
Domain Support PRB593994 GlideRecord.updateMultiple() sets domain fields to "global"
Domain Support PRB611778 Before query business rules do not run on database views on domain separated environment
Domain Support PRB652563 Excessive domain picker load times.
Edge Encryption PRB667903 Edge Encryption is inserting a record into the sys_encryption_proxy audit history table every 5 seconds per proxy
Edge Encryption PRB679049 If a form contains an encrypted field that belongs to record referenced that was added to a form, then you cannot edit this field
Edge Encryption PRB702011 Edge Encryption OOB rules should all have an order > 100. User must not be allowed to mass-update OOB rules in the list view.
Edge Encryption PRB690884 SOAP error with Edge Encryption with MID Server sending zipped data
Edge Encryption PRB690861 A user can bring online two proxies with different RSA keys resulting in signature failures and proxies out of sync.
Edge Encryption PRB665068 Edge Job validations should better handle the case of inexisting/corrupted dictionaries/element descriptors.
Edge Encryption PRB675397 When using SAML via the Edge Encryption proxy, the AuthnRequest fails signature validation.
Edge Encryption PRB683520 User receives false alarms about proxy network outages
Edge Encryption PRB679486 Attachments on tables with encrypted attachments are corrupt
Email PRB709387 Instance-specific push data (for example, sys_push_notif_app_install table) is not excluded from cloning, leading to subprod pushing notifications to prod users
Email PRB667475 Email notifications log the incorrect message when the Force Delivery check box is cleared and the Mandatory check box is selected.
Email PRB659302 Notifications: Selecting "Default view" on certain notifications modifies content_type and sys_updated_on.
Email PRB671563 User name and "Additional comments" are concatenated without space in email notification for record comments
Email PRB688344 Helsinki: Notification Device form does not display Phone Number for existing device records when Device Type is SMS
Email PRB654225 Notification sent out to excluded recipients delegates
Email PRB667407 Replies that trigger Inbound actions that create new records are not considered "Processed"
Email PRB687228 Subscribable Notifications create a cmn_notif_message for delegates.
Email PRB660883 Workflow notification cascades delegates
Email PRB673943 System property update not functioning as expected
Email PRB670316 Email notification messages are being sent to members of inactive groups
Email PRB677465 Preview Notification and Preview HTML Body modal windows don't resize for fixed width content
Email PRB665300 Translation missing for "Compose Email" and "Add Address" on Email Client/Composer
Email PRB673936 Inbound email attachments are not working as expected
Email PRB657537 Switching between HTML and Plaintext editors
Email PRB664959 Notification Preview gets CSS from an external style sheet, but should not. The background color is set to white in the table style which is coming from source code style heisenberg.css
Email PRB668297 Notification System Deploy Confirmation is executed under incorrect conditions (or contains incorrect text)
Email PRB668880 Untranslated text in notification_preferences UI Page
Email PRB676737 Calling an image field in a notification results in an email with a cid as img src, but the email doesn't contain that attachment
Email PRB631793 Schedule Reports sends a notification to the delegate of a delegate, wiki states delegation do not cascade.
Event Management PRB690140 SolarWinds connector fails to collect events when connecting to SolarWinds NPM
Event Management PRB701806 Job Event Management - Node Count does not support nodes with commas, which causes log errors.
Event Management PRB697030 Urgency field of Incident created from alert does not reflect correct severity level.
Event Management PRB688973 In SNEventSender, NullPointerExceptions occur when AdditionalInfo field is empty
Event Management PRB658737 Event Management - the process events job crashes when processing a large number of events
Event Management PRB686995 An empty task is created when an Event Management Alert (em_alert) record state is changed from Closed to Reopen
Event Management PRB670043 Improve SCOM groovyScript host (node) resolving.
Event Management PRB674256 Multiple Timeline Visualization sliders are not visible In Event Management's Timeline module
Event Management PRB687227 ImpactCalculator job causing OOM issues
Event Management PRB711443 Alert rule causes incidents to be created for closed alerts
Event Management PRB702306 If one of the connector parameters is missing, the script fails to send events but still updates the last signature
Event Management PRB666964 After upgrade from G to H -> connectors get stuck so no new events are being retrieved.
Event Management PRB665737 When sent via JSONv2API, the time of event is converted to GMT from the mid user timezone
Event Management PRB686151 Event Rule - in composite fields, logic \n and \r are replaced by ' '
Event Management PRB670478 Cloudwatch alerts do not have a proper timestamp.
Event Management PRB670755 SCOM connector memory problem when large amount of data is retrieved from SCOM
Facilities Service Management PRB689778 'fix_cmn_location_classifier.xml' fix job updates Custom Dictionary records that are References to cmn_location table and moves those from a Private scope to Global scope
Facilities Service Management PRB657080 Category and subcategory fields are duplicated on upgrade
Facilities Service Management PRB675428 Changes to Facilities request assignment group are overwritten on update.
Facilities Service Management PRB670852 Creating a new request is not working when the floor plan image size is larger than the screen display
Facilities Service Management PRB710889 Cannot resolve a facilities service request once it has been reopened
Facilities Service Management PRB671252 Move the facilities catalog out of the update folder
Facilities Service Management PRB654340 When upgrading from Fuji Patch 5 to Fuji Patch 8, all customizations were lost on the cmdb_facreq_product_model and cmdb_factask_product_model tables
Field Service Management PRB658103 Work Management task has a delegate, which cannot accept task
Field Service Management PRB689799 Field Services plugin "My Map" module is not supported in the mobile app.
Field Service Management PRB690508 Field Service Management - Start Travel and Start Work buttons do not work on tablet UI
Field Service Management PRB683915 Assignment Groups do not carry over into the Work Order Templates
Field Service Management PRB692628 Reject button not working on Work Orders Task
Field Service Management PRB664016 Google Maps shows no pointers FOR specific locations using field services task if estimated end time value is empty or/and business_percentage is empty
Filters PRB667321 Survey is not firing when the condition is 'is one of' and the choice list values are mixed case
Filters PRB632052 Cannot use javascript in 'Contains' and 'Does not contain' conditions in ACLs and business rules
Financial Management PRB652357 Pressing 'L' key results in Performance Log Viewer being launched
Financial Management PRB713540 Workbench UI: Amounts for Accounts Being Rolled Up from Lower Segment Accounts not being Included in Account Totals
Financial Management PRB702918 Accounts are not rolling up
Financial Management PRB709517 In Financial Management, data does not appear/calculate in allocation buckets for future fiscal periods
Financial Management PRB673080 Global write ACL on sys_user table is making fields read-only after turning on Project Portfolio Suite with Financials plugin
Financial Management PRB684610 Allocation Rollups from Segment to Segment: Percentages appear correctly, however cost allocated is double the amount it should be
Financial Management PRB644764 Expense lines are being generated every day when the Recurring flag is set to false
Financial Management PRB678784 Financial Workbench not loading because due to invalid bucket allocation
Forms PRB682411 Journal updates inserted with setJournalEntry don't appear in UI16 activity formatter
Forms PRB683224 Form fields - Hint message of dynamically updated fields is not translated
Forms PRB679333 Updating Impact and Urgency does not update Priority accurately for all users viewing an incident.
Forms PRB710576 Activity stream uses unoptimized template code, which causes load time to be high
Forms PRB664334 When displaying large journal entries in the activity log, there was a link at the bottom of the entry "See all text" to display the rest of the journal entry. The link is not displayed in Geneva.
Forms PRB682576 Resizing the browser causes non-alignment of fields in Project - 'Create New' module
Forms PRB689047 System properties: Even after setting glide.ui.timer.started=false the Time Worked field is still running.
Forms PRB669597 Cannot click non-image attachments in activity stream
Forms PRB668416 Toggle Template pop-up edit form generates a JavaScript error when using a language other than English
Forms PRB675767 Link gets stripped out using wiki approved parameter
Forms PRB603857 Auto-complete issues with double-byte character set (DBCS) (Japanese and Chinese)
Forms PRB643361 A reference field placed on a new record form in Reference List view has disabled reference lookup controls positioned incorrectly
Forms PRB687132 Annotation disappears after customizing the form layout for the sys_popup view
Forms PRB653715 Issues with parent breadcrumb alignment and arrows.
Forms PRB691859 onChange client scripts run when a live update is received
Forms PRB684076 Glide list fields with no reference do not show choices
Forms Designer PRB635743 Two labels are created in the dictionary when creating a new field
Forms Designer PRB681264 When form labels are filled with international languages or special characters (for example, Japanese), the form labels are not rendered
Foundation PRB665215 An application with a name that is 20 characters long cannot be accessed in service order templates.
Foundation PRB681402 Unable to create a Template (Facilities Module) with system property 'glide.invalid_query.returns_no_rows' set to 'true.'
Foundation PRB651584 Using gs.cacheFlush() causes excessive cache flushing on HI
Foundation PRB675216 Performance issue: System hangs when loading Facilities Request Templates form if instance has excess (75k+) CMDB (cmdb_hardware_product_model or cmdb_consumable_product_model) records
Foundation PRB688438 Assign to Me button does not work without 'dispatch_group' field on form
Foundation PRB705226 String with apostrophe breaks URI in GlideDialogWindow.
Foundation PRB664764 SMTask script include doing cache flush and causing performance degradation on Facilities task
Governance, Risk and Compliance PRB675185 Control test condition in Control Test Definitions does not filter records from a database views table.
Governance, Risk and Compliance PRB679154 The database "grc_observations_by_audit" view error on the Oracle instance arises due to the use of "audit" as a prefix. "audit" is an Oracle reserved word.
Governance, Risk and Compliance PRB630971 Upgrading to Fuji from Eureka overrides customizations to the grc_risk_criteria table
Governance, Risk and Compliance PRB676390 GRC Control Test Definition loses the 'Recipients' field after upgrade to Geneva.
HR Service Management PRB706465 'Auto Populate Fields' client script not populating the Location and Department when entering 'Opened for' form field.
HR Service Management PRB711534 Some Helsinki roles were deleted in error during role cleanup
HR Service Management PRB698509 Workday Location xpath only processes first "Address_data" within a "Contact_Data."
HR Service Management PRB645806 When activating the '' plugin, the hr_case table does not reflect auto-numbering entry created.
HR Service Management PRB673355 In HR Service Management, an email from outside the system does not create single case
HR Service Management PRB649901 With a before insert business rule, 'Set user fields' on 'hr_case' overwrites the location field, taking it from the opened_for reference record
HR Service Management PRB646257 Installing HR changes the reference for request category from sm_category to hr_category.
HR Service Management PRB689252 "Save" UI Action on Financial Service Management Configuration is unable to save updates.
HR Service Management PRB690023 HR SP - Error message shown when trying to modify address from Service Portal profile
HR Service Management PRB663149 Generating HR template will not print Arabic characters
HR Service Management PRB684092 HR templates are putting HTML code into the description field of HR Case
HR Service Management PRB660321 Search Knowledge UI Macro on HR Case does not limit the results to the HR KB
HR Service Management PRB706117 HR demo data defaults are reactivated and overwrite customizations upon upgrade
Human Resources PRB664555 Populate case SLAs - potential looping when updating hr_case records, possibility of incorrect post back of SLA time remaining to hr_case records.
Import / Export PRB627466 Incorrect target records on skipped rows in import set.
Import / Export PRB650240 The "System KeyStore" check box is only available for "FTPS (Auth SSL)" data sources. It should be available for all connections over SSL.
Import / Export PRB663518 Easy Import staging table sets max length of fields to 40 instead of using the target field length
Import / Export PRB653492 The alm_asset table columns model and model category are missing in the Easy Import template when inserting new records
Import / Export PRB639648 Easy Import fails when using the French language interface.
Import / Export PRB639271 The com.glide.loader.verify_target_field_size property does not work for web service import sets
Import / Export PRB648722 Export Sets is broken in scoped apps
Import / Export PRB630407 Property expansion does not work on sys_data_source.file_path
Import / Export PRB649375 Date/time fields contain a trailing "a" if glide.sys.time_format is " a" when exporting a list view to Excel
Incident Alert Management PRB704638 Workflow: "On-Call: Assign by Acknowledgement" and "On-Call: Check Assignment Response" outbound/inbound SMS number out of sync when reminders sent out for multiple incidents.
Incident Management PRB677327 No ACLs on the incident_task table causes only admins to be able to see incident_task records
Incident Management PRB686793 When logged in as an ESS user (user with no roles), the Incident state is reset to "New" after clicking the Resolve Incident button.
