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Reporting release notes

Reporting release notes

Reporting product enhancements and updates in the Istanbul release.

Istanbul upgrade information

Report Charting v2 is automatically used, and Reporting v1 can no longer be used after an instance is upgraded.

The Report Charting v2 plugin uses the Highcharts charting library to generate reports on the client. This plugin generates all the reports in the ServiceNow report set.

Note: Scheduled reports, custom charts, and reports saved as PDF are generated on the server using the Highcharts charting library. As a result, these types of reports sometimes appear differently than reports generated on the client side.

Activation information

Platform feature. Active by default. Some advanced reporting functionality is available only when Performance Analytics Premium has been licensed.

Removed in this release

  • The classic Reports list layout (Reports > View / Run) is no longer available. Previously, it was possible to enable this version of the Reports list layout by setting the system property to false. This property setting no longer has an effect and only the redesigned Reports list layout is available.

Changed in this release

  • You can view and run reports in the mobile app.
  • PDF functionality improved:
    • A set number of datapoints prevents performance issues and keeps the Java virtual machine (JVM) from running out of memory.
    • Forms exported to PDF with empty translated HTML fields no longer show an exception.
    • When exporting an incident ticket to PDF, all fields are included on a printer-friendly form.
    • PDF export functions for the top layer dataset.
    • Use of a set number of datapoints prevents performance issues and keeps the PDFReportPivot job from running out of memory when exporting too many rows to PDF.
  • The UTC date value field was changed from Date to DateTime, to prevent a one-day shift in Calendar reports.
  • Pivot report and multilevel pivot report titles display. Previously, titles of these reports did not display in the report builder or on reports added to homepages.
  • Drill down from several report types to a list with a drilldown view displays the specified drilldown view. Previously, the displayed drilldown view was the last view used.
  • Unauthorized users receive the correct error message when they try to delete or modify a report.
  • The Highlight based on option in calendar reports is now persistent.
  • Custom chart creation is now deprecated. Multiple data set functionality is now found in the report builder when Performance Analytics Premium is enabled. See Using multiple data series in a report . Data collection based on scripts or formulas is now a function of Performance Analytics. See Performance Analytics data collection and cleanup.

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