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Change Management release notes

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Change Management release notes

ServiceNow® Change Management product enhancements and updates in the Istanbul release.

Istanbul upgrade information

If you are upgrading from a release prior to Geneva, be aware of changes to the plugins and their dependencies and how this might affect your customizations. For details, see Migrate Change Management from releases prior to Geneva.

New in the Istanbul release

Change Advisory Board (CAB) workbench
The CAB workbench enables a CAB manager to schedule, plan, and manage CAB meetings.
  • Create CAB definition: The CAB manager can define a CAB based on which CAB meetings and their agendas are created.
    • Set CAB meeting schedule: The CAB manager can specify the schedule that the CAB meetings must follow. For example, every Tuesday at 10 am.
    • Create series of CAB meetings: The CAB manager can specify the time-period and frequency in which a series of CAB meetings are created.
    • Set CAB meeting agenda: The CAB manager can define filter conditions that determine which change requests are automatically associated to a CAB meeting occurrence.
    • Specify discussion time for each agenda item: The CAB manager can specify the discussion time that must be allotted to each change request.
    • Set CAB meeting board: The CAB manager can select the members of the CAB board.
    • Set CAB meeting delegates: The CAB manager can select delegates who can assume the role of CAB manager during the CAB meeting.
    • Notify CAB attendees: The host of the CAB meeting can notify CAB attendees in advance of their change request being discussed.
  • Create individual CAB meetings: The CAB manager can create individual CAB meetings outside of a CAB definition. These individual meetings can either exist on their own or can be tied to a CAB definition.
  • Ensure change requests are CAB approved: Normal and emergency change requests can now be marked for CAB approval via the CAB required check box on the Change Request form.
  • Set CAB meeting delegate: Change requesters can now specify a delegate to attend the CAB meeting on their behalf via the CAB delegate field on the Change Request form.
  • View CAB calendar: The change manager and change requester can view the CAB calendar and drill down into the specifics of CAB meetings.
  • Approve or reject change requests: CAB managers can approve or reject change requests during the CAB meeting, which are then processed through the appropriate workflow.
  • Record and view CAB meeting notes: The CAB manager can record meeting notes, which can be viewed later by CAB members and change requesters.

Activating the CAB workbench activates the Service Portal plugin.

Configuration item (CI) health
The CI health dashboard can now be accessed from a health icon available next to the Configuration item field on the Change Request form. The change requester can click the icon to view the details on the CI health dashboard.
Change Management property
The property is installed with the CAB workbench. It controls at which level logging should be displayed.

Activation information

Change Management is active by default.

Browser requirements

The Change Advisory Board (CAB) workbench is available only on Internet Explorer 10 or later versions for customers using Internet Explorer.