IT Operations Management PRB679897 Upgrade overwrites related list customizations for rm_enhancement
JS/HTML Editor PRB673036 Unable to access catalog items via reference icon on Catalog Client Script form
JS/HTML Editor PRB686105 User Guide - Formatting for unordered lists is not retained
JS/HTML Editor PRB668524 CodeMirror: For long scripts, there is a timing lag between typing a character and the time it appears on screen
JS/HTML Editor PRB610069 Japanese file names disappear.
Knowledge Management PRB625365 Updating the short description of a knowledge article created from submission causes all related KB short descriptions to get updated
Knowledge Management PRB636124 KBViewModelSNC and KnowledgeHelp Script includes are generating logs when viewing KB articles
Knowledge Management PRB649370 Knowledge Base messages do not use translations
Knowledge Management PRB667643 Show article number on the Article View page
Knowledge Management PRB676488 In Geneva: Unable to submit feedback, ratings or flag as useful on public knowledge articles
Knowledge Management PRB690384 Even after disabling the Social QA functionality, the question mark still appears on the knowledge base search page in the iOS app and on iOS Safari.
Knowledge Management PRB690891 Unable to search on tags through knowledge search
Knowledge Management PRB670704 Cannot select empty KB Category when using KB import tool
Knowledge Management PRB663803 Geneva: In the Knowledge Import pop-up, the Category field drop-down list hangs if the number of categories exceeds a certain number.
Knowledge Management PRB667232 Import from Word does not preserve formatting
Knowledge Management PRB673979 Labels within the Knowledge Search page are not unique which prevents external applications like VoiceOver to have easy accessibility within ServiceNow platform
Knowledge Management PRB649950 Knowledge article topic and category is not migrated to new kb_category after upgrade to KnowledgeV3
Knowledge Management PRB651403 Searches on create logs of all search results
Knowledge Management PRB668156 Flagging a knowledge article adds a public comment.
Knowledge Management PRB656025 Authors on $ page need to be shown only to specific role (internal)
Knowledge Management PRB678121 glide.knowman.frameless_logo doesn't display image in Fuji and beyond
Knowledge Management PRB691602 In Internet Explorer 11, on the knowledge category home, the user is brought to an empty page when using Enterprise - Compatibility mode
Knowledge Management PRB692248 Knowledge Browse page does not show articles if the category selected has more than 160 nested subcategories
Knowledge Management PRB671403 Public user can see comments if kb_comment is set to 'False' in sys_public table
Knowledge Management PRB648819 Links in a wiki field containing spaces do not function as expected
Knowledge Management PRB651334 Knowledge article relevancy is not calculated
Knowledge Management PRB652252 Quotation marks and apostrophes are escaped when viewing articles via the kb_view page
Knowledge Management PRB687979 After migrating to Knowledge V3, tags for V2 articles are no longer displayed on homepage and the site hangs
Knowledge Management PRB678328 Knowledge search returns no result when valid to date is set to current day and the time zone is set to a time zone where it is past 6pm.
Knowledge Management PRB700261 Knowledge v3 filtering options not shown for non-admins when the property named glide.invalid_query.returns_no_rows is set to True
Knowledge Management PRB627182 Knowledge category fields showing all translations
Knowledge Management PRB629229 Activating I18N - Knowledge Management Internationalization does not import previous translations from the translation table
Knowledge Management PRB680817 In Geneva, there is an extra white space when viewing KB articles
Knowledge Management PRB636514 The last modified and published dates of Knowledge Articles are incorrect on KB home
Knowledge Management PRB673105 When there are many categories, drilling into a knowledge base from $ is slow to load
Knowledge Management PRB674576 Workflow stages in KB articles list do not match text
Knowledge Management PRB651097 Unable to override 'Copy Permalink' in KB articles
Knowledge Management PRB675599 Clicking the back button on the knowledge form when in IE11 or Firefox always selects the Tags tab
Knowledge Management PRB654407 In Fuji, favicon is not retained when 'Knowledge' is opened in a new window / tab
Knowledge Management PRB657766 'Submit' button for feedback is not translated
Knowledge Management PRB677532 Categories that do not belong to the knowledge base being searched are being returned in the filter when they should not be
Knowledge Management PRB664285 There is no back button on the search for duplicates results page and the browser back button does not work. Knowledge V3
Knowledge Management PRB632362 'Did you mean' functionality not available in KMv3 search
Knowledge Management PRB674250 In Firefox, creating an onChange client script results in the script error "TypeError rootFrame.CustomEvent.fireEvent is not a function"
Knowledge Management PRB650157 Knowledge V3 articles with proper User Criteria are still restricted if there is a role defined in the Roles field of the KB record
Knowledge Management PRB687490 Category picker is not working correctly
Knowledge Management PRB689027 Unable to search for articles with states other than published, review, or draft
Knowledge Management PRB670482 Knowledge Base page is showing 'Knowledge Featured' and 'Most Viewed' blocks on Fuji but not on Geneva
Knowledge Management PRB702753 If the header text is too long on a knowledge article, the header expands vertically and begins to overlap the actual article itself.
Knowledge Management PRB636397 Knowledge V3 does not show found attachments in the search result
Knowledge Management PRB649578 Creating a new KB article after upgrading to Fuji produces a data policy exception
Knowledge Management PRB668010 New property to hide import button on knowledge home page
Knowledge Management PRB668730 Knowledge Search does not return results after clicking on the "Home" button
Knowledge Management PRB664080 Issues in "Post Knowledge" and "Post News" functionality of Problem Management
Knowledge Management PRB707453 Frame gets shortened - Order an item in Service Catalog
Knowledge Management PRB664654 Social Q&A answers with negative votes in wrong order
Knowledge Management PRB625579 Knowledge search results do not display in the user preference sort order
Knowledge Management PRB639045 Advance Search on Knowledge V3 plugin is no longer available
Knowledge Management PRB646790 User Criteria for 'Can Read' is not honored
Knowledge Management PRB675133 The Import from Word function in the knowledge base is not working
Knowledge Management PRB654295 On upgrade to Knowledge Management V3, new V3 menu modules are missing
Knowledge Management PRB655542 Populating a knowledge record on Knowledge keyword takes excessively long time to load, resulting in occasional transaction cancellations
Knowledge Management PRB679376 Knowledge homepage and search page do not render if knowledge base names include an ampersand (&) and the glide.ui.escape_text property is false
Knowledge Management PRB665218 Users that can access only 1 knowledge base still can access the knowledge homepage
Knowledge Management PRB666632 Social Q&A: When asking a question, the category list is empty and a 400 Bad Request error is encountered in the logs if the selected KB contains a large number of categories
Knowledge Management PRB674483 UI page kb_find published knowledge date does not show if is false.
Knowledge Management PRB686568 Knowledge search for articles with a large number of attachments is very slow in Helsinki and Geneva when compared to Fuji or earlier
Knowledge Management PRB675065 Error message when knowledge article escape text is false, configured to show attachments, and attachment has & in title.
Knowledge Management PRB651680 Knowledge populates slowly when typing longer strings
Knowledge Management PRB675543 Published date field is populated in Knowledge articles before the article is published
Knowledge Management PRB653223 Custom fields on knowledge feedback are auto-populated based on feedback with NULL view_id
Knowledge Management PRB675709 The 'Most Useful' section on the Knowledge home page does not sort properly
Knowledge Management PRB689190 When upgrading from Fuji to Helsinki, the category list display does not honor the selected Knowledge base condition while creating a new article
Knowledge Management PRB670096 Unable to remove the Publish check box on the knowledge import pop-up
Language and Translations PRB640226 Italian Finnish translation missing on calendar
Language and Translations PRB688974 Error message when switching to German language and open a chat support queue link
Language and Translations PRB704707 Service Portal translations need to be added to Helsinki
Language and Translations PRB667024 Some column labels are not properly translating for internationalized (I18N) languages, specifically French.
Language and Translations PRB676983 The text_index_translations property needs to be added to tables during upgrade.
Language and Translations PRB710509 Some Czech and Finish text is not correctly translated
Language and Translations PRB631013 Upgrade reverted a non-English choice list value back to base system setting.
Language and Translations PRB689389 When instance is in Hebrew, Calendar picker is mispositioned
Language and Translations PRB689280 The "Edit tag audience" tooltip is not translated
Language and Translations PRB677194 Days of the week in the Date picker do not get translated into Finnish
Language and Translations PRB657582 When creating a report on a Database View, the column names in the column selection slushbucket are not translated
Language and Translations PRB650646 Manage Item - Short Description: Cannot save blank value for short description in language other than English
Language and Translations PRB692358 Inconsistent naming and translation of Connect Chat
Language and Translations PRB710293 Some portions of Service Portal are untranslated when using Portuguese
Language and Translations PRB678417 The business rules AddAttributeWithTranslations and AddTranslationsToIndex need to be less impactful.
Lists PRB689835 Non-admin users with role filter_global are not able to save group/everyone filters in List V3
Lists PRB631171 Horizontal scrolling in sections and related lists does not show scroll bar until the bottom
Lists PRB690509 List v3 related list - viewing a record and using Next and Previous to step through the list displays the wrong records.
Lists PRB713097 [NA] v3 related list 'loading' message when multiple tabs are open
Lists PRB701966 Having a space and punctuation at the beginning of initials text causes StringIndexOutOfBoundsExceptions
Lists PRB709493 QueryParseService is not processing extended tables as expected
Lists PRB658405 "Move to Application" UI Action blocks List v3 from loading due to List v3 compatibility issues.
Lists PRB658998 Unable to perform a multiple update on a currency field
Lists PRB666370 Pie chart shows two different groups with the same color.
Lists PRB639149 List calculations (totals/aggregates) are off by one column
Lists PRB668634 Related list not loading when glide.ui.list_v3.related_list is set to true
Lists PRB655599 "Tags" column displays empty results after paging through list report
Lists PRB630482 Unable to disable the Activity Stream icon in mobile UI
Lists PRB636978 User preference "" does not always enable list header search in.
Live Feed PRB666205 Group Feed email subscription icon always reverts to "-"
Live Feed PRB673937 'Share your thoughts' and 'Search Messages' fields in Live Feed do not have a label associated to them, which poses challenges for users with vision disabilities
Live Feed PRB673202 [508] 'Add a Comment' field in Knowledge Articles do not have a label associated with it. Not having a label poses challenges for users with vision disabilities.
Live Feed PRB670749 After upgrading to Geneva Patch 5, Live Feed search is not working in public group and has latency issues
Managed Documents PRB667036 Cannot check in documents in the Managed documents application
Memory: Heap Space PRB667446 Export of a large amount of image data to PDF causes export error, performance degradation, or crash
MID Server PRB683509 CyberArk integration supports .\ as part of the user name for Windows local credentials, which does not work with some customer domain policies
MID Server PRB683751 MID Server cannot verify if validation was successful
MID Server PRB670521 MID Server fails to parse the output of the sudoers file and prompts for a password when using SSHKEY's
MID Server PRB599692 Unpredictable results in Discovery when a fetched WMI entry contains an illegal XML character.
MID Server PRB704679 CyberArk hashing is broken when Rhino Resources creates dynamic classes when doing vCenter discovery
MID Server PRB673176 MID Server started reporting "Terminated the probe because the max timeout was reached" often.
MID Server PRB704676 CyberArk credentials cannot be read if the user creates a custom credential type for SSH
MID Server PRB691899 SCPRelay fails when copying a file
MID Server PRB604277 SNMP: Shazzam sends SNMP packets with the same Request ID
MID Server PRB664746 In Geneva, SFTP fails when values for the 'Properties' field in the data source are set to 'rename_file=true' or 'remove_file=true'
MID Server PRB687457 SNC_SSHSession status is still OK after session is closed by server.
MID Server PRB676044 SSHCommand probes hang while waiting for sudo prompt when sudoers config has !requiretty
MID Server PRB690243 SNCSSH parses uint32 fields as signed integers, which results in integer overflow and channel timeouts
MID Server PRB711179 SFTP Data Sources with com.glide.sftp.use_snc set to true can hang (also applies to SFTP streaming interface)
MID Server PRB705031 Rearrange out-of-the-box wrapper.conf and wrapper-override.conf
MID Server PRB668110 System unable to connect to export set source when "user.dir" has a lowercase Windows drive letter
MID Server PRB665442 Rekeying MID Server is unsuccessful after Geneva upgrade: Unexpected IOException loading keystore
MID Server PRB686263 The credential tagging feature in the Powershell activity doesn't work if the target host is the MID Server.
