Dashboards upgrade information

Dashboards upgrade information for the Istanbul release.

Responsive canvas enablement

  • If responsive canvas was enabled before upgrade, it remains enabled after upgrade. After upgrade all dashboards are responsive, including dashboards that were not responsive during Helsinki.
  • During upgrade, the Responsive Canvas and Responsive Dashboards plugins are active by default on all instances. The system property glide.cms.enable.responsive_grid_layout determines whether responsive dashboards are enabled or disabled.

Review dashboard layouts after enabling responsive canvas

During conversion to responsive canvas, the layout of dashboards may slightly change. Highly customized dashboards may have significant changes, such as different widget layouts. After upgrade, review each dashboard for changes and adjust its layout as necessary on the drag-and-drop canvas.

Migration of permissions

For releases prior to Istanbul, Performance Analytics roles were required to view and edit dashboards. Starting in Istanbul, dashboards use a new permissions system and Performance Analytics roles are no longer required to view or edit dashboards. To ensure that access to existing dashboards remains the same after migration, the following roles are added to a dashboard or its group during migration to the Istanbul: permissions:
  • pa_viewer
  • pa_admin
  • pa_power_user

These roles are typically added directly to the dashboards they apply to. However, when no role permissions are defined for the dashboard or the group a dashboard belongs to, the pa_viewer view permissions is applied to the dashboard group. (pa_power_user and pa_admin roles are still applied to the dashboard.)

Also, during upgrade all existing dashboards are configured to require the pa_viewer role to view with the Restrict to role field on the dashboard properties form. This restriction provides an extra layer of security.