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Discovery release notes

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Discovery release notes

ServiceNow® Discovery enhancements and updates in the Istanbul release.

Istanbul upgrade information

The Istanbul release of Discovery includes patterns to discover several load balancers. After you upgrade, Discovery continues using the existing probes and sensors to discover load balancers, but you have the option of migrating to patterns. For fresh installs of Istanbul, patterns are used by default.

New in the Istanbul release

Discovery of Cisco Global Site Selector (GSS) and Cisco Content Services Switch load balancers
Discovery can detect and classify Cisco GSS and CSS load balancers.
MID Server auto-selection
Discovery can automatically select the MID Server based on these selection criteria: IP address and supported application. You can specify auto-selection on the Discovery Schedule form.
Guided setup
A guided setup system helps you create credentials and create a Discovery schedule using a series of easy-to-follow panels. Guided setup replaces Discovery Quick Start in upgraded instances. To get started, navigate to ITOM Guided Setup > Discovery.
VMware NIC Discovery
The VMWare - vCenter VM NICs probe gathers data on virtual NICs available on a virtual machine.
Docker Discovery
Discovery collects data about operating-system-level virtualization (OSLV) global objects and the local virtualization products that OSLV supports. In the Istanbul release, Discovery supports the collection of data about specific objects in a Docker engine, running on a Linux host.

Changed in this release

  • VMware vCenter and workstations:
    • The discovery of VMware workstations is no longer supported.
    • The VMware - vCenter probe is deprecated and its functionality is shared by individual vCenter probes that return information about ESX machines, virtual machines, and other vCenter objects. You can disable the probes for the information that does not interest you and reduce the size of the payload returned from vCenter.
  • MID Server and MID cluster selection: On a Discovery schedule, you can select a specific MID Server or a specific MID Server cluster for use during discovery. If you specify a MID Server cluster, the discovery process uses that cluster only. You cannot chain clusters or specify a single MID Server that belongs to multiple clusters.
  • Unified patterns: You can create patterns that both Discovery and Service Mapping can use for horizontal discovery and top-down discovery respectively.
  • Discovery Quick Start: The Discovery Quick Start feature is deprecated and removed from the platform in upgraded instances. The only exception would be if Quick Start was in the middle of the setup process at the time the instance was upgraded to Istanbul. In this case, Quick Start is only available until the configuration process is complete. It is then removed and replaced by Guided Setup.
  • New process classifiers: are available for a number of applications, which use patterns by default for discovery:
    Application name
    Active Directory
    Adobe Jrun
    Exchange Client Access Server
    Exchange Hub Transport Server
    Exchange MailBox
    GlassFish Server
    HP Operations Server
    HP Service Manager Application Server
    IBM Websphere Message Broker
    IBM Websphere Message Broker HTTP Listener
    IBM Websphere WMQ
    Microsoft Sharepoint
    Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SASS)
    Oracle Tuxedo
    SAP ABAP SAP Central Services (ASCS)
    SAP Business Objects CMS Server
    SAP Convergent Invoicing (CI)
    SAP Developer Infrastructure (DI)
    SAP Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS)
    SAP Central Services (SCS)
    Sun Java Enterprise System (JES)
    Tibco Enterprise Message Service
    Tibco ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks

Activation information

Discovery is available as a separate subscription from the rest of the ServiceNow platform and requires the Discovery plugin. To purchase a subscription, contact your ServiceNow account manager or sales representative.