MID Server PRB667651 MID Server should be able to handle dzdo as a privileged command
Mobile PRB703553 SSO on Android - Better handling of CSRF tokens
Mobile PRB709002 Caller information does not get saved on the mobile app when creating a new incident.
Mobile PRB698603 Mobile - Dependent values do not reset the dependent field current value. (Cached, Cleared)
Mobile PRB666738 Read ACL on Incident Short description field is not working in mobile app in either list view or form.
Mobile PRB673898 When a business rule aborts a record save, there is no indication when using the native app.
Mobile PRB648346 Need support for e-signature plugin on native mobile application and mobile web interface
Mobile PRB690540 Using iOS 9.3 or newer with Single Sign On results in a -999 error
Mobile PRB691173 Catalog variables of the 'Label' type render as single line items if not proceeded by additional check boxes
Mobile PRB695993 Variables cannot be used for barcodes
Mobile PRB696721 Geneva Mobile App: When Assignment Group is cleared, Assigned To will not return records
Mobile PRB681693 Native App count widget will show infinite spinner if count fails to load
Mobile PRB683484 Mobile Boolean fields are not saving updated values.
Mobile PRB646113 Button labels in the Service Catalog on the mobile interface are not translated
Mobile PRB675042 Native mobile app should support NTLM auth challenge during SSO log in flow
Mobile PRB676203 Service Catalog bookmark on Mobile app leads to Catalog in Desktop UI
Mobile PRB654476 g_lang does not function in the Mobile UI
Mobile PRB689423 The Mobile UI Interface stops working when entering field information
Mobile PRB677326 iWatch (Apple Watch) favorite shows list instead of record details
Mobile PRB710937 (Mobile web) Catalog item g_form.getUniqueValue() does not return the sysId of the item
Mobile PRB682387 Path parameter in module for the Mobile Native App does not save values
Mobile PRB597438 Mobile lists on the Task table do not open forms on the child table
Mobile PRB701302 onChange catalog client scripts are getting triggered onLoad in mobile App (not mobile UI).
Mobile PRB705258 Android app: Handle full URLs in the navigation router
Mobile PRB698488 Links to Catalog Item does not work as expected in Geneva Mobile App.
Mobile PRB691470 Geneva: isMobile function is not for Mobile app.
Mobile PRB700239 Comment and work note buttons ignore ACLs and appear in the mobile UI comments section of a record
Mobile PRB681126 After the presence API was changed on the server, the presence needs to be fixed in the iOS app.
Mobile PRB665742 Deep-linking is not working on Mobile UI
Mobile PRB665860 Mobile App fields from type HTML on the form are showing the HTML tags instead of rendering them
Mobile PRB681533 [iOS App] Better error messaging required when the SSO IDP is unreachable
Mobile PRB680197 When logging out of the mobile web UI on mobile devices then logging back in, the page displays.
Mobile PRB681273 When logging in to iPhone mobile app, using local login prompts the user to provide SSO credentials
Mobile PRB684172 InfoMessage calls from catalog item don't work in the Native App.
Mobile PRB674080 Changing components under 'Order Status' screen has no effect on mobile app
Mobile PRB667762 Reference field search functionality is not working on mobile app if it is a variable
Mobile PRB687139 Content and UI components in the OAuth login and confirmation pages are too small
Mobile PRB690498 Subcategory incorrectly shows values for all Categories when Category is null.
Mobile PRB690668 When Mobile picture type is None on mobile catalog items, an empty placeholder for the image is still provided
Mobile PRB691868 In the iOS app, the backward slash ( \ ) is not shown in the keyboard for the user name field, unlike password
Mobile PRB713724 Related lists cannot be accessed if the record is accessed directly in the new Helsinki mobile UI
Mobile PRB700567 Mobile Web - Clearing reference field stores null value in the database
Mobile PRB709403 In mobile UI client scripts, current roles are unavailable on the g_user object.
Mobile PRB681410 In the iOS app, Japanese (and possibly all unicode) input as a comment/worknote saves corrupted values
Mobile PRB671231 The ServiceNow mobile app cannot log in with local user credentials.
Mobile PRB666342 Mobile UI has scrolling issues that prevent logout
Mobile PRB668204 Connect does not work on mobile application when Connect Roles are enabled
Mobile PRB677820 UI Type on Catalog Items UI Policies/Client Scripts in Mobile iOS app not honored
Mobile PRB690620 Variable types like "Lookup Select Box" and "Lookup Multiple Choice" not working as expected using new Helsinki Mobile version - displaying as text lines instead of allowing you to select specific choices
Mobile PRB683848 Reference fields with a dependency do not display no options on mobile
Mobile PRB676249 Advanced view rules are not working on Mobile UI
Mobile PRB677007 (Mobile web) Catalog items with a large number of variables will throw a 400 when attempting to fetch the variable list
Mobile PRB677339 Geneva Mobile: Login prompt displays when Approving Change Request (and possibly other record types) in Mobile with e-Signatures
Mobile PRB690918 Application menus for smartphones are not displayed in iOS
NotifyNow PRB676978 Updating the incident alert when a conference call is finished with incorrect work notes/activity.
NotifyNow PRB690033 Creating new notify workflow conditions defaults the "If condition matches" to "Run the workflow".
NotifyNow PRB712876 Notify forces the maximum number of conference call participants to be 40, but this should be configurable
ODBC PRB637895 Column order from the ODBC select query is not returned in the defined order
ODBC PRB691056 ODBC query on Display Value for a state does not return the entire Display Value
ODBC PRB711960 Disk cache error: Field length:93238 exceeds maximum limit of 65535
ODBC PRB644132 When retrieving data using ODBC, there is slow performance when the where clause contains uppercase letters
On-call Scheduling PRB689164 Modifications to the On-Call Calendar Roster do not correctly reflect in the 'My Schedule Report' for the newly added user
On-call Scheduling PRB711914 On-Call Rotation performance issue related to roster_schedule_spans PRB709646 fix and data extraction to help identify customer performance issues
On-call Scheduling PRB698941 On-call override allows multiple clicks of Save button, resulting in multiple overrides
On-call Scheduling PRB703832 On-Call reminders that contain a lot of text are truncated on Oracle instances
On-call Scheduling PRB698370 The OnCall Reminder scheduled job is not sending on-call reminder email for rosters with daily rotation intervals.
On-call Scheduling PRB681404 Users with rota_manager role should only be able to create rota for groups in which they are a manager or member, or groups in which the role has been delegated to them.
Orchestration PRB704091 Response body and header are not set when there is an error in the rest message in workflow activity designer when using MID Server.
Orchestration PRB703070 In an application, creating and publishing an activity causes an issue with containing all the changes
Orchestration PRB690857 Cannot publish a workflow if an activity in the workflow is checked out and published by another user.
Orchestration PRB676406 Workflows that use SCCM Get activities can hang when the amount of data returned from an SCCM server is too large.
Orchestration PRB689704 Extension point and provider data is not working as expected
Orchestration PRB682428 Enable and Disable AD user object activities are not setting UAC to correct values
Orchestration PRB688994 In Activity Designer, when an activity is opened on wf_element_activity table view to edit a parse rule for any output variable, the Submit button is not working.
Password Reset Application PRB668565 Password Reset Ctrl+Alt+Del add-on does not properly work with the new Captcha in Geneva update 5
Password Reset Application PRB690083 [ITOM3] Password Reset Enrollment page translation issue.
Password Reset Application PRB671257 Security Questions - Should allow same translation to be specified for different languages.
Password Reset Application PRB670356 Locked users in the Self-Service Password Reset Application are not unlocked
Performance Analytics PRB672178 Data collector fails to execute MySQL query when the table name referenced by the indicator source View table field exceeds 40 characters
Performance Analytics PRB674444 When exporting to .png/.jpeg, the widget shows all the scores and not the breakdown specific scores
Performance Analytics PRB668058 Dashboard breakdown sources are no longer accessible from child domains
Performance Analytics PRB669205 Previous period chart does not work properly
Performance Analytics PRB678758 Scores not in current domain are wrongly deleted in collection cleaner job
Performance Analytics PRB668057 Previously collected scores from a Domain job are unexpectedly overwritten when Run As user changes to a user on a different domain
Performance Analytics PRB666470 Performance Analytics widgets break when the "Show target" option is selected, and scorecards do not appear
Performance Analytics PRB667312 [PA] Scoresheet: Aggregate Scores is not working, gives error on function
Performance Analytics PRB667575 Human readable error message when something goes wrong in the widget processor
Performance Analytics PRB668056 Data collector uses the domain of the Job to collect data rather than the domain of Run As user
Performance Analytics PRB676461 An indicator with a default time series will lose the default series in a widget in a breakdown dashboard
Performance Analytics PRB677641 Performance Analytics dashboards display 'The reference to entity' error
Performance Analytics PRB661575 Users with pa_contributor and pa_viewer roles are able to edit scores of all indicators
Performance Analytics PRB679718 The x axis on time charts displays numbers instead of dates
Performance Analytics PRB683441 Exporting highcharts after changing visualization gives JSON not found error
Performance Analytics PRB667838 'Show indicator' scorecard row should follow breakdown element
Performance Analytics PRB669162 Widget Indicator Label is not being used on List Widgets
Performance Analytics PRB676954 When opening the detailed scorecard from a list, a javascript error occurs
Performance Analytics PRB674734 Unable to drag Performance Analytics Scorecard to favorites in UI16
Performance Analytics PRB670571 White labels in stacked column charts do not show in IE11
Performance Analytics PRB712738 DataCollector should not use glide.memory.watcher.log_threads_threshold to kill the job
Performance Analytics PRB702273 User with PA_POWER_USER role is not able to select a "Color Scheme" when creating a new Breakdown Widget
Performance Analytics PRB679590 The "Render continuous line" option and aggregate does not display all scores on the detailed scorecard
Performance Analytics PRB674246 Exporting a widget to an image truncates some data points when the x-axis has a large amount of data
Performance Analytics PRB686412 PA - "Daily Incident Collection" job is throwing NullPointerException at (
Performance Analytics PRB675545 Russian translation is not working on PA widgets headings, etc.
Performance Analytics PRB668614 Decreased performance on scorecards and widgets that show scores for second-level breakdowns. Index is missing columns.
Performance Analytics PRB669762 Data collector fails when there is a script without facts table
Performance Analytics PRB670560 Opening a detailed scorecard causes an "Invalid date" error and no data is displayed
Performance Analytics PRB701865 Overall percentages display twice in Breakdown widgets with Visualization 'Column' and percentage indicator settings
Performance Analytics PRB664950 A formula indicator such as ([[Number of new incidents]] - [[Number of resolved incidents]]) / 3 with precision 0 still shows the untruncated scores
Performance Analytics PRB665941 In PA Scoresheet, when numbers are entered into search box, data will be overwritten in the highlighted scoresheet cell
Performance Analytics PRB687300 [CONTENT] - Incident content dashboard don't work when the customer upgrade from Fuji
Performance Analytics PRB668718 When exporting to PNG, the time series widget shows all scores when "Show range selector" is checked
Performance Analytics PRB690552 When clicking on an indicator in a dashboard widget, viewing the details, the navigating back to the dashboard via the application back button (not the browser back button) the dashboard widget displays the detail view and not the indicator view.
Performance Analytics PRB678225 PA dashboard widgets fail to load due to Color Definition
Performance Statistics and Graphs PRB655167 Diagnostics Page does not work with certain system properties enabled.
Persistence PRB646151 MySQL database tables reach the Index limit and new queries are inefficient, causing instance performance degradations and outages
Persistence PRB675240 Users attempting to update an incident receive the message " Lock Wait TimeOut Exceeded, try restarting transaction", and the update fails
Persistence PRB668234 In Geneva, hr_change table does not reparent properly to hr_case table
Persistence PRB670087 [Oracle]fix_promote_cmdbci_attributes_to_cmdb.xml takes a long time to run with a large number of records in the CMDB_CI table
Persistence PRB709611 The function 'DBObjectManager.isCircularRelationship' is not checking for a null child causing to be set to null.
