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Subscription Management release notes

Subscription Management release notes

ServiceNow® Subscription Management application enhancements and updates in the Istanbul release.

Use the Subscription Management application to review and manage how purchased subscriptions are used on your production instance.

Activation information

Active by default.

New in the Istanbul release

Validating subscription ownership
Regarding for-fee subscriptions: Users can perform fulfiller actions for associated applications and suites only if your organization has purchased the subscription.
Audit facilities for Subscription Management
You can view concise historical data:
New Subscription Management reports
  • Each Subscription Metrics chart displays the following data for a single subscription:
    • Purchased: The number of resources purchased for the subscription.
    • Allocated: The average number of users for the month who have been allocated to the subscription.
    • Non-subscribed users: The average number of individual users who performed fulfiller actions in the associated applications without being subscribed to the applications.
  • The Compliance Overview reports display the number of subscribed users who performed fulfiller actions and the number of users who are not subscribed to an application. In addition, the Application Use Without a Purchased Subscription chart shows the number of users who performed fulfiller actions in an application even though your organization has not purchased a subscription for the application.
Allocate an individual user from the User form
You can allocate or unallocate an individual user to a subscription while viewing the user data on the User form. Users that you allocate directly are subscribed immediately. The User form includes two new related lists:
  • The Manage Subscriptions related list enables you to allocate and unallocate the selected user to and from subscriptions. The related list also displays the subscriptions and associated applications that your organization owns.
  • The Subscriptions related list displays all subscriptions that the user is allocated to and the applications that the user is subscribed to.

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