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Service Mapping release notes

Service Mapping release notes

ServiceNow® Service Mapping product enhancements and updates in the Istanbul release.

ServiceNow® Service Mapping discovers all business services in your organization and builds a comprehensive map of all devices, applications, and configuration profiles used in these business services.

Istanbul upgrade information

For instances upgraded from earlier versions to Istanbul, Service Mapping uses a legacy algorithm to choose a MID Server for a discovery request. For instructions about configuring a MID Server in an upgraded instance, see MID Server configuration for Service Mapping in upgraded deployments and Configure a default MID Server for Service Mapping for upgraded deployments.

Activation information

Service Mapping is available as a separate subscription and requires activation by ServiceNow personnel. The following plugins are activated automatically when Service Mapping is activated: Event Management and Service Mapping Core, IP-based Discovery, Pattern Designer, and Service Watch Suite Commons. The Event Management and Service Mapping Core plugin is not the same as the Event Management plugin.

New in the Istanbul release

Service Map Planner
Creating and correctly mapping business services using Service Mapping involves many people both inside the organization and on the deployment side. Often, information necessary for deployment is scattered in emails and PDF files, without a central place for gathering and organizing data.
The Service Map Planner serves to:
  • Structure and streamline the mapping deployment process
  • Simplify collecting data for planned business services data collection
  • Organize collected data in a central repository
  • Provide tools for removing blockers before the discovery starts
  • Make communication easier between technical and business owners who test and review the service
  • Provide an incubation place for the planned business service until it is ready
Traffic-based discovery using Netflow
Starting with this release, Service Mapping can use the Netflow protocol in addition to the netstat and lsof commands for network statistics and data collection. Netflow-based discovery is not enabled by default and must be configured.
Displaying the list of traffic-based connections
Customers can view a list of traffic-based connections for a specific CI in a business service.

Changed in this release

  • Traffic-based discovery enhancements

    Internal algorithms for traffic-based discovery are enhanced. Service Mapping triggers additional probes to frequently refresh information used for traffic-based discovery.

  • Improvements in MID Server selection algorithm

    In new installs, Service Mapping adopts a new advanced algorithm that uses updated MID Server selection criteria. For deployments upgraded to Istanbul from earlier versions, Service Mapping continues to use the legacy algorithm to choose MID Servers to support service continuity.