Persistence PRB650211 Unable to get current.variables.<variable_name> in service catalog reference qualifier when auto-complete category is routed to read-replica
Persistence PRB670065 Uncaught exception from RecordWatcherCache due to inconsistent watcher configuration factories between nodes
Persistence PRB650197 Use of the Table Cleaner against an excessively large table cleaned causes instance performance or replication degradations
Persistence PRB690038 getMyGroups() javascript predicate does not trigger real-time task events (update, enter, exit) due to equals clause to array returned by groups method
Persistence PRB650167 Oracle query issued in ElementMetadataQuerier joins lower('sys_id'), degrading performance because desired index is not used
Persistence PRB665559 Unexpected behavior when calling GlideMultipleDelete through the global "Delete" UI Action via a business rule
Persistence PRB669832 Database views with long table names fail
Persistence PRB646836 Tables that extend using table_per_hierarchy do not delete correctly (e.g., extending Task)
Persistence PRB688106 ALTER gets stuck waiting for metadata lock and blocks reads against the table being altered causing an instance outage (depending on table)
Persistence PRB679849 Reparenting allows users to move system tables (such as Task) onto their own ancestors, which can result in data loss
Persistence PRB665260 The sys_storage_alias properties are not deleted along with tables extending from TPH
Persistence PRB667293 Performance issues on HI
Persistence PRB654732 Index hint cannot be created for index names matching MySQL reserved words (index, table, etc.) in master
Planned Maintenance PRB674283 Maintenance Plan "Add to existing" task creation policy not recalculating "Next run time"
Planned Maintenance PRB653714 SM Planned Maintenance plugin creates a record to a non-existent table, which generates errors when the script is run
Platform Miscellaneous PRB667239 Value from dot-walked reference field repeated in empty rows within Lists and Reports starting in Geneva
Platform Miscellaneous PRB599151 Choice List cache is not cleared when inactivating choices
Platform Miscellaneous PRB683565 SessionDebug LogListener leak
Platform Miscellaneous PRB637782 The login UI should detect original user switch and force re-rendering of the current page for a new user
Platform Miscellaneous PRB698780 syscache_m2m cache has many unnecessary entries, and may be undersized for tables with many reference fields
Platform Miscellaneous PRB653280 Journal list type fields display empty on a database view
Platform Miscellaneous PRB585094 'Or' conditions omitted from the query in the header section of a list exported to PDF
Platform Performance PRB644356 Unnecessary metric.update events are generated for table-field combinations with no active metric definition
Platform Performance PRB670798 Group reports will lock if there is a large number of reports assigned to the user or any of the user groups
Platform Performance PRB668370 User sessions are timing out/expiring in spite of the home page refresh timer (5 minutes) and session timeout (AMB process in Geneva)
Platform Performance PRB650039 shows running jobs which are not running as confirmed by reviewing
Platform Performance PRB713689 Slow transaction for / due to PmPlannedTask: All Tasks Query.
Platform Performance PRB681053 User preferences are loaded for JSON (v1) requests causing increase on memory usage in Geneva
Platform Security PRB701497 When High Security Settings plugin is not activated, Explicit Roles plugin causes all non-admins to lose read/write/create/delete access to most tables
Platform Security PRB665720 The StorageEncrypter incorrectly encrypts and decrypts plain text strings
Platform Security PRB638875 The "html_sanitize" dictionary attribute cannot be added using the Attributes related list
Platform Security PRB661719 Additional Comments and Work Notes ACL fields do not evaluate as expected
Platform Security PRB702008 After Helsinki upgrade: 1. Password 2 columns still have short length and 2. When a business rule is disabled, it still makes the business rule read-only
Platform Security PRB680719 StackOverflow when loading huge-size properties from DB
Platform Security PRB677904 HTML text does not honor the HTML sanitizer white list configurations for anchor links
Platform Security PRB679441 TermList ACL cache load is expensive and can take a long time
Platform Security PRB645166 NPE after upgrade from Eureka if there is loop in sys_user_role_contains table during Role Management plugin activation
Platform Security PRB668917 Password2 length should be enforced to 255
Platform Security PRB674503 Performance degradation when using GlideRecordSecure when the record being queried contains fields such as variables, audio
Platform Security PRB647631 Group Member/sys_user_grmember option does not appear in the target table field for transform map when in an application scope
Policy and Compliance PRB674394 GRC compliance percentage is calculating incorrectly.
Policy and Compliance PRB670553 Knowledge base records are created or updated when activating ITGRC
Procurement PRB692250 Purchase Order numbers can be duplicated from a list view of proc_po records.
Procurement PRB662758 If no model categories are associated with a model, procurement fails on asset creation
Procurement PRB700214 Purchase Orders are always consolidated
Procurement PRB647816 Transfer Order Line (alm_transfer_order_line) uses the same Asset
Product Catalog PRB671465 Publish to Hardware Catalog translation issue
Project Management PRB664469 Users with timeline_user role cannot personalize their timeline visualizations
Project Management PRB664923 Planning Console - When returning from a task or relationship detail, form is reloaded and expanded sections collapsed.
Project Management PRB673037 Selecting 'Project workbench' context menu from the project list view does not display anything
Project Management PRB670348 Export to MS Project does not always work and results in a 0-byte XML file
Project Management PRB665198 Planning console is blank when the project has a decimal value in the 'Percent complete' field when the language is Brazilian Portuguese
Project Management PRB697483 Creating a project: Can fail when Plugin[Project Management] is active and Plugin[Project Portfolio Suite] is not active
Project Management PRB676462 PPM import gets stuck if no Project Name is specified during import
Project Management PRB676666 Project Management (PPM) - Large Projects take longer than maximum execution time to delete
Project Management PRB659301 new Parent project task does not reflect parent percent complete when existing project task 100% complete is added to it
Project Management PRB715502 In Portfolio workbench when fiscal year is set to 'ALL', the following error message will appear: "Something wrong on the client side. Contact system administrator"
Project Management PRB701769 When changing Planned start date and Planned end date of an existing Project or Project Task record, the Planned end date and Duration value changes to a different value after saving the form
Project Management PRB708909 Resource report cannot be exported by resource manager
Project Management PRB664901 Microsoft Project projects imported into ServiceNow are not reflecting the right planned end date
Project Management PRB665776 Activating Project Management Import plugin drops all data from Project and Project Task table
Project Management PRB671552 Demand Management module under PPS throws runtime exceptions due to an OOB script issue.
Project Management PRB673030 New button not able to be removed for the Resource Plan related list
Project Management PRB668230 Project dates are not copied correctly from a demand when a different default schedule is set
Project Management PRB668503 Actual End Date for parent project gets incorrectly set and/or updated even though all of the Projects Tasks for the Project are not complete.
Project Management PRB668817 Users cannot create dependency when locale is not English
Project Management PRB657816 In the global.TimecardAjax script include is this line: this._generateMissingCards(this.tasks);. It appears that (this.tasks) is never populated.
Project Management PRB663468 CIO Roadmap shows duplicate projects
Project Management PRB714855 Planned duration calculation is incorrect when there is a holiday scheduled during that week.
Project Management PRB702768 Upgrading to Helsinki or Geneva causes system to remove the project_manager and other project related roles from existing user role assignments
Project Management PRB621700 Closing a project task in a large project with many project tasks can take 8-12 seconds.
Project Management PRB682559 Workbench options "Create new Project" and "Goto Planning Console" not translated
Project Management PRB646361 Timeline Visualization titles do not translate
Project Management PRB676623 Test Management > Overview module causes Warning log entries including "getEditLink" is not defined.
Project Management PRB655952 NullPointerException when clearing unused schedules in cache
Project Management PRB661427 Move child PROJTASKs between 2 projects does not recalculate Percent Complete properly for both parent projects
Project Management PRB663411 Creating a project from a template - user can create duplicated projects by clicking again and again on the OK button.
Project Management PRB674348 No scroll bar in the Alert Timeline balloon pop-up
Project Management PRB669159 Unable to import a Microsoft project
Project Management PRB662270 Project Management: Setting Planned Duration for Planned Task table to Read only in dictionary causes the Planned End Date to calculate incorrectly
Project Management PRB701628 Duration is calculated incorrectly when saving a new project task in the planning console task view
Project Management PRB701925 Cost Plans are not updated to accurately reflect the planned dates of a Resource Plan
Project Management PRB706638 Project Task related list is not appearing
Project Management PRB678271 Only users with admin role should be allowed to delete records from pm_project & pm_project_task tables.
Project Management PRB710680 Helsinki users with Program and Portfolio manager roles get access denied error when trying to access Program and Portfolio workbench modules
Project Management PRB702989 [Helsinki] Performance delay while loading a top project (which has 8000+ project tasks) via planning console
Project Management PRB696853 Tasks are opening slowly
Project Management PRB640726 Sub-projects don't work as expected in Project workbench.
Project Management PRB673079 The PercentComplete value is different in ServiceNow than what is exported to MS Project.
Project Management PRB676527 The planned_task sub_tree_root field is being set to top_task and not the expected subproject
Project Management PRB662013 Project status incorrectly changed to "Closed skipped"
Project Management PRB711103 MicrosoftProjectImporter sets "Active" field to "true" during insert and not updating based on Percent complete[percent_complete] or Actual end date[work_end]field values !
Project Management PRB711623 The top_task field is being set to the sub_tree_root value and this corrupts the project hierarchy
Project Management PRB698916 History feature not usable from Project Planning Console
Project Management PRB627580 Project tasks created through the Project Workbench automatically get added as guided boards to the VTB
Project Management PRB665729 Geneva Project Management v3 - Tasks in Planning Console with Actual Start and Actual End as the same date/time do not appear
Project Management PRB682911 The Date/Time value for Planned end date is automatically changed when the project is submitted.
Project Management PRB666802 After starting a project, all project tasks, regardless of dependencies, get moved to WIP and an actual start date is set.
Project Management PRB646162 Project template phase stays in the Initiating phase
Project Management PRB667286 Updating/deleting task relationships and importing MSP files does not update the project
Project Management PRB646769 Closing multiple tasks together takes lot of time in Eureka
Project Management PRB687038 Unable to create new projects using the project templates when upgrading without 'Project Portfolio Suite' plugin being active
Project Management PRB668286 Planning console is not available to user without rights to create, read, update, or delete on the project task table.
Project Management PRB669228 Additional fields cannot be added to planning console view.
Project Management PRB692279 NumberFormatException error while upgrading to Helsinki
Project Portfolio Management PRB666829 Error messages do not convey the correct meaning Timeline Visualization
Project Portfolio Management PRB688159 Zero Planned Duration and Zero Actual Duration project tasks leads to an infinite loop
Project Portfolio Management PRB679877 Event Management "Alert Timeline" are not updated or refreshed with new "Major" alerts
Release Management PRB678088 Excel export for Release Task does not work when sorting a list with magnifying glass
Reporting PRB711073 For map type reports where the set map is set to Michigan, display results are not included in the map
Reporting PRB687295 Real-time auto-refreshing of single score widget does not work
Reporting PRB689636 Printer-friendly version not working with reports
Reporting PRB661809 Horizontal scroll bar does not appear for list and form view when viewing reports
Reporting PRB678332 Calendar reporting date values are shifting back one day
Reporting PRB678754 AutoSysFields should be set to False to prevent all reports to be seen as updated or modified.
Reporting PRB700273 [CANVAS] If the homepage title has more than one apostrophe, results in scripts error
Reporting PRB681673 There is an error when exporting heatmap reports or charts that show grid into PDF
Reporting PRB674589 PDFReportPivot causes high node memory when exporting PDF with many rows (may include columns)
Reporting PRB674860 Multiple dataset only works for admin users
Reporting PRB669172 Grouping by a field with a % in the data causes the drill-down to error out with URI Malformed error
Reporting PRB709868 The order of columns on a list report does not respect the user preference on dashboards and home pages
Reporting PRB697412 View not respected in list for pie, donut, or funnel report with a view defined
Reporting PRB681136 Stacked Bar chart with Other column fails to render
Reporting PRB686982 Certain homepages are having new widgets added after every upgrade
Reporting PRB682228 Chart legend is not expandable, so at least the display grid expand should be accessible
Reporting PRB698269 Report homepage does not search properly when using the report query URL parameter with special characters
Reporting PRB674530 Export to PDF a Column report with 'stack by' + 'Grouped Columns': Result is a Stacked Columns report
Reporting PRB686920 [Canvas][Homepage] Not able to remove widget from homepage if it has issues loading (e.g. Slow Performance Graphs widget)
Reporting PRB675324 Calendar gauges and reports on homepages no longer remember selected "Highlight based on" setting
Reporting PRB681076 Error exporting related lists with conditions from a form when ACLs are applied to the table
Reporting PRB669506 Breakdown in Breakdown Dashboard with 'Act as filter' = true works only for the first table in the list, but doesn't work for other Reference Tables of the "Interactive Filter References"
Reporting PRB661248 Updating title of Report widgets is not reflected in Dashboards [CANVAS]
Reporting PRB696039 Chart on form does not filter properly on Helsinki
Reporting PRB700013 Exporting an Incident ticket to PDF does not include all fields.
