Performance Analytics upgrade information

Performance Analytics upgrade information for the Istanbul release.

Scores table changes

The Performance Analytics Scores [pa_scores] table was split into two tables, Scores Level 1 [pa_scores_l1] and Scores Level 2 [pa_scores_l2]. This change ensures optimal performance when collecting and analyzing scores, and enables larger sets of scores.
Important: The new table configuration is not supported on Oracle databases. Do not attempt to migrate scores on an instance that uses an Oracle database.

To begin migrating scores, contact customer support after you upgrade to Istanbul Patch 2 or later. You can view the migration status by navigating to Performance Analytics > Scores Migration Monitor.

During migration you cannot collect, modify, or delete scores. Scheduled data collection jobs will not run during migration. After migration completes, check any data collection jobs that were scheduled to run during the migration, as these jobs were suspended.

The original Scores [pa_scores] table is deleted 10 days after successful migration.