Password Reset release notes

ServiceNow® Password Reset application enhancements and updates in the Istanbul release.

Password Reset lets end users use a self-service process to reset their passwords on the local ServiceNow instance. Alternatively, your organization can implement a process that requires service-desk personnel to reset passwords for end users.

Activation information

Password Reset for your instance is active by default and includes example verifications. Password Reset for external credential stores is available as a separate subscription from the rest of the ServiceNow platform and requires the Password Reset – Orchestration Add-on plugin. The plugin activates related plugins if they are not already active. For more information, contact your ServiceNow account representative.

The Self Service Password Reset plugin (com.snc.password_reset) and the Password Reset (com.glideapp.password_reset) plugin are both active by default for new instances and upgrades. By default, when a user requests a reset, the instance sends the user a URL with a user-specific token. After the user opens the URL, the instance prompts the user to enter and confirm the new password. The instance no longer sends a temporary password by default.

New in the Istanbul release

Display password strength
You can now enable a client script that calculates the strength (complexity) of the password that the user enters while the user changes or resets the password. The system displays a graphical Password Strength bar to guide the user. See the Enable Password Strength and Strength Rule settings in Configure the connection to a credential store .
Email Password Reset URL
You can configure the instance to send an email message to users who request password reset. The message includes a link to the reset page. See the Email Password Reset URL setting on Settings on the Password Reset Details tab .
Note: The default Self-Service Password Reset process enables this option by default. See Self-service password reset for a description of the default process.

Changed in this release

  • New installation software for the Password Reset Windows Application

See any of the installation options under Download and install the Password Reset Windows Application

  • Stronger security restrictions and system requirements for the Password Reset Windows Application

See Password Reset Windows Application

  • Improved user experience for the Password Reset Windows Application desktop integration. You can now display a password reset link directly on the Windows login page and can configure the text for the link. The new configuration settings are:
    • URL of the page on your ServiceNow instance that users access when resetting a password
    • GUID of the credential provider that is in use
    • Text to display for the password reset link on the Windows login page

See any of the installation options under Download and install the Password Reset Windows Application