Reporting PRB666893 Pivot table links work differently from release to release
Reporting PRB695996 [CANVAS] Dashboards groups ordering are not working
Resource Management PRB666236 Resource Report "Group Members Availability (Hrs)" is unreadable with large groups
Resource Management PRB674425 "RP" is not a defined exception when trying to open resource workbench.
Resource Management PRB675786 Installing the com.snc.resource_management plugin does not work as expected if the com.snc.project_management_v2 plugin is already active
Resource Management PRB684924 Incorrect calculation for resource plan/allocation cost
Resource Management PRB673309 Run button is not refreshing reports in IE11 on the second attempt
Resource Management PRB677148 While creating a Resource plan, users see NullPointerException and errors in the logs.
Resource Management PRB636256 Graph is not refreshing if user changes allocations in workbench
Scheduled Job Processing PRB702565 A worker thread does not reset its session domain before executing a scheduled job
Schedules PRB683887 I18N Internationalization: show_schedule page does not get translated into other languages
SDLC PRB688016 In IE, back button on Sprint Planning reloads the instance in the iFrame.
SDLC PRB653654 The 'New' UI action on the Teams table (scrum_pp_team) in the base system causes errors and does not work from a normal list view
SDLC PRB631347 UI actions scripts that contain more than 4000 characters get truncated on instances running Oracle
SDLC PRB688011 When the state of a feature record (rm_feature) changes to "Testing/QA", the record goes from active to inactive.
SDLC PRB670345 Fix script 'sys_script_fix_033bd6fa373321001a8326877e41f12b.xml' executed during upgrade changes data and reopens closed rm_defect or rm_enhancement records if state choice list has been customized
SDLC PRB683957 Assigned To does not get saved for a Scrum task
SDLC PRB667196 Moving story to project does not set backlog type to project.
SDLC PRB670490 The sprint Burndown Chart displays the incorrect day for users who have the GMT- time zone
SDLC PRB662137 Velocity chart is not working.
SDLC PRB637112 OrderingEngine runs a query inside a synchronized block, which can lead to a node outage
SDLC PRB690494 Sprints not showing in Sprint Burndown Chart
Security Access Control Lists PRB697157 Users can still see the + icon on CI Relations Formatter even though they do not have create/write access
Security Access Control Lists PRB656165 Changing active field on sys_security_acl causes sys_replace_on_upgrade to be set to false due to Automatic Description business rule
Security Access Control Lists PRB658193 After Fuji upgrade, list view for a custom table (extended from task) is not displayed.
Security Incident Response PRB710377 is broken when glide.ui.escape_text is false
Server Side Scripting PRB709246 IdentificationEngineScriptableApi not available to Scoped Applications
Server Side Scripting PRB653936 Conditions 'is different' and 'is same' do not work in scoped applications
Server Side Scripting PRB660624 Script building a string of 16MB should be throwing an error that can be caught rather than java.lang.RuntimeException
Server Side Scripting PRB668211 Service Portal script evaluation should support app scoping
Server Side Scripting PRB663348 Application Scoping - Onchange catalog client script unable to access table (private) extended from cmdb_ci (Global).
Server Side Scripting PRB656274 Excessively large script may cause Rhino to generate more Java byte code than is allowed by the Java specification
Server Side Scripting PRB677833 GlideRecord is not working in the scoped CMS Portal
Server Side Scripting PRB702120 The redirect panel in a wizard produces a blank page in Helsinki
Server Side Scripting PRB650398 For scoped App calls from the menu, need to add toString and split to the sandbox to call these functions.
Service Analytics PRB674358 Remote exploitation of an input validation error vulnerability in the Apache Software Foundation's commons-collections could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code on the targeted host.
Service Catalog PRB710595 Back button on com.glideapp.servicecatalog_cat_item_guide_view page is not redirecting as expected
Service Catalog PRB666627 When clicking a multi-line text label in the Catalog, the cursor jumps to a different variable
Service Catalog PRB642239 "Description" key does not translate on sys_ui_message for catalog checkout.
Service Catalog PRB684012 Using the maintain cart layouts, when no field is selected on the ordering widget, the widget gets hidden when the price is updated.
Service Catalog PRB689172 Variables of type Macro with Label do not display the label (question) in Geneva or Helsinki when using UI11.
Service Catalog PRB669691 "Order Now" functionality won't carry on the attachments in cart item to requested item.
Service Catalog PRB678168 The property css.table.column.head.background.color is not doing what it supposed to do.
Service Catalog PRB712547 When system date format is not default, ITIL users are unable to update a form that has a Date variable with the write role
Service Catalog PRB699795 Check box variable Tool Tip is not shown when hovering over question text.
Service Catalog PRB700296 Small images in the Service Catalog for categories are less sharp or pixelated
Service Catalog PRB701409 Publication role restrictions not enforced properly in Service Creator
Service Catalog PRB614832 Content_Site Table error causing a job to be looping after upgrading to Eureka
Service Catalog PRB665415 Select Box Variable shows javascript code in choices for NULL_OVERRIDE choice fields
Service Catalog PRB665777 Order guides with many variables causing service catalog items to load slowly after request is submitted.
Service Catalog PRB665907 In Geneva, the configure variable option is available on the Container Start display label.
Service Catalog PRB666027 Catalog variable reference qualifier Conditions have a maximum length of 255, causing truncation of the condition on submit.
Service Catalog PRB644582 Wizard stage banner displays invalid panel names
Service Catalog PRB686253 'catalog_item_designer' and 'catalog_editor' roles removed from user when modifying sc_ic_category_request.editors list
Service Catalog PRB649111 Wrong translation value for 'Copy of' is added to the catalog item name after it is copied
Service Catalog PRB686400 Items from order guides are processed independently of catalog items, which affects the two-step checkout process
Service Catalog PRB667893 Recurring price under total price is shown in user currency instead of fixed price currency
Service Catalog PRB653587 The price in the check box of a Service Catalog item shows as USD even if a fixed price in another currency is set.
Service Catalog PRB668698 Variable derived (dot-walked) from a catalog item will not appear on a list report if user doesn't have catalog_admin role
Service Catalog PRB677910 In the cart layout, the item ordering widget is not used if a catalog item has Legacy custom cart specified.
Service Catalog PRB670617 servicecatalog_checkout_view_v2 generates too many requests to sc_layout
Service Catalog PRB679332 Catalog search hides catalog items based on the role of the entitlement, even though only user criteria is enabled
Service Catalog PRB702803 Read-only reference type variable value fails to update in the RITM variable editor.
Service Catalog PRB704076 Receiving error message: The following fields contain invalid text: <FIELD NAME>
Service Catalog PRB679719 Variables in Variable set does not cascade in scriptable order guide
Service Catalog PRB636637 When an item is ordered via 'Order Item' button, the title on the Order Status page is not translated
Service Catalog PRB666209 Value for Given Special Instructions field is not shown for the requested item
Service Catalog PRB683202 Catalog UI Policy is not working as expected when the variable is of type "Break."
Service Catalog PRB641459 Recurring price from variable is not showing in cart unless there is a recurring price on the catalog item
Service Catalog PRB644523 Special characters not being honored for item short description on order status
Service Catalog PRB667014 Check box adds an incorrect price to an item when the single currency system property is set to true and the user country code is non-US.
Service Catalog PRB646613 Multiple-choice Service Catalog variables with 'Do not select the first choice' get saved with the first choice
Service Catalog PRB648104 Increasing resolution on a catalog item will push the Submit button off the page causing scrolling problems
Service Catalog PRB667866 Date field in a record producer has an invalid value when checked out through an order guide
Service Catalog PRB674981 Shipping Location is ignored, If Requested For is not checked in the 2-step checkout cart layout.
Service Catalog PRB654203 [Geneva][Internet Explorer] Reference magnifying glass renders below input box on order checkout status page
Service Catalog PRB689615 Switching the tabs using next button in order guides is not showing the mandatory icon(*).
Service Catalog PRB655957 Reference variable click icon that allows click through or hover is not displayed if variable is set to read-only by write roles
Service Catalog PRB670340 In a cloned request, some fields are not updated correctly
Service Catalog PRB670503 Execution Plan does not honor Waits For
Service Catalog PRB678700 Catalog Content Item with a content type of 'module' does not use the icon set on the content type
Service Catalog PRB678990 Variable (for example, select box) not within container (2 columns) is showing different length on Geneva (as compare to Fuji)
Service Catalog PRB635062 Business rule performing incorrect check against child records
Service Catalog PRB645777 If a catalog variable is uninitialized or empty value on Record Producer, producer gives undefined value
Service Catalog PRB667308 Catalog Search autocomplete doesn't not work in multi-language
Service Catalog PRB674109 Add to Cart button or Order This Item box are not displayed
Service Catalog PRB686186 GlideWhiteListManager throws security exception on java-accessible-members.xml when working with array lists
Service Catalog PRB649908 Advanced reference qualifier does not use 'current' correctly on catalog task form when first loaded
Service Catalog PRB652218 Variable Set does not honor item-specific order on catalog item
Service Catalog PRB668222 Changing the user's language while on a Catalog item can take 60+ seconds
Service Catalog PRB677219 Item Designer not capturing status change to Published
Service Catalog PRB702757 "gs.getMessage" used in a ServiceNow client script to update cart price, is causing an uncaught reference error in the browser
Service Catalog PRB703895 The scroll bar under the timeline for order guides has a scroll bar.
Service Catalog PRB707221 Inactivating an sc_layout record renders a blank screen
Service Catalog PRB665351 Discrepancies observed in displaying pagination values for a list of items under a category.
Service Catalog PRB629119 Item Designer: The tables sc_ic_req_item_task_defn and sc_ic_trq_item_aprvl_defn have the update sync attribute but they should not be included in Update Sets.
Service Catalog PRB698788 The "Delivery Plan Schedule" on the "Self Service view" of the sc_req_item does not display newly created sc_task
Service Catalog PRB666430 Cart Preview Screen pages can be slow to load if Lookup variables are empty
Service Catalog PRB666817 Tooltips not translated If the property is set to false
Service Catalog PRB667144 Printer-friendly page does not display contents of a variable multi-line text field when there is a lot of text.
Service Catalog PRB667362 Label Spacing is inconsistent on the service catalog form in compact mode
Service Catalog PRB667833 Property is missing on some Geneva instances, causing 'true' labels in the cart buttons on catalog categories page
Service Catalog PRB668011 'clean_demo_data.js' script deleting all the record producers in Helsinki
Service Catalog PRB676530 A performance lag is encountered and the Service Catalog homepage does not render when using the Top Requests dynamic category and User Criteria.
Service Catalog PRB690028 "onChange" Catalog Client Script running against a "Multiple Choice" variable behaves differently between Fuji and Geneva
Service Catalog PRB678314 Continue Shopping button does not get set correctly when the catalog was accessed through sc_cat_item content type via list block.
Service Catalog PRB691890 In list or form view, mousing over a reference icon which references a table that has a sys_popup view that contains a variable editor, causes the form to render differently.
Service Catalog PRB705073 Unable to select text in read-only variables using Firefox
Service Catalog PRB709159 There is no way to pass values to 2-step checkout form
Service Catalog PRB665540 Service Catalog Form: a hidden variable field between check box variables occupies space on the form
Service Catalog PRB682218 Custom Cart Layout Column macros are not shown in Geneva Patch 7
Service Catalog PRB666647 On a request item, the price is set to zero when there is more than one approver.
Service Catalog PRB667135 Issue when rendering the order of service catalog variables and variable sets.
Service Catalog PRB667361 Category field reference on catalog items are not removed
Service Catalog PRB650073 Special characters are escaped in the service catalog variable and in the summary page in Edit Cart view
Service Catalog PRB675143 Width changes for check box variables are not honored
Service Catalog PRB653339 Multiple clicks on Proceed to Checkout button leads to 'Cannot check out with an empty cart!' error after checkout (see PRB588289)
Service Catalog PRB659718 Reference field pop-up prevents catalog item submission
Service Catalog PRB678529 Unable to load 2-step checkout page when address of user has an ampersand (&) in it.
Service Catalog PRB697378 Variables displayed under summarizer on shopping cart page do not follow the order defined in the catalog item
Service Catalog PRB698757 User Criteria Related Lists do not display correctly
Service Catalog PRB636323 When homepage image of service catalog category is updated, the image does not appear on the self-service dashboard
Service Catalog PRB684564 Order of variable set is not working in Negative value.
