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Performance Analytics release notes

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Performance Analytics release notes

ServiceNow® Performance Analytics product enhancements and updates in the Istanbul release.

New in the Istanbul release

Prioritize work based on multiple weighted criteria and quickly identify high-priority tasks.
All users can create or view dashboards (responsive canvas enabled)
When responsive canvas is enabled, users with any role can create and share dashboards. Users without a role can view dashboards that are shared with them. Some widgets, such as Performance Analytics widgets and interactive filters, can still only be added to dashboards by users with an appropriate Performance Analytics role.
New dashboard permissions and sharing
(responsive canvas enabled)
When responsive canvas is enabled, dashboards use more flexible and granular dashboard-specific permissions, which separate view and edit rights. Access to pre-Istanbul dashboards does not change, and users remain able to view and edit dashboards exactly as they could before upgrading to Istanbul. Dashboard permissions are managed via the new dashboard Share pane.
Domain separation for MSPs
Users can view scores from multiple selectable domains on a single dashboard or scorecard. Configure data collection across a domain hierarchy and control how collected scores are attributed to parent and child domains.
Treemap breakdown widget
The treemap visualization is available for breakdown widgets. A treemap displays broken-down scores as boxes. Larger boxes indicate a higher score for a breakdown element. Boxes are color-coded to indicate the score, recent score change, or how close the score is to a target. Point to a box for additional information. Click to open the detailed scorecard for that indicator and element.
Guided setup and embedded help
Quickly configure Performance Analytics for various applications using guided setup. Access useful documentation directly within your instance using embedded help.

Changed in this release

  • Performance Analytics mobile app:
    • Performance Analytics for mobile can display real-time scores.
    • If defined, Performance Analytics for mobile uses the target color scheme for an indicator.
  • Performance Analytics REST API
    • Several new parameters are available:
      • sysparm_include_realtime: include the realtime_enabled and realtime_value values in the response
      • sysparm_include_target_color_scheme: include the target_color_scheme value in the response
      • sysparm_include_forecast_scores: include the forecast_scores value in the response
      • sysparm_include_trendline_scores: include the trendline_scores value in the response
    • The API returns the indicator_aggregate element, which is the value of the indicator Aggregate field.
  • Certain visualization names were changed to match those used in reports.
    • The word chart was removed from visualization names.
    • Stacked Chart and Stacked Bar were renamed to Stacked Column.
    • Breakdown Semi Circle Donut was renamed to Breakdown Semi Donut.
  • Performance Analytics forms always use the List v3 condition builder, including related list conditions, even if List v3 is disabled for the instance.
  • Newly created automated indicators do not appear as scorecards by default. Select Publish on Scorecards to show the indicator scorecard.
  • When viewing changes in collected records on the Records tab of a scorecard, you can select which set of data to view using a Venn diagram. This Venn diagram replaces the data set choice list.
  • The first day of the week in Performance Analytics charts is determined by the glide.ui.filter.first_day_of_week property instead of the glide.ui.date_format.first_day_of_week property .
  • Users with the pa_data_collector and schedule_admin roles can cancel a running data collection job.
  • Navigating on a scorecard now adds entries to the navigation history.
  • You can sort indicators added to a list widget by Label.
  • Weekly indicators account for the property glide.ui.filter.first_day_of_week when determining the week number in the year.
  • Real-time scores use the same formatting as the historical score that appears when a widget loads.
  • The indicator Field field allows you to select only numerical field types when the Aggregate is any value other than Count or Count distinct.
  • The indicator Unit value Time displays values in an easily readable time format, such as in days, hours, minutes, and seconds.
  • Users with the pa_viewer role can view breakdowns and breakdown elements records.
  • Scorecards shown in a dialog window do not display a back button.
  • The number of periods you can select in a scorecard widget was increased from 10 to 14.
  • A warning message appears if you save a scorecard widget without an indicator group or widget indicator.
  • You can grant access to breakdowns to specific groups and users in addition to users with specific roles.
  • You can control access to indicators and breakdowns based on users and groups, in addition to roles.

Activation information

Platform feature - active by default. Performance Analytics premium requires a separate subscription.

Additional requirements

To use real-time scores, you must activate UI16.