Service Catalog PRB648487 'Delivery Date' and 'Estimated Delivery Date of Complete Order' is wrong when dateFormat is 'dd/MM/yyyy'
Service Catalog PRB649441 A 'null' value appears in the service catalog checkout page
Service Catalog PRB674728 setMandatory after onchange client script has old/past help text box.
Service Catalog PRB667961 Unable to update variable when variable is used as condition.
Service Catalog PRB668721 Catalog UI policies do not work if write role is applied to variables used in the condition for non-admin users
Service Catalog PRB677997 'Lookup Select Box' dependent variable value is not changing when Reference(parent variable) variable value is changed.
Service Catalog PRB700558 Order Guide - Describe Needs - Choose Options page displays blank
Service Catalog PRB642256 Shopping cart widget title not displaying correctly
Service Catalog PRB667426 Hover feature (tooltip) on stages does not work on the com.glideapp.servicecatalog_checkout_view UI page
Service Catalog PRB674891 g_form not working on 2-Step checkout page with Cart Layouts
Service Catalog PRB654260 The Geneva Technical Catalog is unavailable
Service Catalog PRB655321 setValue not working with onChange client script for HTML variable in a requested catalog item
Service Catalog PRB689836 In the non doctype mode, the help does not display when you click the More Information button on Service Catalog pages
Service Catalog PRB691181 Degraded performance and increase in SQL count for transactions in GP7
Service Catalog PRB679351 Changes to User Criteria 'Not Available For' on catalog items does not clear the cache for Categories
Service Desk: Call PRB668679 Inconsistent behavior when creating REQ from New call
Service Management Designer PRB669179 In Facilities Service Management, templates are not usable when changing language
Service Mapping PRB699928 BSS DDM (P) has lost its LB in history
Service Mapping PRB702974 Unable to establish SSH connection from MID Server to other server; cannot identify the app, but can identify other apps on server
Service Mapping PRB668711 Websphere and Oracle instance does not have running process in some cases.
Service Mapping PRB668845 Not able to Service Map an Oracle Concurrent Server running on Solaris (netstat illegal option t)
Service Mapping PRB703127 Discovery of Service using MS-Cluster may hang due to wrong selection of MID by business rule
Service Mapping PRB671441 MID upgrade occasionally fails due to lock on DLL used by Service Mapping (log4net.dll)
Service Mapping PRB687001 Problem with business service sync on upgrade from Geneva to Helsinki
Service Mapping PRB687280 Service Mapping SSH sessions leave commands in the history of the SSH shell
Service Mapping PRB690379 Multiple 'Business Service' Classes on CMDB_CI after activating the Discovery plugin
Service Mapping PRB661196 Auto-upgrade of the MID Server fails
Service Mapping PRB673960 BaseEndpointFullData calls isManualConnection, isTrafficBased even when the source ID is null.
Service Mapping PRB711462 Service Mapping makes multiple redundant calls to CyberArk when there are unresolved external credentials.
Service Mapping PRB681639 Merge table closure is not efficiently handling large tables
Service Mapping PRB668135 Service Mapping logging debug messages when MID Server debug is disabled
Service Mapping PRB679625 Null pointer exception in the Discovery log and Discovery stops
Service Mapping PRB674958 Sharepoint connection not properly handling named SQL Server instance (host\instance)
Service Mapping PRB675592 Wildcard write ACL blocks access when Service Mapping plugin is installed
Service Mapping PRB690502 Error on server request updateFetchMashup. Unknown Error
Service Mapping PRB702999 Browser gets stuck when clicking 'View map' in business service
Service Mapping PRB682516 Service Mapping CyberArk integration does not fall back to IP address
Service Mapping PRB654928 If there are both an active and a passive BIG-IP F5 cluster, Service Mapping does not always pick the active cluster
Service Mapping PRB677144 Add bypass to F5 behavior
Service Mapping PRB684555 Service Mapping fails to identify listening port correctly when using lsof on UNIX systems
Service Mapping PRB670350 Users cannot scroll in the Service Mapping Discovery log in IE11
ServiceNow Store Site PRB679784 On App Details page, change the wording in compatibility.
Service Portal PRB704846 [Type-ahead Search] Users see error when searching text on Service Portal: Server Javascript error cannot convert null to an object
Service Portal PRB679734 Error messages are displayed when searching in Service Portal for German users
Service Portal PRB698352 List collectors do not display correctly if the referenced records' display values have commas
Service Portal PRB684546 Service Portal widgets are not all using ${} for the text, which then cannot be translated
Service Portal PRB686126 Service Portal is not using the translations for the catalog item 'container start' variable title
Service Portal PRB674262 Errors processing Order Guide Rule Bases, dependent items are not shown
Service Portal PRB686402 In Helsinki/Service Portal - Search is not available on the home page in mobile view
Service Portal PRB686507 Some Service Portal form elements are not working
Service Portal PRB688345 Unable to hide Label variables in Service Portal Service Catalog using UI Policy Actions
Service Portal PRB689425 Order Guide 'Required Information' does not get reevaluated if conditions change
Service Portal PRB678358 Widget names and Page titles are not sorted
Service Portal PRB712174 HTML tags in help text of Catalog and Record producer variables are not rendered in Service Portal
Service Portal PRB707257 In Service Portal, articles are still present in Knowledge Base after they have expired
Service Portal PRB681149 Service Portal compiles SCSS files using a Java library that has a problem when using floats
Service Portal PRB681375 Relative dates on the Service Portal are hardcoded and do not consider the system date/time format
Service Portal PRB682388 HR Service Portal translation issues
Service Portal PRB683222 The 'KB Most Viewed' widget in Service Portal does not display all the fields to customize it
Service Portal PRB683998 Double quotes in internationalization messages generate JS error on Catalog form and Order Guide
Service Portal PRB684486 The action buttons on the approval widget are not rendering properly
Service Portal PRB674590 In Service Portal, the Simple List widget needs the sp_page field to be visible when configuring Instance options
Service Portal PRB709901 Service Portal Home mobile module incorrectly links to $ instead of linking to /sp
Service Portal PRB701328 Service Portal not displaying -- NONE -- in dependent choice list field
Service Portal PRB702361 Column sp_rectangle_menu_item of table sp_rectangle_menu_item has a reference to a table that does not exist
Service Portal PRB696436 Catalog UI policies to set field read-only are getting applied on fields in Order Guides in Service Portal, even though 'Applies on a Catalog Item view' is not checked
Service Portal PRB683962 Service Portal needs an alternative to Formatters for Variable Editor, Activity Formatter, Approval Summarizer, etc.
Service Portal PRB684427 getMessage in Catalog Client Script does not translate text for Catalog Item
Service Portal PRB676627 Copy Page UI action does not work and should be removed.
Service Portal PRB691963 lookup_label is not used for variable types 'Lookup Select Box' and 'Lookup Multiple Choice'
Service Portal PRB710462 Conversation widget might not show if no readable journal field is available in stream
Service Portal PRB710893 Picture does not display on a catalog item if it is included in the Service Portal Order Guide
Service Portal PRB712487 g_form.setValue to empty is broken for reference fields in Service Portal
Service Portal PRB701759 There is no 'None' glyph to remove a glyph after it has been added to the Service Portal
Service Portal PRB706265 Order guide description is not being shown
Service Portal PRB708902 Service Portal boolean fields with default values of "true" do not save when inserting a new record
Service Portal PRB681368 Service Portal branding editor, page editor, and widget editor do not work in Oracle instances
Service Portal PRB683177 "" property does not work for Service Portal when set to "never"
Service Portal PRB683559 g_user_date_time_format is not accessible in the Service Portal
Service Portal PRB686466 Need API to determine in a Catalog Client Script whether item is part of an order guide
Service Portal PRB674967 Service Portal Designer filter widget input has incorrect z-index causing scrolling content to overlap
Service Portal PRB668463 Direct links with in the URL are not working
Service Portal PRB677858 Unable to see activities from a closed incident. Incident records include errors.
Service Portal PRB678072 Data table widget might fail to show column label
Service Portal PRB678623 Service Portal rendering of catalog items does not honor the "Display title" setting for variable sets for the item.
Service Portal PRB701701 Record producer in Service Portal places variables sets in different order in variable editor
Service Portal PRB698288 When switching from one portal to another via URL link, the new portal's Catalog is not used
Service Portal PRB683040 Helsinki plugin dependency
Service Portal PRB686965 Auto-complete in the reference picker in Service Portal Catalog Items does not behave the way the platform reference picker does
Service Portal PRB687156 Included items without short_description are not shown in the Order Guide
Service Portal PRB669569 ACL protected records do not show "Number of rows removed from this list by Security constraints:" message. Need to fix pagination counts.
Service Portal PRB691356 Select boxes with different fields and displaying choices based on one value using a catalog client policy work in the Catalog and not Service Portal
Service Portal PRB678572 Unable to see the entire Description field when viewing a PRB record in HI, only the top line.
Service Portal PRB692894 Variable attributes to show additional columns do not work if the column is not on the list (ref_auto_completer=AJAXTableCompleter,ref_ac_columns=street,ref_ac_columns_search=true,ref_ac_display_value=false)
Service Portal PRB711291 Duplicate request gets created in order guides on Service Portal
Service Portal PRB709411 On the Service Portal, users with sp_admin role do not have read/write access to the sp_instance_menu and the sp_ng_template tables
Service Portal PRB679617 Service Portal takes too long to load if there are many items in the header menu.
Service Portal PRB696912 Inconsistency on placeholder 'required'
Service Portal PRB683333 Service Portal does not update price properly when updated by check box variable to reflect deselection
Service Portal PRB674248 On the Service Portal 'Export URL' (e.g., &PDF) is failing and preventing export of attachments
Service Portal PRB686313 In Service Portal, catalog item variable type "label" should render HTML
Service Portal PRB674955 Options Schema in Service Portal doesn't support hints
Service Portal PRB670266 Adding a new widget from sp_config generates invalid default JavaScript
Service Portal PRB692379 Variable labels are not translated in the "Options" section of tasks created from record producers.
Service Portal PRB710302 Long, unbroken title is not wrapped in ticket conversation widget header.
Service Portal PRB700124 Service Portal lists do not support dot-walked columns
Service Portal PRB709057 Duplicate stage values in Requested Items widget
Service Portal PRB682155 Service Catalog does not nest categories, and page loads slowly
Service Portal PRB683295 When a user goes to /sp/ the Service Portal redirects indefinitely.
Service Portal PRB674892 Loading the System Status page in Service Portal takes time when there are over 400 service records
Service Portal PRB688383 Type-ahead search widget in Service Portal shows catalog items that are not searchable (no search = true)
Service Portal PRB690239 Organization Chart widget in Service Portal Designer does not display as expected and cannot be edited.
Service Portal PRB678231 Service Portal redirects cannot be set up because required files are missing
Service Portal PRB678519 Setting glide.ui.escape_all_script to 'true' in a high-security setup makes the Service Portal fail on load when there are page load Dependencies
Service Portal PRB678800 Service Portal is unusable when question_answer table is populated in millions of rows
Service Portal PRB710610 Some variable types do not work in Variable Sets
Service Portal PRB712274 Catalog UI policy action does not run on-load in Service Portal for conditions on the CheckBox variable type
Service Portal PRB701539 Attachments to a catalog item are attached to the request rather than the requested item
Service Portal PRB704859 SP choice list should require value or use default_value if type is set to 'must specify a default value'
Service Portal PRB707375 Knowledge article count on category is incorrect in Service Portal (kb_view2) - it shows '-1'
Service Portal PRB709401 Service Portal in iPhone app displays catalog categories differently than in the regular browser
Service Portal PRB680118 Page Editor - Page Map shows widget instance as "Rectangle 1"
Service Portal PRB698680 Record Producers are not mapping variables to fields unless "Map to field" is selected
Service Portal PRB686132 Reference icon on Service Portal is displayed regardless of the readOnly status of the reference field
Service Portal PRB686410 Catalog Items of class 'Content Item' are not showing up in the new Service Portal but work as expected in the CMS portal
Service Portal PRB689449 In the Service Portal, the Link-button widget does not allow users to set the color in Widget Options
Service Portal PRB690181 While adding Connect Support widget to Service Portal page, the widget gets added but is not visible
Service Portal PRB690447 SP code failed to parse text contain en-dash (–, wider hyphen)
Service Portal PRB677937 glyphicon field type generates JS error on change in form
ServiceWatch Legacy PRB677834 In Legacy SW, when creating entry point of type FTP(S), no fields are shown
Skills Mgmt / Timecards PRB647489 When adding a member to a group with existing skills, the skills are assigned but with the 'Inherited from' field not set
SLA PRB684386 SLA settings for Holiday is not working
SLA PRB670033 Repair SLA does not work correctly when multiple task_sla records of different SLA definitions are selected or filtered.
SLA PRB669343 Service Offering SLAs only attach if the Service Offering is populated into the Configuration Item field on the associated task
SLA PRB702983 When to cancel field is not taken into consideration when the Condition Type is Simple
Software Asset Management PRB665386 SAMCounter job executing query with large IN clause
Software Asset Management PRB668153 SAMCounter upgrade/downgrade does not work correctly
Software Asset Management PRB647390 Software Counter not producing any counts for SQL Server counter
Software Asset Management PRB652829 Software License Counter job runs slowly if there are one or more sam_sw_counter_summary records with over 100,000 related sam_sw_counter_detail records
Source Control Integration PRB682873 Cannot import new applications from source control on instances with updates missing an application reference
Source Control Integration PRB696072 Source Control records are not preserved when cloning an instance
Studio PRB665756 Changing between tabs in the new Studio loses cursor position in Script Include
Studio PRB593560 Code formatting shows unexpected result when comments are in the same line of the code
Studio PRB679399 Studio crashes when app data includes a table with a blank name
Studio PRB688381 When linking with Source Control there should be a warning that Scoped Application Update Sets will be deleted
Survey Management PRB680786 Take survey: Dependent questions are not displayed when parent question is answered
Survey Management PRB681021 Support 'Changed To' type filter options within Survey Trigger Condition form.
Survey Management PRB646735 Trigger for survey wizard is broken
Survey Management PRB646665 SEVERE *** ERROR *** / by zero java.lang.ArithmeticException: / by zero
Survey Management PRB677677 Assessment Instances are updated twice in Geneva with state=complete, previously only updated once
Survey Management PRB679463 Survey Designer - Cannot create a dependent question as a mandatory question
Survey Management PRB667200 Legacy Surveys - Take Survey page does not show HTML text field due to CheckBox type question
Survey Management PRB675435 Survey Question choices (Assessment Metric Definitions) are not tracked in update sets if survey questions are created from Survey Designer section
Survey Management PRB689758 In Service Portal, guest users only see a blank Take Survey page
Survey Management PRB701182 The 'Cancel Expired Assessments' job cancels surveys before the due date if the date format is dd/MM/yyyy
Survey Management PRB701580 Survey designer does not recognize accented characters
Survey Management PRB692612 When a question has a dependency relation on a choice list, the dependency breaks.
System Applications PRB654229 Service Creator workflow is not triggering for non-catalog_admin users.
System Applications PRB664411 Script Editor does not load due to the CodeMirror error when database is still pointing to the old version
System Applications PRB625327 An Application Name with an apostrophe results in a javascript parsing issue on form Layout
System Applications PRB683568 Studio | Delegated Developer VCS requests are failing
System Applications PRB648755 Microsoft Edge: Switch to application link opens another navpage frame in main frame
System Applications PRB703002 Business rule Set functional template of Calculated removed by PRB626786 in Geneva Patch 3 is not getting deleted during upgrade.
System Applications PRB683534 'Answer' record and its 'Interceptor' parent record are not in the same application scope
System Applications PRB666633 Scoped Script - Update Script Name does not update API Name when updated in list view
System Applications PRB680796 On Helsinki instances with one node, 'ManifestService().getAllMissingManifests()' causes delays in event processing
System Applications PRB665821 Installing/Updating Scoped Application transfers the wrong sys_ui_list record if the view has List records personalized by users
System Applications PRB649982 The g_form setDisplay/setMandatory is not working in scoped Catalog Client Scripts
System Applications PRB675271 Store packages with static content not unzipped on disk if empty directory already exists
Tables and Dictionary PRB665807 Error during plugin activation (com.snc.change_management.standard_change_catalog)
Tables and Dictionary PRB668175 Prefix 'u_' not being added with client script on the Dictionary form when creating new fields on a custom table
Tables and Dictionary PRB690378 Cannot delete a scoped column added to an existing non-scoped table
Tables and Dictionary PRB666659 Dictionary Override New button on form is not working as expected
Tables and Dictionary PRB662358 Users are able to modify the "Update Sync" attribute for a new table.
Tables and Dictionary PRB666649 "dynamic creation" causes unexpected values to be updated in the user record
Tables and Dictionary PRB673091 Prevent duplicate numbers on a user-created table with the u_number field, add the attribute ignore_filter_on_new=true
Tables and Dictionary PRB648584 Favicon not applied to Form Designer and Survey Designer
Tables and Dictionary PRB670245 The default max value for 'Conditions' type fields is too low and often truncates the string value
Team Development PRB673198 Team Development transactions can be canceled by scoped quota rules
Team Development PRB674346 Team Development workflow notifications not working
Team Development PRB673926 If Team Development is turned on and too many local changes exist, performance issue occurs when adding new versions.
Templates PRB626884 Applying template via URL or wizard results in duplicate text in work notes
Test Management PRB669463 Adding test cases from test suite does not finish with a completed copy
Test Management PRB697009 Test Management module is experiencing significant performance issues - 90- to 180-second response times between user action and screen rendering for further action.
Test Management PRB637901 [IE9] Test Management UI scripts cause Incident form layout to break when attaching a file to a record
Test Suite PRB691188 Test cases short descriptions are being truncated when added to the Test Plan.
Text Search PRB627330 If the total weight for a document exceeds 255, the document ranking can be lower than expected
Text Search PRB698974 Table names that start with "ts" are not searchable using global or text / keywords search.
Text Search PRB676092 Global search does not like '^NQ' in encoded queries used in business rules
Text Search PRB701283 Change of Class Name for a Configuration Item causes the item to be missing from text and global search
Text Search PRB655934 Users are able to see records they should not be able to see using global search
Text Search PRB630666 Deactivating text indexing on System Dictionary (sys_dictionary) does not stop text_index events from being created
Text Search PRB669563 Enabling attachment indexing on catalog items where icon field value is added, causes text indexing on that item to break in Geneva
Text Search PRB592406 Search terms in capital letters that contain "JOIN" result in all records being returned in filters and text searches ("JOIN", "JOINT", "INNER JOIN" etc.)
Text Search PRB667436 Boolean operators AND, OR, and NOT should not be translated in the search tips for Global Search
Text Search PRB587024 Some text search stats/summary tables grow unreasonably large
Text Search PRB619012 Cannot find records using text search for values stored in variables.
UI Policy/Client Script PRB657182 g_form.showFieldMsg does not work with the Activity Formatter in UI16
UI Policy/Client Script PRB652972 Using the "is same" operator in UI policy condition against dot-walked field that does not appear on the form causes condition.value.split errors
UI Policy/Client Script PRB648099 Exact search match does not always display when using global search
UI Policy/Client Script PRB674859 Change in behavior of readOnly fields in UI16
UI Policy/Client Script PRB658414 Catalog UI policy displays the sys_id instead of the display value
UI Policy/Client Script PRB634718 Setting field to mandatory hides decorations on an incident form
UI Policy/Client Script PRB668782 UI Policy not enforced on dot walked Journal fields after upgrade
UI Policy/Client Script PRB665989 Syntax Error or Access Rule Violation detected by database (Unknown column 'task0.sys_tags' in 'where clause')
UI Policy/Client Script PRB650436 Client scripts/UI policies are triggered on search screen modules in Fuji
UI Policy/Client Script PRB658197 Eureka / Oracle: UI action visibility is opposite of expected behavior
Update Sets PRB674866 Reparenting of existing table via update set works when it should not
Update Sets PRB655182 Users get error when trying to merge update sets for an app installed from the store
Update Sets PRB568620 Images on catalog items remain after being deleted via update sets
Update Sets PRB623190 Testing Connection on a newly created Update Source before it has been saved prints the user credential password in the node logs unencrypted.
Update Sets PRB639879 Update sets containing Japanese content result in errors and cannot be applied properly.
Update Sets PRB665621 Corrupt payloads in sys_update_xml cannot be opened in the update set previewer
Update Sets PRB689600 Coalescer damages payloads if there's a null/null/null sys_documentation record
Update Sets PRB665830 You cannot uncancel an update set preview, so it sometimes gets canceled by the Scoped Background Transactions quota rule
Update Sets PRB666169 When creating field from Configure > Form Layout, the update does not show up in the Local Customizations Related List on sys_store_app form
Upgrade Engine Issues PRB666100 The upgrade monitor needs to tell the user when it isn't receiving updates, and help re-establish the connection.
Upgrade Engine Issues PRB700653 The UI action to Reapply Changes does not reapply changes as seen in a Form Layout record from the upgrade history
Upgrade Engine Issues PRB666221 [CONTENT] - Service 360 data collection jobs get reset to active when plugin upgraded
Upgrade Engine Issues PRB689628 The upgrade monitor is stuck at finalizing stage for a long time when the scheduler is backed up with queued jobs.
Upgrade Engine Issues PRB708899 Unable to acquire semaphores due to transactions that are blocked in
Upgrade Engine Issues PRB668114 sys_choice for extended tables are being incorrectly detected as collisions
Upgrade Engine Issues PRB626365 Certain skips in upgrade history are not revertible
Upgrade Engine Issues PRB689703 Customer expectations of a prompt upgrade are not met when their scheduler is backed up with queued jobs
Upgrade Engine Issues PRB696837 Update to sys_update_version records from fix script fix_price_remove_versions.xml causes additional updates to reverted_from field in the same table
Usage Analytics PRB680715 The file erroneously defines && glide.platformanalytics.upload.enabled
Usage Analytics PRB684790 UsageAnalytics Count Persistor scheduled job can cause out of memory when processing certain count config definitions
User Interface (UI) PRB713556 [NA] Using AMB Client on the parent frame from the contained frame causes a memory leak in IE11
User Interface (UI) PRB702543 High CPU utilization is correlated to Record Presence transactions
User Interface (UI) PRB697628 [ITOM1] Date property in context menu also requires time as input.
User Interface (UI) PRB630140 [Accessibility] The Settings menu does not trap the cursor
User Interface (UI) PRB671453 When multiple fields are mandatory and the form is blocked from submitting, the last mandatory field is focused
User Interface (UI) PRB667027 On IE9 browser/UI15: Moving the Approval Summarizer above the "comment" Journal Input field on the sysapproval_approver generates an error when typing in the "comment" field
User Interface (UI) PRB673992 Random ordering of conversations in Connect side window
User Interface (UI) PRB649956 Special characters in a sys_choice value are not handled properly by a template.
User Interface (UI) PRB675919 Service Portal - System Status in Helsinki shows wrong dates if the date format is changed
User Interface (UI) PRB655189 Impersonate User - Error occurs
User Interface (UI) PRB676677 Issue with Suggestion field and label for larger text fields.
User Interface (UI) PRB660267 Tabs in forms need to be in the right side for Hebrew version
User Interface (UI) PRB664918 Totals out of alignment for values in embedded lists in printer-friendly version of form
User Interface (UI) PRB630094 When creating a view with a name that contains the character '-', the user receives an error message
User Interface (UI) PRB667320 Live Form (field value conflict) messages are displayed differently by different browsers
User Interface (UI) PRB647551 Error when accessing System Properties -> Basic Configuration module
User Interface (UI) PRB667422 Hebrew instances - Breadcrumbs order is wrong when one of the items is in Hebrew
User Interface (UI) PRB657134 Process flow arrows point in the wrong direction in Hebrew.
User Interface (UI) PRB660196 Form View: date field calendar in Hebrew is clipped off
User Interface (UI) PRB691112 ListV3 - document_id field types are not clickable from list v3 view.
User Interface (UI) PRB678994 Transaction timeout after attempting to save a new Facilities Request due to SMFilters script include looping.
User Interface (UI) PRB699686 Setting the attribute start_locked=false on a glide_list field and then triggering g_form.clearValue() on this field locks it
User Interface (UI) PRB705283 Icons for Order Guides are not displaying in search in Service Portal
User Interface (UI) PRB697421 "Show related incident" sorting and personalization not functioning until incident is saved.
User Interface (UI) PRB629434 Wizard banner does not display properly
User Interface (UI) PRB666020 In Hebrew, group by in list view gets left-aligned.
User Interface (UI) PRB673508 New attachments with the Tiny MCE Editor using the Insert/Modify image icon can be seen globally
User Interface (UI) PRB654424 Setting glide.ui.escape_all_script to true blanks out Timezone, Date & Time format choice lists on Basic Configuration
User Interface (UI) PRB658565 Issue with Copy > Paste of images in Firefox.
User Interface (UI) PRB660190 The data field calendar in Hebrew is displaying incorrectly
User Interface (UI) PRB606752 An update set does not capture icon and picture attachments when creating a new product catalog item
User Interface (UI) PRB712019 Work notes are displayed out of order on Changes
User Interface (UI) PRB696983 With List v3, long filters are truncated when using IE11
User Interface (UI) PRB698830 Sys IDs showing in filter query when adding task to Visual Task Board
User Interface (UI) PRB665890 When personalizing the Knowledge article form, unselecting (or hiding) the fields changes them to read-only
User Interface (UI) PRB682238 Minimize Navigator button does not have a label and cannot be read by screen readers.
User Interface (UI) PRB671263 Visual Task Board does not display data policy messages when enforcing a child table data policy from a parent table
User Interface (UI) PRB641039 When creating a module and entering a sysparm_fixed_query in the Arguments field, user cannot export data from the list after using search headers
User Interface (UI) PRB659019 Displaying a list of records in a dialog window has scroll issues when the language is Hebrew
User Interface (UI) PRB678316 IE11 - List of email recipients is truncated in the activity history
User Interface (UI) PRB678884 Activity formatter is not displayed when using ACLs to make a field read-only in the same form section.
User Interface (UI) PRB692433 If export processor takes too long to initialize, client can get a JS error
User Interface (UI) PRB696083 Instance runs OOM attempting to render Calendar History on a KB.
User Interface (UI) PRB701936 Radio buttons for Theme picker are not usable via arrow keys in accessibility mode.
User Interface (UI) PRB636497 Calling scratchpad throws client-side errors on Search pages such as incident_search or change_request_search
User Interface (UI) PRB682537 The glide.ui.impersonate_button.enable system property no longer shows/hides the impersonate option in UI16.
User Interface (UI) PRB641007 Unable to create Matcher / Setter Field Definitions related records when Matcher or Source table names have more than 40 characters
User Interface (UI) PRB684378 [Accessibility] Use the LANG attribute to identify the language of the page
User Interface (UI) PRB674549 'field_decorations' dictionary attribute does not work on 'Phone Number (E164)' field
User Interface (UI) PRB654358 Cannot get value of read-only currency field.
User Interface (UI) PRB655023 Display value shows in record header, even if user fails read access
User Interface (UI) PRB689577 Initials calculation ignores language-special characters in the user name
User Interface (UI) PRB656605 Recent selections popup appears in tabbed view when the first writable field is in the second tab and is a reference field
User Interface (UI) PRB690796 If a list title has an apostrophe, errors occur on the list and the list menu does not open
User Interface (UI) PRB691034 Public Survey modules generate incorrect links for users without roles if the survey name contains a space
User Interface (UI) PRB706218 Clicking the back button on the form view of a record view takes you back to start of list (1-150), even if the record you were viewing was on the second page (151-300).
User Interface (UI) PRB707514 Date/Time Calendar (date picker) in On-Call Scheduling Calender opens up in top left corner of the page in Helsinki
User Interface (UI) PRB619958 Invalid email addresses are not validated in glide_list fields
User Interface (UI) PRB664972 UI16 navigator is not on the right and lists are rendered from right to left for users with RTL languages (e.g., Hebrew)
User Interface (UI) PRB681476 General Data Exception detected by database: Data too long for column 'path' at row 1.
User Interface (UI) PRB637122 Ability to right-click in navigator to access "Edit Application Menu" is missing in UI16.
User Interface (UI) PRB640734 Company theme will override user preference theme
User Interface (UI) PRB666929 Theme selection does not persist across sessions
User Interface (UI) PRB689025 Presence indicators like "viewing", "entered", "probably left" are not translated
User Interface (UI) PRB670784 HTML Script fields show label twice
User Interface (UI) PRB691221 Avatars are not returned from instance when sys_attachment is on non-default SQL gateway
User Interface (UI) PRB679379 If user preference glide.ui11.use is set to false for an ESS user, they cannot log in
User Interface (UI) PRB696066 IE does not report network and server time accurately in timings widget
User Interface (UI) PRB700735 Using filter with 'List V3' plugin on 'syslog_transaction' table not allowing time search.
User Interface (UI) PRB702684 The ability to open attachments from the activity filter has been removed.
User Interface (UI) PRB619776 In Google Chrome, the catalog list collectors "onChange g_filter.setQuery()" apply to only one of multiple fields
User Interface (UI) PRB697993 Cannot compose filter with combined group by AND order by clause
User Interface (UI) PRB665734 [RTL] Form layout is aligned to the left in Hebrew
User Interface (UI) PRB665947 If g_form.setValue is applied to a currency field, the system produces an error
User Interface (UI) PRB666815 Rows render more slowly in Geneva compared to prior builds (list v2)
User Interface (UI) PRB666920 Remove sysparm_record_row from history URLs.
User Interface (UI) PRB667054 Template details watch list displays the Sys ID instead of the user name
User Interface (UI) PRB674012 UI Actions disappear on Listv3
User Interface (UI) PRB686264 Font size changes are not consistently applied on the HTML field text found on the Knowledge form
User Interface (UI) PRB657491 Exporting PDF form in Hebrew displays text LTR
User Interface (UI) PRB659442 The Related List Loading > After Form Loads option causes records not to display in related lists in the Default view
User Interface (UI) PRB692625 Helsinki - List v3 - Issue when updating dependent choice list fields in the list view
User Interface (UI) PRB603337 [IE11] GlideDialogForm prevents editing text field on form
User Interface (UI) PRB664037 'Data Policy Exception: Short description is mandatory' error message is not displayed when Mandatory Data Policy is violated on guided board
User Interface (UI) PRB709634 g_form.getOptions do not work on the Self-Service portal, and there is no alternative to get the display value of select box fields
User Interface (UI) PRB697248 Updated field hover text truncated when positioned at bottom of form section
User Interface (UI) PRB666123 Cannot use duration fields as part of SLA conditions
User Interface (UI) PRB673069 Presence indicator missing on navpage header if Connect is not enabled
User Interface (UI) PRB673201 The StopWatch/Page timings icon does not have roles assigned internally which prevents application Accessibility
User Interface (UI) PRB673920 There is no focus state for tabbed sections and related lists on forms
User Interface (UI) PRB648458 Mobile/Tablet view does not detect duplicate choice options added via UI Policy script g_form.addOption()
User Interface (UI) PRB674685 Translation prefixes incorrectly persist when Enable I18N Debugging is set
User Interface (UI) PRB668587 Vertical scroll bars are deactivated when navigator and banner are not present in Internet Explorer 11
User Interface (UI) PRB675974 [UI16] Bullets are not rendered in journal fields by the [code] tag
User Interface (UI) PRB668847 In Geneva patch 4, when the system property, glide.ui16.live_forms.enable, is set to true, additional comments and activity are not displayed in ESS portal
User Interface (UI) PRB676490 "Maximum emails exceeded" messages appear multiple times when you navigate away from a record that has more than 250 related emails
User Interface (UI) PRB691804 Issue with a drilldown report due to conditional builder in Report Designer
User Interface (UI) PRB661964 List Context Menu Client UI Action does not honor condition having current evaluation
Vendor Ticketing PRB681734 During Helsinki upgrades and activation of the Vendor Ticket plugin, the plugin overwrites the incident form layout's section 0 (including customizations)
Visual Task Boards PRB671191 "Add to Visual Task Board" moves the incident to a different domain
Visual Task Boards PRB675525 Private task created through VTB task checklist is inaccessible to the owner
Visual Task Boards PRB677002 Dragging a card from one lane to another in a visual task board is slow using Chrome on Windows 7 in Geneva
Visual Task Boards PRB661205 Unable to assign user for 'Assigned to' field for story in VTB
Visual Task Boards PRB698542 The Visual Task Board Task fields added in the VTB view are not displayed on the Task Card detail form
Visual Task Boards PRB712100 PDF file attached to a Visual Task Board is displayed with ppt icon instead of pdf icon
Visual Task Boards PRB713197 When a record is updated and an AMB message is received on the client, Angular is not notified of the change
Visual Task Boards PRB667471 Some Visual Task Board messages are not translated and cannot be translated
Visual Task Boards PRB707229 Viewing a Visual Task Board creates many login records in sysevent table
Visual Task Boards PRB679889 NullPointerExceptions in log files. NPE at line 29 in VTB code.
Visual Task Boards PRB676874 Creating a VTB off a Task table puts the records under the wrong lane
Visual Task Boards PRB690365 'Incidents by Assigned to' VTB creating duplicate/incorrect messages in Connect chat.
Visual Task Boards PRB692391 Flexible Visual Task Board does not show cards that were on the removed list
Visual Task Boards PRB712823 In Helsinki, there are issues when using the drag and drop feature when assigning task to yourself.
Visual Task Boards PRB713736 Visual Task Board filter controls are unusable after an upgrade.
Visual Task Boards PRB681110 In Geneva, VTB requires global Update UI action to be active in order for UI/Data policy validation to work
Visual Task Boards PRB698918 Assignment Group does not show on display of cards
Visual Task Boards PRB634420 Add Dot Walking fields on Visual Task Board does not show
Visual Task Boards PRB687329 Validation message does not appear on VTB popup
Web Services PRB633153 Cannot get multiple response headers from REST message.
Web Services PRB680873 While reading request input stream and an exception is thrown, REST API does not log the exception's cause
Web Services PRB668694 Calling the RESTMessageV2 API saveResponseBodyAsAttachment without an encryption context parameter fails with executeAsync function
Web Services PRB665094 Requesting a WSDL in a browser can cause the instance to run out of memory
Web Services PRB673025 Following an upgrade to Geneva, REST quota rules are added to instances that do not have any rules
Web Services PRB656764 request.getSession().setMaxInactiveInterval(<time in seconds>) no longer works in Fuji P11
Web Services PRB680623 Session timing out when REST API or other integration transaction is processed
Web Services PRB698420 REST API query causes Related Lists info to be read unnecessarily when specifying a sysparm_view
Web Services PRB686451 The write and delete sysauto_script ACLs have two sys IDs in the condition not found in the system
Web Services PRB670591 Scripted Web service using XMLDocument2() does not return a proper response when the Web service is in an application scope
Web Services PRB656170 The table API on Price Field Returning Unexpected Results
Web Services PRB663000 RESTMessageV2 and SOAPMessageV2 'Preview Script Usage' does not use the correct setStringParameter function for variable substitutions
Workflow PRB704155 "Compact the user interface" causes screen to flash and the menu bar height to change when moving an activity.
Workflow PRB631648 Able to publish workflow with custom activity not yet published.
Workflow PRB675052 "Excessive workflow context warning logs - Stage not found in future" error
Workflow PRB675705 Stage field on the task table does not show the workflow stages in the current format when adding the field from an extended table
Workflow PRB666684 Variable option appears in Condition field on Workflow Activities after Show Related Fields or Remove Related Fields is chosen
Workflow PRB689390 Hamburger for workflows on non-global table shows incorrect 'Start Workflow' option
Workflow PRB669382 Approval coordinator not progressing correctly when there are multiple approval user activities.
Workflow PRB667367 The sys_variable_value created with null document_key field.
Workflow PRB667571 The com.snc.contract_management wf_workflow_version value is overruling the current published workflow version
Workflow PRB675174 Manually translated workflow stages are not being reflected on RITM Stage field by default
Workflow PRB666170 "Pending - has not started" is not translated
Workflow PRB667545 wf_workflow.table field does not get populated when using the copy option in the workflow editor
Workflow PRB674738 Legacy Stage rendering for KB workflow showing only audited stages
Workflow PRB660523 Workflow engine is unavailable for a period of time during upgrade
Workflow PRB679119 Form load is setting the If condition matches field to run_match when the table is not task_sla or sc_req_item
Workflow PRB686447 Workflows on rm_release table are automatically canceled when state is set to Testing/QA
Workflow PRB658995 Legacy stage renderer on workflow fields in lists - workflow stages are not shown
Workflow PRB666125 Timer activity is missing in the 'Schedule' section
Workflow PRB686133 Workflow-driven stage rendering for Workflow: getDisplayValue glide method returns value and not label on CMS Page script
Workflow PRB681220 SSH activity after Timer activity (wait time > 0) in a workflow will result in error
Workflow PRB667498 The Gateway Approval is not being translated based on the value/label of the stage, but by a default stage of sys_id "9a2a14e525a0010026c1c6e9c3d68000"
Workflow PRB658813 'current' object is incorrect for a business rule that triggers from a workflow Run Script activity